What is mirror?. An object that shows our reflection;they don't hide anything if you have a scar they will show you but what about a mirror that could see and show all your fantasies and dreams but with wick twist;making all our fantasies and dreams turn into a nightmare. Mirrors already see our reflection, they can see our souls,dreams and fantasy as well; mirrors see everything and they know everything.

I was young and beautiful nurse. I had emigrated from New York city to England in an old mansion that I bought;the mansion was owned many years ago by a wizard named Elise Great.

On Monday; in great,old and beautiful mansion, there I was at mid night;as the clock ticked I was dressed in my white gown exploring the the halls and many rooms in the mansion. In a room filled with red candles, huge and golden mirror on the wall ,I saw my reflection,in my mind I was thinking about eating a strawberry ;then like magic; I saw myself in mirror eating a strawberry.

I was shocked and scared as fell to the ground in fright ;was I dead, hallucinating or dreaming;I pinched myself but it hurt as if I was in reality;I was confused. Then I went to bed and while asleep I dreamed of eating that strawberry ;the strawberry in my dream tasted as reality.

Tuesday early in the morning.I needed to test and find out the truth about this mirror ;I needed to clarify I was not mad or becoming mad.I was thinking about strawberry and it had appeared ;I thought to myself whatever I think its sees .I thought about desiring to know ,who the creator of the mirror is. Then I went to bed to see if it would work ;I was asleep or was I awake because this dream felt like reality.

The dream or reality was about a wizard name Elise Great ;that curse the mirror to see and make all his desires in reality ,that he couldn't have ; made in his dream. I thought to myself why didn't he want to make his dreams reality instead making his reality into dreams. I was soon , to discover the bitter truth and purpose of the wizard keeping his reality desires in dreams.

Wednesday, I become greedy and wanted to test the powers of the mirror in my mind, I think about and desired the mirror turning dreams into reality inside. Then I created the dream of beautiful garden .When I woke up I saw the beautiful garden with many beautiful and colourful flowers. I was shocked and happy I found a mirror a mirror that could give me anything I desire;imagine if this mirror went in the wrong hands of some one with evil thoughts.

Thursday night ,I went in front the mirror and desired to wear all the fancy designer dresses that I imagine to wear. Then when I went to sleep and awake;I saw all the the dresses in different colours and size that; I had wished for.

Friday morning, I thought to myself;I already had a beautiful garden and beautiful dresses;what more that I needed and couldn't find in reality. A prefect man ;I went to sleep and dream of the prefect man ;someone to buy me diamonds,pearls,rings flowers,roses,chocolate,tell me they love me,kiss me ,cuddle with me, count the stars at night and so many more.

Saturday morning, I woke up and found a handsome man in my room,laying at my bed side with breakfast of scrabble eggs ,bread and juice along with flowers and chocolate.I was speechless as he kissed me on my lips and he said ,"My love,I am all you dream of, desire and I am your servant of dreams" and I said,"I have been dreaming of you many years now".

Sunday in the mansion halls ; We ate dinner ,drunk a red champagne, kissed and danced in the mansion halls. While we slowed dance to the music beat; he said "My love,I want to be richest man and ruler of the earth ,kill many and make them bow before my feet" and I said "No,my Love you cant do that ".He became angry and got a knife try to kill me ;I was scared then I taken a the Champagne bottle and hit him in his head;it appeared he was dead as he disappeared.

Monday morning ,as the alarm clock next to my bed went off, I was laying in bed I couldn't sleep was this a dream or reality,confused I was trapped between the difference of reality and sleeping ; blurred between the line of dreaming and being awake.

My once beautiful garden the flowers began to dye with spiders crawling on them,the chocolate he give me turned into worms and my beautiful dresses spiders began to crawl on them.

My dreams had turn into a nightmare,the wizard wanted his reality to turn dream instead because almost all our dreams are selfish and greedy things that shouldn't exist that it why it called a dream ,to stay in our heads.

Think of world where every one got what they dreamed about,yes sounds delighted and exciting but think about those evil people with wicked dreams.

February 26, 2020 01:21

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