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Christian Creative Nonfiction Horror

This story contains themes or mentions of substance abuse.

A Miracle for Momma

By Amy Lynn Jackson

“I’m losing my mind, momma. Please help me!” The words rang through Amy’s mind as they pierced her heart and soul. Watching the despair in her daughter’s face and hearing the desperation in her voice was almost more than she could bear.

“Please Dear God, teach me how to help my daughter.” This was a request sent upon a whisper and followed by a swig of hard liquor. Little did Amy realize that although her path was not straight, God heard her prayer. How He answered shook her to her core.

It was a cold night with a blanket of light snow laying softly on the Earth’s surface. Fighting through the aftermath of COVID-19, Amy isolated at her mother’s house with a bottle of 100 proof in her hand. Sierra, her daughter, was battling demons beyond the scope of any of Amy’s demons. Powers were about to collide in the attempt of sequestration of her daughter’s life in the early morning hours of January 23rd.

“I’ll be inside in a minute, mom. I am just going to walk my friend out to his car.” Sierra’s voice was so upbeat and full of life. As the house door closed behind Amy, a dark cloud seemed to over shadow her. She could not put her finger on it but her heart grew immensely sad. Finding comfort in the presence of her youngest daughter, she asked if she could hold her near. The seconds turned into minutes… Amy nervously walked to the living room, sat on the couch, and opened her Bible. Her eyes fell onto a verse warning the backslider of the dangers of forgetting the laws of their God.

Moreover, how He will forget their children was the last words she read as her phone rang.

“Amy, why is Sierra not answering my messages? Please let me talk to her.” Spoke the voice on the other end.

“What do you mean let you speak with her? Is she not with you in the driveway?” was the reply as Amy’s heart sank into the pit of her stomach.

“I have been gone for about half an hour to forty-five minutes, have you not seen her since I left?” The words echoed over the phone line. “Have you not seen her since I left?” He did not give her time to answer, “Go find her!!! Go find her Amy!!! NOW!!”

Without putting shoes on, Amy scurried to the back door. Heart racing, pulse pounding in her ears, the fear overtook her when the garage door was standing open and the lights on.

She steps one foot inside the garage door with her cell phone still up to her ear. “OH MY BABY!!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!! HELP ME WITH MY BABY!!! SIERRA BROOKE!!” Devastation ripped through her as her words broke through the midnight air. There in a rocking chair was her daughter’s limp body. All colored drained, leaving a pasty white tint, eyes closed, unresponsive, and not breathing.

When Amy’s hand touched Sierra’s stomach, it was so cold. The world outside looked foreign and seemed to spin around her. In a loud, audible voice, Amy heard, “You are calling to the wrong one.”

Desperate, Amy lifted her daughter from the chair but her body was dead weight. She fell backwards with her daughter in her arms. “Please, Dear God, Please don’t take my baby.”

Unaware that she no longer had her phone in her hand, she tried to dial 911. What seemed like forever was only seconds for her only son and the rest of the family to rush to her side. She continued to beg God to not take her daughter through the sobbing of a mother’s worst nightmare.

“I want you to not waiver, STAND WITH AUTHORITY!!” was the words Amy plainly heard. She did not think about the alcohol she had just consumed or the crookedness of the path she had been following. She just KNEW the Power IN the NAME of JESUS.

That is what Amy began yelling at the forces attempting to usurp her daughter’s soul. “I KNOW THE POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!! IN THE NAME OF JESUS, BREATHE FOR ME SIERRA!” Repeatedly, Amy would not let up.

Amy’s nephew came into the garage with the cordless phone up to his ear. “The paramedics want to know if she is breathing.”

Amy’s son checks her pulse and her breathing, confirming that it is a no. The world around Amy closes in and becomes a tunnel; a dark, venomous tunnel. Everyone was stupefied by shock. The bombshell of distress prevented everyone from preforming CPR. Meanwhile, Amy is still screaming and standing firm on faith of the POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

“I KNOW THE POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!! IN THE NAME OF JESUS, BREATHE FOR ME SIERRA!!” A small release of air escapes her daughter’s lungs. Excitement and determination shot through Amy. The harder she stood on the POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS, the more progress her daughter made.

Amy's son used a calm voice as he also talked to his lifeless sister. All the while, Jesus was providing the strength for their mother to face evil forces and fight through faith for Sierra's soul and life. A fight that Amy was not and will not surrender in. The breaths started out small. Moments in between gave the false impression that Amy's faith was not strong enough and her belief was wrong. But the minutes before paramedics arrived proved otherwise.

Some may call it scientific but Amy and her family knew that it was only a miracle from God above. By the time paramedics had arrived, breathe was back in Sierra, her pulse was racing, and she was sitting up alert. Just moments ago, she was no longer with us due to a heroin overdose. Here she sits, aware of her name and where she is. This was enough to change Amy's life forever. The enormous gratitude Amy has for God broke strongholds many were convinced unbreakable. She has not taken even a sip of alcohol, any type of drug, refuses to gamble and forbids to be intimate with a man until marriage since that day. It was obvious that a miracle had just taken place in the solitude of that garage. Nothing but a true modern day miracle.

June 24, 2022 20:00

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Amy Jackson
01:14 Jun 27, 2022

This is a true that changed my life. I have not had a drink of alcohol and forbid to be with a man until marriage. I have dedicated my life to God and so appreciative of the miracle God performed for us that night. I do see some mistakes that I made from being distracted at work when I wrote this. But it came from the heart. It still makes me cry most of the time when I think about it and yet my heart rejoices in the Mercy and Grace that God had on my daughter and I.


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