Silverwing: Brainwashed

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Science Fiction Fantasy Adventure

The Next day

We had all spread out on the beds, the hope slowly fluttering way and making us deflate like week old balloons. 

Now I lay on a bottom bunk, slowly gaining consciousness.

I woke up with a gasp, pushing myself up on my elbows and looking around.

Mark lay on the ground on the right side of my bed, snoring softly. 

I sighed, laying back down and closing my eyes.

Still stuck.

Sadly enough, there hadn't been enough beds to sleep in.

Most of the boys got stuck on the floor, while others somehow sneaked on a bed before anyone else.

Suddenly, there was a loud beeping, and I sat up quickly again, accidentally banging my head on the top of the bunk bed.

I groaned and glanced at Mark to see that he had sat up too, blinking his eyes in confusion.


Attention new agents, it is time for you to begin training, please report to the door labeled ‘20034’ in exactly fifteen minutes. Thank you for listening. Now get ready.” Said a robotic voice that made me narrow my eyes. 

Mark looked exceedingly startled, looking at me with an obvious look of confusion and slight panic.

“What was that about?” A voice said beside me, making me turn.

Marian had sat down beside me, her eyes tired and full of sleep.

I shrugged, not planning on getting up.

“I have no idea. All I know is that I don't want to do this ‘training thing.’ It sounds stupid.”

Mark stood up and sat down on my other side, and I noticed that most everyone was doing the same thing, joining in small groups of twos or threes to discuss what had just happened.

“Well… what happens if they force us too?” Mark asked, a little uncertain.

I sighed.

“They probably will. And also, probably not nicely.”

“So your saying just give in? Why though? Haven't we been through enough?” Marian said, her voice strained with annoyance. 

I looked at her, boring my gaze straight into hers.

“For now, let's follow along. See what they're doing. Sometimes that's the best option.” I said, standing up and looking around for a door.

There it was.

One part of the north wall had been opened up to reveal a clear cylinder wall with a solid black platform.

“I think it's an elevator.” I said, walking over and surveying it with a small amount of interest. 

Mark came over too, but more hesitantly, followed by a boy I forgot the name of.

“I agree with you. Very high tech, not like any of the stuff I work on.” The boy said, and I cocked my head.

“You're a mechanic, I'm guessing?” I said as Mark came over to stand beside me, facing the boy.

The other boy straightened up with a grin and a small sparkle in his eye.

“The name’s Diego, pleasure to meet you.” 

I rolled my eyes, but introduced myself also.

“Skyler. I'm...uh….not really anything. Nice to meet you too.”

Mark shook his head to hide his smile.

“And what about you, amigo?” Diego said, his light brown eyes gleaming.

Mark looked up, aware that he had been mentioned.

“My name’s Mark...I don’t really do anything either.”

Diego laughed.

“It's fine. Most people don't.” Diego said, his face suddenly serious.

“But do you guys have any idea what in the mundo is happening?”

I cocked my head.


“It's Spanish for, world.” Diego said, a smile returning.

“Oh no, what is my hermano torturing you with? NASCAR races? The next truck he's going to fix? Screwdrivers?”

I saw a girl with long, straight black hair with eyebrows raised come up to stand beside Diego.

Diego laughed and ruffled her hair.

“Hey! Quit that, I demand you sto-” The girl started as Diego laughed.

Attention new agents. You have five minutes. One person at a time on the black platform, and so forth. I expect each and every one of you to listen to these instructions.”

Diego scowled, and the girl glared at the ceiling.

Mark stayed silent, his expression unreadable.

“Well… who's first?” I asked, putting my hands on my hips.

No one answered, throughout the whole entire room, which had gone silent.

I sighed, closing my eyes and opening them again as I whirled around to face the elevator.

“Guess I’ll go and be your example then.” 

I stepped inside the black circle, closing my eyes and taking a deep breath.

“Hope this is worth it.” I mumbled under my breath, seeing that everyone in the room was watching me.

Then, the platform started to move down, making me widen my stance to steady myself.

Everyone in the room still hadn’t said anything, but their eyes showed that they were scared and anxious.

I forced a grin and a small wave.

“Cya’ on the other side.” 

Pain flared through me, making me grit my teeth to stop from screaming.

“Why isn’t she sleeping!? She has to be sleeping!”

“Calm down. She must be different from the rest.” A lower voice.

“Yes, she is. This one isn’t even human. Give her this.” Familiar this time.

There was a hissing sound, then I felt something blow into my mouth, making me want to cough and splutter.

I couldn’t breath.

I let out a gasp, fighting back with the only remaining strength I had, but it wasn’t enough, and I was taken into the depths of unconsciousness.

“Subject 43.”

I blinked my eyes open, the hazy shapes starting to clear and take shape.

“Subject 43.” 


I saw a man in front of me, staring me straight in the eye.

“Who are you?”

“Subject 43.” I replied, my gaze just as unwavering and my voice gruff.

The man dipped his head.

“Stay here. Do not leave this room unless I tell you too, or someone comes and gets you. Do you understand, Subject 43?”

The man said, standing up and pushing his chair back.

I nodded, my eyes trained on him as he left the room and closed the door.

He had seemed familiar to me.

But nothing was, anymore.

I didn’t know exactly what was happening.

Exactly where I was.

Or exactly who I was.

But to them, and to about three quarters of my brain, I was subject 43.

I tried to grasp a memory.

Any memory.

All gone. 

All taken and erased from my mind so I wouldn’t think about that, whatever that was.

On the outside, I wore a grim expression.

But on the inside, I was scared of what was to come.

I was scared of myself. 

I knew something was off.

I wasn’t normal.

This wasn’t normal.

And maybe that’s why a thought came to mind.

Maybe I’m not the only one.

Maybe there are more of me.

Ideas spilled from the back of my mind, making me wonder even more who I used to be.

I am Subject 43.

I couldn’t fight it any longer.

So I let go.

The man paced the room frantically, but his face was expressionless.

“Sir, she is under.”

The man looked up to see Dr. Reverend.

“Good. How much time before they’ll know?”

Dr. Reverend’s eyes were wide.

“You don’t mean-”

“Yes, they will come. I can feel it. They can feel it.”

“Two days before anyone can pass security. Six before they can pass our doubled security outside their chambers.”

The man sighed and rubbed the crease between his eyebrows.

“She’s under the heaviest security?”

Dr. Reverend nodded, avoiding the man's gaze.

“The very best sir, the very best.”

April 12, 2021 02:36

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Ne Bula
13:46 Apr 12, 2021

Third Silverwing episode! Brainwashed! Enjoy and feel free to express your thoughts or theories in the comments! I won’t share too much info(for the fun of surprises and unexpected twists) but I can answer a couple of questions, or let you know if I’m not willing to share just yet. So have fun! And enjoy this fun adventure!


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