Horror Fantasy

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

Rain lashed out furiously, the weather had changed for the worse unexpectedly and Rowan found himself gripping his umbrella tighter as he held onto it, he took shelter under a bridge trying to protect himself from the rains fury.

As he wondered where did the weather forecasters go wrong, something scurried past him, he turned around dazed, it was a creature he had never encountered before, it was really cute, something he couldn't explain in words even if he tried.

He followed the creature as if he was in a trance, he couldn't help but admire it's beautiful blue fur that seemed to have an ombre effect, the creature was otherworldly and the way it hurried down the street made it look more mesmerizing.

He was led into the alleys, they were very dark and narrow and the rain made it difficult to keep up with the creature but curiosity pumped in his veins and made him go after the enchanting creature.

Finally it stopped in an alley darker than the others but unlike the previous one's this one had a dead end, it seemed to be eating something, he felt a prick of curiosity and stepped closer to have a look, the creature shuddered as if it was upset at being disturbed.

It turned around to face Rowan, it's eyes shining with malice and it's teeth stained with blood, he felt he wandered off into a dangerous territory where he shouldn't have set foot, he tried to slowly step back and run but the creature proved to be faster than him.

It sprang up on him, he screamed in terror and covered his face with his hands trying to protect himself, the creature bit into his hands, blood poured out of his wound and as drops of blood fell to the ground, he fell to his knees gasping as if life was being drained out of him.

The creature bit harder and Rowan's face contorted in pain, he wanted to shake it off and run as far as he could but it seemed impossible, the creature withdrew and looked at him with satisfaction.

He pressed down on his wound with his hands, the blood seemed to stop but the pain was immense, he staggered and got up, he just continued walking without bothering if the creature was following him or not.

By the time he reached home, he was drenched in rain, the blood had stopped but the pain refused to stop, he got inside and searched for his first aid kit and bandaged the wound.

The experience had left him scarred and terrified, he knew he had let curiosity get to him and he had paid the price, he spotted the blue fur beneath his chair and jumped back in horror, the creature peeked at him, it eyed him curiously.

It jumped at his feet, he looked around, trying to find where he could run or hide but the creature just stared at him, it made a yelp sound, he looked at it confused but then he realized it was pointing at something, he saw his bandaged wound and understood it wanted him to remove the bandage.

Reluctantly and wincing with pain, he slowly removed the bandage, fearful of what was about to come, the creature began to lick the wound, the licking created a soothing sensation and he could feel his pain ease.


The creature looked up at him, his eyes still shone with malice but they had a hint of playfulness too, the creature amused him and he decided to give it a name, he wasn't sure that the creature wouldn't attack him again but it was too cute to be let off.

He noticed his wound healed within a day, maybe Whisper was sorry for what it had done and offering to heal him was how it made up, what surprised him the most was that it was so self- sufficient, he never needed to feed it or bathe it, it didn't even knock down anything in the house, Whisper was seemingly a perfect pet.

As days passed, it started bringing him mutilated bodies of small animals, they were badly chewed and looked grotesque, seeing them made him gasp in horror, he wished Whisper would stop but didn't have the guts to tell no.

It used to hop in his pocket and refuse to come out no matter how much he tried when he used to go out, as he walked around the city, it would sniff and nudge him to go where it wanted, he felt irritated but would comply eventually.

He failed to understand why Whisper behaved liked that, he thought maybe it wanted to explore the city or it was just it's way of playing with him, from irritation he grew to be amused whenever Whisper nudged him to go a certain way.

But that amusement soon turned to horror when Whisper brought a torn up heart at the doorstep, there was no mistaking it, it was a human heart!

Rowan gulped shaking with terror, he didn't know what to make out of the situation he found himself in or how to get out of it, Whisper stared at him curiously, he looked back at the creature which looked really adorable but to him it looked horrible and dangerous.

He couldn't sleep that night and the next few nights, he was deeply disturbed, shaken to his core, he trembled in fear at the situation he had found himself in, living with a creature that was so dangerous and he didn't know yet what kind of powers it possessed.

Whisper continued his routine and Rowan was too scared to say no or even remotely try to discourage him, he felt caught, he felt Whisper's cuteness was killing him from inside and he couldn't do anything but watch his own destruction.

But as time passed he found he was strangely getting used to all of it, it had become an everyday routine and his mind had learnt to take it as such and another reason was that he found Whisper too adorable to shun it, so he tried to make peace with the situation.

One day as he sat next to the window gazing at the downpour, he couldn't help but wonder how the rain that day had turned his life around, but one question still nagged him, the answer to which he always found difficult to find, did he make Whisper his pet or Whisper made him the pet?

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