The Locked Door (Inside of A Nerd's Notebook Edition)

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Note #1 Inside of a Nerd's Journal:

Crystal. That — is your name. That is your name! You're not the same — as others you can say. I wish I could read your mind, Crystal. Please. Let me in, Crystal. Please, tell me what you think about on a daily basis. Tell me some more interesting things about you, other than you, that is. Talking was never something that interested me. It never has been. However, there’s a mandatory exception for you, as you are my muse. Please. Use me, as your outlet so we can start something electrifying, powerful, and impactful! Reveal yourself to me. Mind you, I'm here to enter the inside of your mind.

Release yourself to me. It’s just me and you, as our surroundings are nowhere around us, in my head that is. I’m a homebody, but I’ll go an extra mile for you, because you make my heart beat — as if I'm trying to be first place in a marathon, trying to capture your interest. But I am in a race, trying to capture your interest, that is.

It’s a shame on me, that I could’ve ever said “I’ll go an extra mile for you”. That’s only said when a person is going out of their own way for something, or someone. You may be out of my league; but I could never go out of my range for you, as it doesn't even apply. It's an automatic instinct to give you my attention, as you’re always on my mind 24/7.

You see, Crystal. It’s funny how I need you. It’s funny how bad I need you — to release your inner thoughts into my presence, as your essence is your — everything!

You’re like Chick-Fil-A. No! You’re like Chick-Fil-A, on a Sunday. You’re vital, as you are my go-to. But darling, you’re closed. You’re locked up, that is. Sealed shut, you can say, as it's disappointing. Sure, other restaurants may operate on Sundays, but darling, damn those other restaurants.

Please. I beg of you, let me in your chambers of heaven (your mind), as I’m going through constant hell mentally as me, myself, and I are waiting for you to release yourself to me.

It’s funny. It amazes me how your name is Crystal. You're not easy to see through. When I try to see through you, it's a constant boss battle. Don’t play with my feelings… I must know yours. Most certainly, that is.

I’m not a peeping Tom, as “noticing you” could be my middle name (just take my last name already). Your first name is Crystal. You tend to brush me off, like the bristles on my hair brush.

You see, I feel your pain. Crystal your pain is the lane, to release the waste from a sour taste of life, that is. Not everything is sweet, as I could tell you’ve been through hell (don’t take that the wrong way) just by looking in your eyes. He doesn't love you.

Why? Why are you with……..HIM? Be — with me. See — more with me in life that is. Please, don’t be discrete with me, as it eats at me. I’m hungry for your attention, as I try to use the chip on my shoulder to fill my hunger. The chip on my shoulder, due to the irresistible saltiness of myself, witnessing you “dance around" (salsa) with this fool. He doesn’t appreciate you. He doesn't appreciate the way your beauty is, he only appreciates what his selfish penis wants. I’m not a therapist, but I’ll most definitely grab a piece of pen and paper, and write about you. Most definitely, once again as I will indefinitely.

Why appreciate an imbecile, who throws around a football, wearing stupid varsity jackets, when you could release yourself into the world of art and literature? Date a nerd already. Date a person with a mediator personality, not a person with a mediocre personality. Acknowledge me, let's socialize and network our thoughts, to each other that is.

I heard you're into art (don't ask how I know). Well then, let’s paint pictures of each other, with each other. Smother me, with your comfort as I want to rest my case, by saying you don’t belong with him. Show me your true words Crystal. Tell me your story, without the blurb. Tell me your big idea. Tell me your genre and what you're all about, that is.

Being rude is never the goal here, as I tend to avoid skating on thin ice. But, you need to leave your dumb jock boyfriend, before your ride on the Hell Express, stops stalling at stops and goes down recklessly. Jump off the train, if you must. Do whatever you can, as he is bringing you down like stocks! Let me fulfill your inventory as “stuffing you up” with the love you need, will send you right on your way.

Baby, listen. I know everything isn’t “overnight shipping” as things do take time. But love, time can be our best friend and our worst enemy. I’m antisocial, but I’ll befriend time with you, for you that is.

Don’t pretend like you don’t cry, as you're at your highest of a low point, when you’re with that idiot. Leave him. Leave him, so you can leave old skin behind, blossoming into your new self, or your true self. I might not know how to throw a football, run a play, or even do anything athletic. However, I can throw the attention you deserve, right towards you on a quick play. This is not a game though.

Your name is Crystal. You're a locked door, as the key to opening you is unidentifiable. I’m searching for a way to enter inside of your mind, right now as we speak, as I’m at a peak of continuing my streak just to — know more about you. I should go on google right now and type “how to enter Crystal’s mind?” You know what fine, I am!

Whoops! My browser has just crashed as I’m searching for answers about you indefinitely, but my world is crashing down as answers could not be provided to me at this time. Crystal, you are a locked door, that I eagerly want to unlock as the prize on the other side is too irresistible to resist, even though I don’t know what truly exists on the other side, that is. You’re many things, honey. You’re a puzzle, as you puzzle me with your pieces I must put together. You’re an Oreo Mcflurry from McDonalds, as you’re hard to get while you're playing hard to get.

You’re a muse. As you could literally move mountains, while you shake my world. However, you are not a crystal, Crystal. So Crystal, reveal yourself to me, as you desperately need to be left alone from hell (the idiot you’re dating).

Is there any other righter way, than for us to be left alone right away? I’m not a poet, but bear with me, as a chapter for us needs to be started “write away”. Me, you, and heaven. Sounds nice, huh? Well, you’re on the hell express, as your boyfriend is the train operator. Come with me, as heaven is only one ride away. Once again, let me in your chambers — of heaven Crystal. Let's start something new, or something at all. Use me as your staircase and not the floor, that is. I want to elevate your state of mind, but don't walk all over me, unless it's beneficial that is.

January 28, 2022 17:53

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Ayesha 🌙
14:14 Feb 01, 2022

This story made me feel uncomfortable, and I love that. Maybe I’m a true crime junkie, but I could really see the obsession and antisocial disorder in the character. I love how the story read like poetry. I would love to see more from this POV, or even Crystal’s


Malik Coley
16:09 Feb 01, 2022

Thank you


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