Fantasy Friendship Fiction

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Chapter 1 The Journey 

Once Upon A Time there was a girl who lived in a house away from town with her two sisters Julia and Ashley that where mean to her because she wasn’t pretty. Her one sister Julia was nice but she acted mean to please her mom. She worked day and night to please her mother. Then one night at one in the morning Julia and Bee ran away to a better life. Then they made it just past town. Then Julia had to go. Her mom had sent people to find Julia and Bee. Julia went into town so the guards would follow her and would not find Bee.

Sniff sniff, Bee heard. Then she saw a hedgehog stuck in a trap, she pulled him out.‘‘Thank you’’ he said ‘‘My name is J’’. ‘‘I was just trying to find food and then BAM i'm in a trap.’’ Bee was so shocked she just stood there frozen as a stone. 

Then she uttered “y-y-you can talk.” 

“Of course I can, do you know where you are?”Said J

“No, where am I?” Asked Bee.

“Why, you're in the enchanted forest. This is the place for magic.’’ ‘‘Me and all my animal friends live here with Mother Nature and her daughter princess Lesleigh.’’ 

   “There never used to be traps here, I wonder who put them here?” said J puzzled. “We should report this to Mother Nature.” 

   J and Bee walked through the woods and over some hills and then to cross a river J went first and walked on the top of the water, Bee looked puzzled and decided to trust him and decided to cross it anyway. To her surprise she was able to walk on it. 

            “We are almost there don’t worry,” said J

 Chapter 2 The Incident 

When they arrived at the town they called emerald stone. J went up to E his best friend who was also a rare dodo bird. E is the last of his kind and is married to his wife Barklea the tree. 

   “Is Mother Nature here?” Asked J

   “I don’t know, you should ask Jackson,’’ said E. “I’ve got to go get back to my wife.”

           “Sorry about E he has a medical condition that makes him imagine things that aren’t real, like barklea who is just a tree, but he thinks she is real.” J told bee.

            As J and Bee walked around the little town on the lookout for Jackson they found themselves at the magic mud pond where Jackson lives. Jackson was a big hippopotamus who loved to swim in mud and eat food. Jackson always says that he hates bathing because he will just get dirty again, so there is no point in bathing, but many disagree.

            “Hey Jackson it’s me, J. Are you here,”said J.

            “Yea,” said Jackson. “What do you need?” 

            “I just wanted to ask if you knew where Mother Nature is?” asked J.

            “She is off on the lookout for JJ, she ran off again!” said Jackson. “But her daughter is here.”

           “Ouch!!!” Yelped J. “M-My leg, I think it’s broken.”

          “What happened?” Asked Jackson.      

         “You stepped on my foot,” wined J. “I think I need to go to the vet hospital!”

         “I’ll take you there,” said Jackson as he crawled out of the lake. Chapter 3 New acquaintance

   As Bee turned around she heard a screech of pain. Bee saw a little fox. Bee had stepped on the fox’s tail. “OMG, are you ok?” Asked Bee. “I did not see you there, I’m so sorry.”

          “I’m fine,” said the fox.

          “Who are you?” Asked Bee.

          “I’m fifi the fox,” said fifi. “Who are you?”

           Bee told fifi “I’m Bee. I ran away from my family.My family treated me like Cinderella and I hated it.They were always so mean. When I ran away I met J, he was stuck in a trap and wanted to tell Mother Nature but she wasn’t there so we went to ask Jackson and he told us she was gone so we were going to find the princess but he broke his leg.” 

            Beep beep beep!! “Oh dear, those are our warning sirens, it means something bad has happened or someone has discovered us that is not supposed to. Come on we have to find Nicole the Hare. She is the princess's pet and guardian.” 

   “Why does she have a protective pet hare?” Asked Bee.

    “Because she is the princess so she needs to have one.”

            “Oh ok” says Bee

             “Now follow me!” Says Fifi, bounding off. Bee follows and then they reach the borders. It’s covered in vines and a huge gate is wide enough for someone to crawl through. “Oh no!” Fifi exclaims. “Someone’s gotten in!”

    “Well then..” Bee starts. “We should find them!” 

“You don’t get it do you..” Fifi says a little annoyed.

           “Get what?” Bee asks, tilting her head to the right.

          “You can’t just look through a village. You have to search EVERYONE because they can transform into anyone they wish.” Fifi had a look of worry in her eyes and then she sprinted off.

          “Wait!” Bee calls after Fifi. Bee runs, following Fifi and sees that she’s headed to the castle. Chapter 4 fake blood 

   “Come on this way, we gotta get out of here,” whispered a voice coming from a bush.

          “Hello who’s there?” Asked Bee

          “Are you an evil outsider?” Asked the voice

          “What NO!”

          “Ok, then if you’re not evil then tell me where the queen is!” Asked the voice.

          “She is off looking for J’s sister JJ,” said Bee. Bee hears a soft voice whisper,

 “I think she’s good, let's go out and meet her now!”

            A pretty girl in a beautiful gown, made with leaves and twigs, walks out with a gray rabbit. “Hello there!” Says the girl. 

“H-hello…” says Bee, a little worried. 

“Hu, you're a human?” Said the lady.

“Yeah I’m human, aren’t you?” Said Bee

“Well I’m half human half god,” said the lady

“Wait are you the princess?” Asked Bee

“Yes, why do you ask?” Said the princess 

“Well I was with someone who went to find you in the castle. She was acting suspicious though,” said Bee puzzled. 

“What was her name?” Asked the princess 

“Fifi the fox,” said Bee.

“WHAT!” Said the princess. “She went missing two weeks ago! How did she get back!? Unless... she was a shapeshifter, I bet you she was an evil person!”

“Quiet down!” Said the hair. “Come we must get out of here now.”

“Wait, how do I know you guys aren’t evil?” 

“Nobody has ever seen me and the hair so they couldn’t shapeshift into us. Now come we must go!” 

As they walked farther into the woods away from the evil attack it was getting dark and they were getting tired. Then they stumbled across an abandoned treehouse. The hair suggested that the sleep in there then keep walking tomorrow morning. They climbed up the hidden vine latter onto the balcony and opened the door and that is when they saw something strange. There was bloody chains hanging from the ceiling. They heard a faint cry for help, they looked up and saw a bloody fox chained to the ceiling 

“H-Help m-me” said the bloody fox

The princess lifted the hair up to unlock the fox from the ceiling. The fox fell into the princess arms, the blood stained her dress. Bee was in the corner frozen as stone. 

She had a sudden flashback, she saw her mom being stabbed right in front of her, blood splashed on her face, her mom fell to the ground dead, her father had killed her mother. Her father was about to stab her when he heard a voice, “the copiers are comin, we goda scedadly!” The baby stayed there, the cops came in saw the body and the baby. They called an ambulance for the baby because she was Hyperventilating and she was cut on the arm bad. They put the body in a big bag and carried it to their car for testing to see who killed her.

 Bee fell to the ground. The hair ran over, he shook her, her flashback had stopped. Bee was now on the floor sobbing. Meanwhile the princess was trickling her fingers down the fox’s spine. Suddenly the foxes blood and scars faded away, she had healed her.

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Nice! I loved the concept of magical powers and royalty in this story! Don't forget to add punctuation sometimes! I really like it tho!


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Gowd gorl. Good job :3


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