Asian American Contemporary Drama

"Breaking news! Kim wins the election!!"

The small group cheered after hearing what the news anchor said. Their friend had won the election.

He would go down in history as the youngest president to ever be elected and he would also become the first Asian president. Things hadn't looked too good at first but quickly changed with how trustworthy and smart the young boy seemed to be. He would be changing more than just the U.S. during his presidency. He would be changing the world.

"He really did it!!" Jaemin yelled. Yoonki smacked Jaemin and shushed him.

"Be quiet!" Yoonki said as he made Jaemin sit back down.

"In other news, Mr. Kim is being attacked by many different internet websites and people have even been sending death threats to him and his new wife!" The news anchor said.

Jun changed the channel and cast his phone screen onto the TV to share a video that he had found. The group quieted down after the video intro and listened to what the YouTuber had to say.

"Kim Namjun has finally become president but the netizens seem to have a problem with that. I decided to look over on the Tweetster to see what some people were saying. I usually wouldn't put negative comments in here but due to the nature of these comments, I think we need to get it out here that this kind of thing is not appropriate. One user said this, "Asians can't be president. They are supposed to be math teachers. He can't even legally be president. You have to be American!" This comment is just downright racist and the user is also wrong. Namjun WAS born in America. He is an American citizen. He just lived in Korea when he was younger. He has also been a math teacher so that's kind of ironic. One supporter had this to say, "Everyone deserves a fair chances. If he want to be president and does a good jobs then he is good!!" This person is spot on! If he does good things for us then there shouldn't be a problem. Society seems to have problems with a lot of things. Recently, a news station released private information about a famous actor. Taehyun was seen leaving Namjun's residence in a car with a woman that people can't recognize. Some people think that he left with Namjun's wife and others believe that Namjun had a mistress and Taehyun was helping cover it up. Personally, I don't believe that the girl is Namjun's wife or romantically involved with him at all. It's just my opinion but I think that it was probably just a friend. It's not really our business anyway! I hope that people will realize that this isn't even their place to judge. I think Namjun and his friends are good people to their spouses and this country. I mean, my husbands to treat me well! That girl in the car was actually me! Just kidding. Thank you for watching and as always-"

Jun turned the video off.

"Double news about us! Cool!" Taehyun said.

"Not cool. It wasn't good news. How are you going to explain Yumi during your next interviews? They're definitely going to ask about it." Yoonki said.

"I'll just tell them that she was Doseokie's sister and she went to ask for some advice but couldn't get back home since Namjun was busy and so was his staff so she called Doseok but he was busy so she called me since I was the next closest! Easy!" Taehyun laughed.

"How did you come up with a lie so fast!?" Doseok asked.

"It's simple. Just say something that's slightly unbelievable but more believable then what people are thinking!" Taehyun answered.

"What were his staff and him busy doing?" Yoonki said.

"It's a secret!"

"What will you do when they start guessing secrets and create another story to gossip about?" Yoonki spoke again.

"Simple! Deny, deny, deny!" Don't react to any of them unless the idea is pretty good and won't create a mess. Deny all of them whether or not I react. I'm an actor. You think I can't make a lie believable?" Taehyun said. The group nodded.

. . .

"Sir, what are you planning on saying? People think that she was your mistress!" The lawyer said.

"I didn't know that watching a movie with friends would turn into hiding a mistress from Melissa! When is she getting back!? If she gets the news before I talk to her about it then this will be an even bigger mess! I haven't even completely gained her trust yet. She might actually believe a stupid rumor like that!" Namjun said as he panicked.

"We put her on the first flight back from Oregon. She'll be back in a few hours." Namjun's lawyer said.

~ ~ ~

"What the heck is going on!? I left to see my family for two weeks and you end up on the news for having a girl over?! Do I even want an explanation?" Melissa yelled at Namjun as soon as she got into the house. Some men followed with her suitcases and she walked to the couch in the living room and pointed at the one farthest from where she was sitting. "Sit." Namjun sat down and looked at her with a sorry expression on his face.

"It's really not what everyone's saying. I don't have any side chic or mistress. Maybe we didn't exactly marry for love but that doesn't mean that I would cheat on you or that it would be any less dirty. It was just a friend." Namjun said.

"Really?" Melissa asked skeptically.

"I had a movie marathon with some friends and Taehyun and his girlfriend Yumi left that night. Everyone else stayed over night. When they left it looked more natural and the reporters had already gone to hound Taehyun about the girl." Namjun said as he slightly leaned forward to put his elbows on his knees.

Melissa sat in silence for a moment before standing up. She walked up to him and stared into his eyes.

"When's the honeymoon?" Melissa asked. Namjun's eyebrows popped up in surprise.

"Um ...." Namjun looked at one of the maids and she mouthed something to him. "Valentino- Valentines! Valentines day! Um, the lawyers figured it would be a good time to have a honeymoon."

"Whatever. Don't expect anything to happen." Melissa sneered as she turned and headed towards one of the staircases. "Oh!" She spun on her heel to add something making Namjun turn his body to face her from the couch. "By the way, congratulations, Mr. President." Melissa turned but not before Namjun saw a playful smile jump across her face. He smiled and stood up.


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