Never Ending Schedule.

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My schedule has yet to change. It's been the same thing since kindergarten. I never did go to prekindergarten. I found no point in it, and neither did my parents. Besides, prekindergarten was only at private schools. I did not want to go to private school a day in my life. That sounded awful. I only have two schedules, one for summer/weekends and one for school. It has yet to change. I wake up at five in the morning and then make my bed. Then I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I would go back to my bedroom to get dressed. I would grab my book bag and go downstairs. I would quickly eat and then we would drive for ten minutes to arrive at the nearest bus stop. I would board the bus ten minutes later and go to school. I would arrive at school and go to my first class. I would go through my school day and at the end go back to the bus. I would wait ten minutes for my nanny to pick me up and then ten minutes later I would be at my house. At the dining room table, I would do my homework.

I would eat a snack and tell my nanny about my day, still in the dining room. After we talked about my day I would do two chores from my list. My nanny would usually leave after I was done, ensuring I had done my chores. We would have a quick hug and I would wave goodbye at him or her. Over the years, I had four nanny's altogether. Most of them left as they just had a better brighter future planned, and being my nanny was not part of that. One just quit, but they were not committed to the job. They just wanted the money. And to use me in their social media pictures. Being used was not a good feeling. I would go inside, leave the door unlocked, and wait by the front door. Those ten minutes I would usually find some way to keep myself there and entertained. Ten minutes later, my mom would come home and start dinner. I would tell her about my day. Then my dad would come home. While my parents talked about their day, I would set the dinner table. Once I had set the table, we would carry our food to the table. We would have light conversations throughout the meal. I would then go to my room and take a shower.

After my shower, I would get dressed in my pajamas and hang my towel. I would then brush my teeth. After brushing my teeth I would hug my mom and dad. I would go back to my room and get my book bag ready for the next day. I then would read a chapter of a book. After a chapter, I would turn off the light and go to bed. It was the same schedule every single day of my life. There was just about no way to change it. And even if there was, it was taking my entire life to get there. Well, I don't ever remember not being in school. When I was four, I started going to kindergarten. I'm graduating a year before I was supposed to. But I've put in the same amount of effort as anyone else graduating high school today. I've wanted to break free of this never-ending cycle that I've been through since I was a little kid starting school. I mean, even my summers ended up becoming the same ritual. But now I was off to college, and I was going to be making my own schedule. I was going to break out of my old one, no matter how small.

So that afternoon once I got home, I went to pack my bags. I was already halfway done, but I decided that what would be best for me was to do the rest over the next week. I was going to be a teacher, so I needed to go to college. I packed my bags, and when I awoke that day I felt like a whole new person. Last night I had spent packing two bags. I had made a dent, but not nearly enough. I still had quite a few things I still needed to pack, but also just do a deep clean of my room. The entire morning I spent under my bed and had filled officially one-quarter of the trash bag. Then I deep-cleaned my closet. It was mostly cleaned out, but there were some things that were ready to be put in the donation pile. That took me until the end of the day. The next day I cleaned out my desk and then my shelves. Most of the stuff on my shelves was put in a moving box, but it filled up the rest of the trash can. As for my desk, it was mostly old desk stuff.

I threw the majority of that stuff out. My life was already changing in mass ways. I fit all my stuff into my car on the third day. I was going to make one great big drive there. A three to four-hour haul, depending on the traffic. But a change in location was going to be a big part of my new life. In my new schedule. I was doing everything to break this cycle. The cycle I have grown up with and known little of having it any other way. My life was at long last having a change. My little self had been dreaming up this time for so long. I would imagine my dorm, college, and classes. I even knew when I was in second grade what I was to be. Just because I had known so little of a non-planned life, didn't mean I knew nothing of it. In fact, for the majority of my life, I tried to break the cycle. But it did nothing. It would always be the same day over and over. And now, all of that was about to change. I was starting a new chapter in my life. And breaking this cycle is going to make me feel free like never before experienced.

June 22, 2022 00:48

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