Recipe for Disaster

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There is truth in fiction.


5 buckets of thinly veiled Greed

4 cups of Arrogance (haughty preferred)

3 cups of Cruelty

2 cups of Selfishness

Combine ingredients. Time will work it out.


I lay on my bed, labouring at my breathe. In, wheeze, gasp. Out, wheeze, gasp. Performing a banishing of energies around me had worn me out, as it was wont to do at my ripe old age of 95. My astrologer had predicted I would die at 92 from a respiratory tract infection. I had predicted I would die sometime in my 90’s from the next Black Plague I had predicted 50 years earlier. My astrologer had been off by a few years. My prediction had been spot on about the Black Plague. I had made it 3 years further in than what my birth chart indicated. I attribute that to excellent Karma.


I had been at an airport in Qatar, of all places, reading a section in a favourite book about astrology. Covid had been running rampant across the globe, shutting down society and knocking off evil creeps left, right and centre. I had caught it myself, in a terrible way. Destiny has a thing though, if you are meant to die in a certain situation, you will. If you are not meant to die a particular way, you won’t, and all the forces of darkness can not make it happen.

As I had read, a divine download, which is incredible intuition flashed into my mind like lightning. On a hunch, I whipped up google and searched out when the Black Plague had been. Then, on the astrology chart I used, I looked up the planetary alignment.

“Damn” I thought to myself, incredulous. Covid was a warm-up, a mere, subtle, gentle taste of what is to come. Covid wasn’t the depopulation plague, it was simply the evil Elite testing the waters of humanity. I knew in that moment the real, insidious reason for the vaccines. These vaccines were designed to protect against Covid, but weaken the immune system to a future virus. A veritable back door for the Elite to compromise immune systems. With a 50 year time frame like that, the programmed sheeple wouldn’t make the connection. Alas for them, I am neither programmed, nor a sheeple, and my intuition is wrong 0.00001% of the time.


A harsh cough ejaculated from between my lips, bloodied spittle seeping from the corner of my mouth. I smiled at the memory. The Black Plague had caught me at the start, about 2064. I had expected it to take me out. After having been on the path of enlightenment for nearly 50 years, with nothing but good Karma I had earned and not received because of the Elite gang stalking against me, I was ready to pass on to an eternity of peace.

It was not meant to be for me to go out that soon, however. Instead of life becoming harder for me, in what I had assumed to be the last 10 years of my life, from the age of 82, things had eased off in my situation.

My final sibling, Mary, had died a month after I turned 82. My other 2 siblings, Tony and David, had died before her. After each subsequent death my life had gotten easier. Once my sister had been taken, I was no longer gang stalked, gaslighted, or anything else associated with that.


About 6 months before that fateful day in Qatar, I had realized that my family, including siblings had made what I called a ‘demonic contract’ with the Elite. I call it ‘demonic contract’ because it is the best way I have of describing what is done. I am not sure how I had the realization. It was another intuitive knowing based upon a helluvalota reflection and connecting of the dots.

My family had made an agreement with the Elite and the otherworldly power the Elite are connected to, that in exchange for my spiritual energy, soul, they would receive material goods, wealth, fame, an easy life. I, on the other hand, would be forced to endure all sorts of cruelties from rape, beatings and intellectual property theft, to being mercilessly stalked by an evil and complicit community.

There was a clause, in this contract, however. A very necessary clause. Because I never received anything on behalf of the contract, if I ever found out about it, I was well within my rights to cancel it, so I could lead the life I wanted. This meant that if I cancelled the contract, the souls of those who had made the contract on my behalf and had received material goods in exchange for what was done to me, they would have their souls forfeited themselves, and be in bondage forever to the energies they had bargained with.

Once I realized all this, I cancelled the contract, vocally, mentally, spiritually and in the name of Jesus. I have never called myself a Christian as I have met so many that are hypocrites. They say they walk with Jesus, but their behaviour demonstrates otherwise. I knew that the cancellation had been heard by the appropriate energies, because I felt a great peace as I felt the ties between me an that unholy contract, snap back upon those who had deemed it so necessary to sacrifice a babies future for their own.


I awoke from my half-sleeping, half-remembering state with a start. With a groan, I turned myself on my side, vomiting a huge clot of blood. It missed the bucket I had next to the bed for the purpose. Never mind, I thought to myself, I can clean it up tomorrow. I was too exhausted to force myself into making the necessary actions to clean up the mess.


My mind wandered back to 2016, when I had spent much time in meditation and isolation putting clues together after things had become very obvious to me. I remembered remembering the time my brother Tony took me, at the young age of 7, to a secret, underground military base in the north of New Mexico. The cover story had been he was taking my mother and myself to see the space shuttle being built. My mother knew better. She had been one of the first US subject of MK Ultra as a daughter of a US Army captain in Allied occupied Germany after WWII. My brother had said at the time he was using his clearance as CIA to show us something cool. Never trust a spook.

I had always thought it weird how my brothers and sisters and parent had lived a harsh life up until the moment I was born. Then I seemed to have it hard, and life had not improved for me, while my siblings suddenly struck gold. Their lives where charmed from the moment I was born. It had never made much sense to me. After all, we had the same DNA. I was a hard worker and intelligent, just like them. I had talent and creativity, oodles of it, just like them. I was loyal, just like them. So, why, had I not got my one opportunity, when they had.

I won’t tell you what happened at the secret underground military base, because it was evil. You wouldn’t think the US government would do such a terrible thing to a child, but they did. Imagine the worst thing happening to a child that you can think of. Then magnify that by thousands. You would not even get close.


I awoke to find the full moon gazing softly into my window. I remembered it was an eclipse. God only knows why the curtain moved the way it had. I leaned on an elbow, my head swimming, pounding, hot. My lungs were laden with liquid. I tried to cough and found I could not even hack. My head thumped my pillow with a thud, eyes closing.


This time, I wasn’t assuaged by memories, I found myself a few feet above my bed. Turning around, I saw my body, eyes closed, a half smile, relaxed facial muscles, a limp body. I glanced between us. There was nothing tying me down. This was it. I had gotten my final wishes.

What were my final wishes? Well, I had wanted to see my prediction on the Black Plague come true. I had wanted to see my lifelong enemies weep from burying their children, and also, I wanted them to understand I had been right all along, and if they had just listened to me, and not been so keen to destroy their own Karma, everything they had lost could have been prevented.

I had also wanted to die, in peace, in my sleep to balance off the cruel, violent life I had been forced to endure, not because of my Karma, or because I was cursed, or because God hated me, but because I had been born into a family of people who were evil and greedy.


I moved up through the realms. The memories of the past could not hinder me, as I had made peace with them all. I saw rows of demons as I speared upwards through the clouds. I supose they were demons, they looked fearful. As I ascended, I recognised the faces of my siblings. I saw them tied in chains behind the rows of demons, tears streaming down their faces, expressions drawn in a silent rictus of torture.

I kept flying upwards, through regions of various colours. As I moved up, I saw rows of angels, all different kinds of them. Angels in armour and angels scribing in books. I saw angels guiding tiny little orbs of light downwards to the area where I had just flown up from. I kept moving upwards.

As I flew through outer space, I noticed a light in the distance. It grew bigger and bigger as I closed in. This was it, Nirvana. As I was free from all the energies of Earth, I had a choice to make. There was still much good Karma I had not cashed in on. Or I could move into the light, and find my forever peace.



August 27, 2022 00:38

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07:10 Aug 28, 2022

Astrology led well into bigger topics, i especially liked the part about the mcs relationship with his siblings. Its nice you kept the theories about plagues in the mcs mind which kept us guessing. Also think you kept the voice really consistent until the end through a lot of twists and turns. Great writing!


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