Top Ten Reasons I Fell In Love With the New Kid- that’s you btw---THIS IS ME ANSWERING YOUR LOVE LETTER

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Top Ten Reasons I Fell In Love With the New Kid- that’s you btw---THIS IS ME ANSWERING YOUR LOVE LETTER

10) When Mr. Stoby asked you to introduce yourself you said  everything but your name (I love the Avengers too)

9) Instead of sitting with the cool kids like they invited you to-you just plopped your but where you wanted at the closest seat (which was next to me)

8) You're really funny (but you are quiet about it, which is considerate seeing that we're in class and all that)

7) You wear t-shirts that say stupid things but that doesn’t make you dumb... it’s cute. But you don’t care if it's cute- you just are.

6)You help me with my homework, right before the teacher collects it even if it means risking getting in trouble when I forget to do it

5) You hold the door open for people- the whole class if they move out fast enough because I can tell you're afraid the door will close and hurt someone

4)You write pretty poems

3) You don’t care that I'm not cool or attractive or popular- you just like me for my company

2) You have a terrible British accent

1) (I think this is when I realized I liked you) When instead of laughing like the rest of the class did when I dropped my pencil case and everything spilled you plopped your own stuff on the floor and helped me pick everything up. If it weren’t for that I think I would have burst into tears.

I’m not going to give this to you. Ever. But if you ever read this- I dunno, twenty years in the future I hope you feel some happiness knowing you made someone's life a bit brighter.

~ If you don't know who this is I'll be sorely disappointed


You know you're a klutz, right? I think you should know that. When you bumped into me or maybe I bumped into you (but hey! At least I didn’t drop all of my books!) your stuff spilled out off the blue binder and I helped you pick it up.


Anyway, I think it got caught up in my stuff because I was cleaning out my bag and I saw it- and I read it and I knew it was from you because it had your handwriting and I knew it was about me because I’m the only new kid in this small town.

But I still couldn’t believe it. That someone as amazing as you ever gave me the time of day.

So, here.

I’m going to answer your list and write you one. Because- spoiler alert! I like you too. A lot.

10) The reason I forgot my name was because I saw you and thought you were brilliant. Like...glowy-looking and I saw your shirt and there was an Avengers character on it and I just couldn’t stop myself. I really wanted to impress you. Guess I did, huh?

You were laughing at me- but not in a mean way. In an amused way. You do that a lot. Like the world is silly. I love it.

9) I wanted to sit next to you- because you were wearing comfortable t-shirts and sweats. And you were smiling excitedly at me and at the teacher. Because you looked like you were genuinely happy I was there, in that room. With you. 

You make people feel that way- make me feel that way. I wanted to make you feel the way you made me feel. Even if I had to sit front row center to do it.

8) Not to toot my own horn but the only reason I’m quiet about it is that I know the rest of the class would laugh too. And that would upset Mr. Stoby and then you’d feel guilty for laughing.

Your eyes look gorgeous when you laugh. I don’t want you to feel bad about it. Ever.

7) Did you know your cheeks go all pink when you are excited about something? I found that my t-shirt caught your attention. So I bought more of them. They inspired you to ask me questions. I loved that.

You fidget a lot before you ask a question or initiate conversation. This might not count, but it was worth mentioning, but I love making you squirm. It satisfies the sadist in me (maybe?) but I love it. 

6) That is purely selfish. I promise, when I help you I get to lean close and (please don’t think I’m creepy) smell your shampoo and general scent. 

You smell nice.

And I love the way you look at me after- like we accomplished something together. Like were partners in crime or something… even if it's for something as trivial as homework. Or the look of absolute gratitude in your eyes- like I was Superman or Wonder Woman and I saved the city (I like DC too) and not just some idiot that helped you figure out how to read a map of Ancient Greece.

5) I only hold the door open for you- it's pure instinct when I do it for everyone else. It's written in my blood (by my mother) to be polite. And yeah… your right.

I’m sorry that we are usually late to the next class because of me.

But I like the expression on your face as we race to the next class together. I like running next to you. I think if you asked me to I would have slammed the foot on anyone’s face (besides my family) and walked off to class with you.

4) Poetry? How about you? You number-crunching genius. I think it’s fascinating to see the numbers crunch in your brain. Mental math- I don’t know how you do it.

Here’s a poem;

You are amazing.

You are strong.

And the only one…

Willing to tell me when I’m wrong.

 3) Shut up, okay? You are literally the epitome of perfection. This generation just sucks, okay?

If you like I can describe every single way you are cool, attractive, and funny but I rather face you when this happens. Okay?

2) Okay fine, but you can hardly claim your Austarialin one has any merit. You do look cute when you try though. So cute. 

1) I kind of wanted to beat up the whole class, to be honest. Idiots. I’m glad I was there to help you clean up. And I’m very glad you didn’t cry those dumbasses don’t deserve your tears. 

I thought it was very amazing of you to lend the same pencil you dropped and got laughed at for dropping to James Douchebagturd or whatever. I would have told him where he can stick his greasy nose. But you were mature and polite and calm.

But if you had yelled at him and beaten him senseless I probably would have worshiped you for that too. You can do no wrong in my eyes, really.

Now the questions; Why wouldn’t you have told me? About your feelings? I really hope they aren’t nothing after all you did say ‘love’. 

I think I would have been very sad if I found out the amazing person I’ve come to know liked me back but just didn’t want to tell me. 

I think we should give us a try. 

I’ll be at the park after school all afternoon, come, please. So we can talk this out… or because I know you hate confrontation and change and I understand if you don’t think that we aren’t worth the risk (well, I don’t but I can try) you can not go. I’ll still be there. But come next day I won’t bother you about it. 

Please come?

I’ll bring donuts.

I’m going to slip this into your locker right before lunch so you’ll have plenty of time to read it over, okay?

-you know who this's 'the New Kid'  

December 28, 2020 18:22

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Jillian Oakes
13:18 Jan 08, 2021

the title certainly caught my eye. very cute story, i like that the story wasn’t focused on the characters themselves and more about how they felt about each other.


Carole Cobos
16:20 Jan 09, 2021

aww, thanks. you totally got what I was trying to say. yes, the only thing that matters here is that they are in love, or at least deep like, and they are falling over themselves to complement the other.


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Trinity Womack
18:53 Jan 07, 2021

I think this is a great story. I also think it is a cool thing that the story was not so focused on names or the physical looks of the characters. That way, the focus is fully planted on the letters they wrote to each other. All in all, a very nice story.


Carole Cobos
16:19 Jan 09, 2021

Thank you, I appreciate it. This is by far the fluffiest most wholesome piece I've written. I'm glad you liked reading it as much as I liked writing it.


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Carole Cobos
18:28 Dec 28, 2020

Quick thing- I realize I didn't identify any genders. Or say any names. Or give any actual physical description. It was purposeful. These are highschool teenagers. Who like each other. You, by all means, could be the recipient of the first letter. Or the writer of it. I didn't specify on the characters because I was hoping you can identify with them. Identify with who they are at heart. Not with their sexualities or their looks or their heritage. With their souls. One being an enthusiastic nerd and geek with nice eyes and beaming smile...


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