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Every day, I have a routine. It's not the kind of routine where I do the same thing in the same order every day. It's the kind where I have a list of things to get through.

What is my list of things that I do? Well, I eat on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. I fast on Tuesdays and Saturdays to correct the malefic energy in my birth chart. I exorcise the energies around me and do meditations. Then I read the Bible. While I motivate through all my morning chores, I play video games, flip through social media and read the fake news.

After I have been motivated through all of this, I head outside for my sun salutations. Then I take my crystals and meditate laying on the ground, using the Earth's magnetic field to realign my own.

Sometimes I meditate with my eyes closed. Other times I meditate with my eyes open. I meditate with my eyes open when the sky isn't clear. When clouds wander across the backdrop of the field of blue.

I can't help myself but follow the creations made by the spirit of God as they scutter and sway their way through the troposphere. My mind sometimes desires to see certain shapes. I find that the clouds coming up behind the current society will conform to my will. Is it magic? Is it a coincidence? Or am I good at convincing myself of things? Maybe it's all three combined in some manner.

Today, my mind wandered as my eyes glued themselves to the clouds, weaving and dancing across my vision. I wasn't interested in cloud formations. I did get lost in their beauty. They were light, fluffy, and tall. As I watched they became taller and thicker, grouping up faster than what was normal. The sun still shone and the day was still warm. There was no smell of rain I could discern that would have been expected with cloud formations like these.

Faster and faster they moved across my vision. I got dizzy and shut my eyes. The world went dark, but not cold. I remained laying on the ground, unafraid of the odd weather. This gave me time and space to ponder the day's most profound scripture.

Luke 6:28 KJV

Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.

It's a hard thing to do, that which the Bible asks, on many occasions. I mastered the art of not breaking the big commandments a long time ago. However, the finicky things, the wisdom of Jesus, which I do so love, is such a hard road to follow.

Light seared my eyelids. I opened my eyes to find a bright, white, condensed cloud sitting mere centimeters above me. Lightning was shooting forth from it, zapping myself and the ground around me. Little shocks moved through my body, in a not too unpleasant way.

In the depths of this cloud, which would normally be black, a luminescence emanated from it. As I stared, wavy black lines appeared. It was as if the light was being stripped out, rather than blackness being added. Watching, I noticed these formed Hebrew letters. I was able to recognize the alphabet of itself, but the finer points eluded me.

I don't know how long it took, but at some point, I realized a word had been formed. Reading it from left to right made no sense. Then I remembered, Hebrew is the opposite of English. 4 Letters there were, black fire on white. Y. H. V. H. The name of God.

Then came a buzz in my head, that vibrated through my entire inner being. I couldn't think as thoughts that weren't from me filled my head. Images poured through. Things I had learned about spiritual vibration resurfaced in my subconscious to be dumped into my consciousness.

God is all about Earth. Jesus was a true master and representative of the real divine. He understood things that we still can not grasp, even now. He spoke in parables and gave instructions, without explaining the why.

The scripture revealed the meaning to me.

I have known that the problem of this planet when it comes to climate change, is not about physical pollution. It is more about emotional and spiritual pollution. Every negative thought, word, and deed lowers the spiritual vibration of the individual doing it, the individual of the one whom it is aimed at (unless they have angels guarding them to catch and block the negative spiritual energy), and the collective of humanity. It also sinks into the magnetic field of the earth. Everything is magnetic, including thoughts, words, and deeds. Jesus knew this, but at his time, no one understood what magnetism was so he could not reveal that to them.

Blessings, of course, are positive energy. Blessings raise the vibration of the individual blessing, the individual being blessed, the collective of humanity, and the magnetic field of the Earth. Every kind of thought, word, and deed elevates everything. Enough people blessing and refraining from negativity could change the world for the better and cancel climate change.

Jesus understood the consequences of the attitude and eye for an eye. The consequences affect all of humanity and the planet we live on. Jesus knew that if we got angry (negative emotion lowering the vibration of self and collective) or if we lashed out (lowers even more vibration) that we would eventually destroy the world we live in.

After this realization hit me, the light fled, the lightning stopped, and the cloud disappeared. All that was left was the image of YHVY burned in my eyesight as an afterimage.

As much as I want to tell people the unusual wisdom I gained from pondering a scripture, I can't, because the human consciousness of the collective is not at a level that is able to receive that wisdom. It's a shame because peoples' love of evil and cruelty is bringing an end to the world. It's so funny people attract what they don't want, but if they haven't done the spiritual work, how will they know?

Sometimes I feel like I am at a very high level of spiritual advancement with my consciousness. Other times, I struggle. Always, every day, one of my biggest prayers is to be a better person than I was the day before.

There is no one I can talk to about this. When I try, there is no one that understands me. I am not sure why I seem to have been chosen by God for the path of the spiritual. Who am I to question his will?

When it comes to tackling climate change, I believe pondering on the wisdom I received rather than coming up with physical methods that cost the taxpayer money but do nothing in reality, would be effective in saving the globe and restoring humanity. But the Elite hate me, they discredited me and they are trying to kill me. So, I sit in silent communion with God, day in, day out, and pray for change, if that is his will. If it isn't, then I know at least I am on the right path for me and heading for an eternity of peace after the human species put me through a lifetime of suffering.


April 23, 2022 01:22

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