The lost soul : The story of a squirrel reaching heaven.

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Happy Sad Fiction

I can feel myself floating in a sea of lost auras and darkness. 

I feel as if I'm taken further the more I try to escape. I have always thought that I would wake up to the sweet luscious smell of daffodils and Lillies and that I would feel the warmth of the sun on my body as I see the light behind my eyelids, I learn that the more I want the more I can't have. 

Instead of the sun, I feel the cold dark depth of my void-filled mind. Water. I feel the moistness of water covering my feet as I take a step forward, terrified of what is coming in the ever-darkening black hole consuming my memories and using them to create more darkness closing in around me. 


My whole life flashes like one huge clip from a video camera as I shoot awake. My heart rate speeds up as I look around at my surroundings, I Feel streams of tears running on my cheeks as I touch my face. 

Cold? Why am I cold?

I crawl outside and stand on my thin, little legs, looking at the spring flowers that are now frozen in place and their petals have fallen. I look back towards my home as I see that it has disappeared, I run to the sidewalk of the little neighborhood that I live in and see a golden light that looks like a beacon heading to the clouds. I travel to the places that I have been, in my memories, and places that I haven't been to yet. 

It excites me, living in this quaint and quiet place and getting to relax in every crack and corner with no disturbances. I get to look at all the lakes, food places and climb the electrical poles all while the breeze hits my fur.

The weather is gorgeous as I go back to where I saw the beautiful beacon of light, am I ready? The question enters my brain as I approach the light. I am compelled to touch the bright light and put my hand in. 

It disappeared! My HAND! It's GONE! 

I pull my arm out of the beacon realizing that my hand has returned to it. I look at it surprised as I do the same thing with my leg as I put it in and out of the beacon amazed. I step into the light fully awaiting the location it's taking me to.

I see the clouds, they're tinted orange, pink, and yellow as I feel the floating feeling again. My vision is gone but I still feel the cool air brush my face. I'm falling. I'm falling back down in the depths of where I was before I had woken up. I wake up. I'm back inside my house, I still see the sunlight creeping in. 

I go back to the beacon Confused as to why I woke up again to my warm sun-filled room. I look around as I see arrows pointing in a random direction that I chose to follow. Taking Almost an eternity I reach the end, I am lost In a forest now.

Am I ready?

I keep asking a question that doesn't seem to add up to my memories. It's something that I don't understand. Something unfamiliar, Something foreign. I somehow manage my way back following the bright light of the beacon I once went through.

Maybe I have to understand the question, Maybe I have to find out what the question means...

I find a bench at a park and sit down. What could it mean?

It keeps being said as I look at the beacon, I will go back. I head once again to it seeing that It had only gotten brighter since I had crossed through.

I don't know If It's good or bad. At this moment I remember, I remember between good and bad and the eternal sleep that Has come to take me away. Whether it be a peaceful blossom or an eternity of suffering in thorns I must know, I Am Ready.

I once again take a step into the bright light hoping for peace, as I float up I look back down at my village and see a figure lying at the bottom of the beacon. Me. I am heading towards it. The place with golden gates to help me pass through, the columns of great heights carrying me to rest happily, The eternal peace that shall comfort me as I pass into the next life, the next world that holds roses and tulips to guide my way.

I FEEL the warm sunlight coming to brush the top of my head, I SMELL the soft smells of Daffodils and Lillies as I once imagined floating through the darkness with no hope. I have reached it. The eternal fountain of youth, the water of the gods, the utopia of the lost.

I See the lovely world that has come to whisk me away and I cherished it ever since I pushed the gates open. My hopes, Dreams, Memories are slowly being embedded into my mind as I get to remember everything. The beacon, my short journey to answer a simple question, The wonderful world I have discovered after I Realized That I am beautiful just like the flowers that surround me and this new world.

I am remembered in some way, even If it was for a split second in a horrible moment that has brought me here. My life, even if it was short-lived was lived in bliss for every second I was alive. I find a house just like mine, calm and tranquil. I open the door to see all of my belongings, it is my home!

I look at my desk, my bed, and out my window Refreshed by the sun like the first spring dew. As I lay in the warmth of my bed I think to myself, I am no longer a lost soul.

March 23, 2021 12:32

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