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Dear Diary,

October 2,2018 - It's going to be a wonderful day,although I must go and help my sister clean out the attic of the old farmhouse. It doesn't have to be all sad. Mother has lived there for 51 years.

October 7,2018 - Going to the old house again today. Fifty-two years worth of stuff is there, to sort through. I wonder what I'll find today!

October 7,2018 - Good evening Diary. I found some of my old grade-school report cards today. I had much fun looking them over! Then I came upon a little old book entitled- "Kit and The Firefly". I had no idea that it still existed. I remember writing it a long time ago. It was a project for Child Development in Vo-Tech school back in 1984. I was 16 years young. I got an A+ on it!

October 8,2018 - Oh, another awesome day! My sister and I are going to the old house again today. Today we found many old photos from the 1940's,50's,60's,70's, and 80's. Wow!

October 20,2018 - I am going to write a book and entitle it, "God Knew". I have no idea where to even begin, but I will!

November 4,2019 - Living at my sister's home is so much fun! I like it here. I got a job today.

November 10,2018 - Soon time for Christmas! I want to be able to purchase gifts for my sister's seven grandchildren this year.

November 15,2018 - Today is my grandson's Birthday. Happy Birthday Cameron James!

November 20,2018 - I have three chapters of my book written so far. Just finding the little children's book, made me want to write again! This book "God Knew", is going to be a long one! I have a lot of ground to cover - fifty-one years!

November 24,2018 - Going Christmas shopping today. I am so excited and happy, to be able to be with family!

November 30,2018 - Another year near to an end! Must get ready to go see Mom. Poor Mom, she has to leave the old farmhouse after all these years! 1967 - 2018.

December 5,2018 - Mom is a little lost these days, since losing our step-father two years ago. I have never seen her so confused! Poor Mom!

December 14,2018 - I wrote two more chapters of my book today. I am very happy with myself! My book is coming along very well!

December 15,2018 - It is hard being a young Widow! Oh, who would have ever thought?

December 25,2018 - Merry Christmas! It was a beautiful Christmas day! My sister and her husband gave me the biggest "Star-Buck's" mug you ever seen!

December 26,2018 - My daughter came to see me today! My "Pooh Bear" - Alicia.

December 29,2018 - Two more chapters, I wrote by now. I have quite a way to go on my book yet. I wonder when I will complete it. Who knows?

January 1,2019 - Happy New Year! Today is the day I met my husband, Robert - thirty-four years ago (January 1,1985). It would have been thirty-four years we were together, if I would not have lost my love to Parkinson's disease, on September 24,2012! I love you Robert, forever!

January 7,2019 - I am fifty-one years old today! Happy Birthday to me!

January 10,2019 - What is on my mind today? March 3,is soon approaching, but i'll be okay, as I write the most difficult chapter of my book. I am planning on writing about our dear son, David today. I miss you David, more than you can imagine! You were born to us on March 3,1986, and you left us for heaven on April 3,2011.

February 2,2019 - Two more chapters of "God Knew" to write yet. It's going to be great! Got all of the old stuff packed away in a storage bin (the stuff from the old house), today!

February 20,2019 - Went to the Salvation Army food pantry today,and got plenty of food for two weeks!

March 3,2019 - Happy Birthday David, from Mom here to you in heaven! I miss you son!

March 10,2019 - Last chapter of my book - I should be wrapping it up soon. I never thought I would be able to do it, but I did! Yahoo!

March 30,2019 - Going to the storage bin today. Going to get some of the old photos for my book. This is all so exciting!

March 31,2019 - Must learn how to get photos copied and how to place them in my book. Lots of learning!

April 3,2019 - David, my young man - I miss you so much! I am going to make this book for you and your father! I am determined to dedicate it to both of your memories! I love you both so very much! Rest in peace!

April 10,2019 - Today, I prepare my manuscript for Christian Faith Publishing company! I am so excited! For this will be the first time in my whole life that I have ever done such a thing! It took me seven months to complete my very own three-hundred and some paged book. What is that old adage? "There is a first time for everything".

May 2,2019 - I am walking to the post-office today and I am going to send off my manuscript for "God Knew". The post-office lady gave me a discount by sending it as a book.

May 7,2019 - I received a very special phone call today! I cried happy tears! I am dancing all around my room! Christian Faith Publishing company said yes to my manuscript! Yippy!

May 14,2019 - The contract for my book came in the mail today. Wow, how am I ever going to be able to get all of the money together? I guess I will have to ask some of my friends and family to help me. It is very expensive!

May 31,2019 - Happy Birthday Mom, I love you girl!

June 4,2019 - Oh, this seems impossible! I must think of a different way. I'll keep trying to get the $695 together, but until then I am going to shop around!

June 20,2019 - Today I have found another way - Amazon/Kindle, E-books and Paper-backs on demand! I have no idea how to begin!

June 30,2019 - I have moved back to Boyertown, Pa. I am on my way, with one of my best friends - Stephanie. Boyertown, here we come - E.T.A. 25 minutes - 12:00 Noon! I got room #14 now at the Boyertown Inn. It is the quietest room to do my writing in peace!

September 2,2019 - Happy Anniversary Robert, I miss you love! I have been so busy, writing five other books! I am on a roll! I have no internet here right now. I'll just have to put my books on a shelf for now, I guess!

September 24,2019 - I miss you Robert! I will see you when I get there, my love! I wrote all about you and our son, David! Thank you guys, for your prayers from up there!

December 5,2019 - I moved again! I have internet now. Now I can go to town!

December 10,2019 - My cousin, Eddy - surprised me today! I got everything I need to get my books out! Thanks to Eddy, I have internet, plenty of paper, etc.

December 24,2019 - Christmas with my cousin, my daughter, and my grandson, this year!

January 1,2020 - Happy New Year! It is going to be the greatest year of my whole life! Oh, Robert, I'm doing it! My books are going out, as soon as I edit them all, in my files! Yahoo! They are going to go viral, I just know it! Thank you Jesus!

February 10,2020 - Dear Diary, sorry I have been so busy editing! I have neglected you. I am back now and for the best!

March 10,2020 - Moved again! Back to the Boyertown Inn.

April 1,2020 - And this is no April Fool's Joke! I did it! Yes! My very first book ever - "God Knew" is now live on Amazon/Kindle! I am dancing all around - Big Time!!!

April 3,2020 - I did it - David and Robert! Today is actually the day I had set as my goal to get it out. They put it out there two days before! A celebration for David in heaven! Thank you Robert and David for all of your prayers! I am crying happy tears today! My next goal is to visit Ireland and write another book there!

April 5,2020 - Visit to Ireland set for September 2021. One long awaited trip!

Dear Diary, I will be back as soon as I get more of my books out! See you in a little while!

April 07, 2020 20:10

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13:52 Apr 11, 2020

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