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He is a low-tempered nature guy. He is known in public as a 'total jerk'. But he despises failure. There hasn't been a time where he has accepted failure. No matter it's his or others. He is called Mujin. From the Mu family, the great family of Mun Textile Production. Yeah, Mun isn't their family name. The person to choose that name was their late great-grandfather. He was also a non-failure nature person. The old man died leaving the whole business into his son's hands. Now, currently, Mujin's family is suffering from great finance problem. You ask why? Hah. It's because the carless younger brother of Mujin's dad, Arick, is a total scum! All he does every day is laze around in the big house. And spends money on gambling and other things like betting on stupid small things with his yakuza-looking group. Nonetheless, it's still our cute, yet arrogant Mujin to rely on. Mujin does his best to do small part-time jobs like official scanlating tasks, and any small job that he could get from the company.

Mujin has a desire of his; he loves literature. He likes to write novels and short stories. When he first learned that he had love for literature, he managed to write a novel on the topic, 'Intimate Butler' you won't believe, he got 3,000 fans with 1,000 copies of his short novel. Ah, his parents really got surprised to see their son victoried at such a young age. Mujin wasn't that amazed, he intended for up to 1 million. But as a starter, he begins writing as his personal passion. Mujin wasn't interested in big industries who offered him large sums of money in order to get his attention, so he rarely went to them. Right now was different, he had no other option but to accept their invite. But when he thought that he might be using his 'special talent' for something like 'money', he immediately turned back and thought of another option.

As life went on, The Mu family's finance was completely at its end. They no longer had enough money to continue their business and so, their grandmother decided an option. "Dear family fellows, I'm no longer able to fight along with you all, so there is a chance to finish up our sorrow. However, this option is the last and includes only one person with excluding all others." With listening to their grandmother, the dying heir, everyone was feeling an uneasy atmosphere. Then the grandmother called out Mujin to present. There came Mujin with an expressionless face carrying an unpleasant feeling. "Wh-what is it that you called me for, grandmother Mu nae?" asked curious Mujin. "Ahh... I feel blessed to have the opportunity to attend your wedding." upon hearing that said, Mujin's eyes opened wide and said, "Excuse me...?" Everyone also looked confused.

"As everyone knows the great consecutive family, Shin is very rich and much more powerful than ours. So, I have decided to create a marriage contract with them. As the Mu family has, till now, upheld great respect with the Shin family, wouldn't it be great to marry our diligent and passionate son, Mujin to their modest young master? What do you say?" upon making a decision without the permission of Mujin's real parent, Arick frowned and replied, "Mother! What's with your nasty decision?! Alright, I respect you and Mu family, created good respect with my enemy partners, but this is limit crossed!" At that time Mujin face was expressionless, dim and shocked. But after hearing his father out, against the decision, it finally gave him some hope. "Hah. Who do you exactly think I am, grandmother and all? DO YOU THINK I'M A MORON WHO WILL KEEP BEING YOUR SWEET SLAVE?! huh?!!" Mujin was obviously against the decision and more is, it was a male marriage consent. "I also don't agree, grandmother." Finally spoke the wife. The grandmother was pissed off, "Then what else option do you have? Can't you all selfish people see I'm here discussing out the financial problem? It's for the future of our young children! And it's for you also, mujin." What else can Mujin expect from his money-desperate family? He will do anything to fight off this topic! "However, I disagree. I will not marry a male. And if it would've been a female, I would've thought over once again, but no!" Mujin spoke confidently. "Mujin! You're not allowed to make a decision over this. This is only for us adults." said his mother. "Ohoo! Mother, you are also that desperate THAT YOU'RE ALLOWING TO SELL YOUR SON TOO?! You people have gone mad! Curse you all!!" spoke so loudly that it could almost burst up you're eardrum and then walking away with cursing them and releasing great anger. Mujin was mad on them. Selling their future heir and marrying him off to another male from another great family, what respect will be left to Mujin? Until now, Mujin has always respected his grandmother's orders and following the rules of his parents, but now that he's mature enough to handle, this had crossed its limits!

While sitting in his room thinking over and over about marrying in Shin family, Mujin was so pissed off. His father came in to convince him. "Mujin... dad knows you're feeling angry but we have to do this. It will be just for a year after that you can come back to us." said his father. Even after all those hardships, the family gave to him, Mujin's dad was the only who understood him best. His mother? Well... she was his biological, but only for the money. "Dad... why me? Why not sell that idiot uncle because of whom we're getting fiance probs?" his teary eyes gave him pity, "No son, we are actually thinking of your future. Since our family is not big, you are only our heir for the future. So, please re-think it again. No matter what, dad's gonna support you the best." His father was so loving and manipulative that all Mujin's anger and arrogance would fly away when he talked with his dad. "Ok... but what if he despised my hobbies and get to know that I never liked him and then decided to cut off with me?!" Mujin was anxious. "Look, look! try to understand, if something like that happens, Dad promises to support you fully and stand with you forever." He gave a good smile. Even though Arick's words were sweet, he never lied to Mujin. "I'll... rethink. But give me some time.." As he dozed off to bed while holding his pillow to his chest. "Ahhh... what great pity.. marrying another man only for the sake of other people.. disgusting enough to tell." he thought to himself. "But I'll divorce him if I wouldn't get along with him!" he sighed and slept away.

-What kind of nature does the Shin family's young master have? What kind of appearance he has? Is he in men that badly that he wants to marry one?!- all those thoughts bundled up in Mujin's mind. After thinking again about the marriage, Mujin went to his family's official meeting. Everyone was sitting quietly holding a cup of tea. "So, Mujin, have you decided?" asked his grandmother sitting on a wheelchair. Mujin, on giving up a strong despising look, said arrogantly, "Yeah whatsoever! Hurry up and put on a wedding date!" Upon hearing this, everyone was so happy and his grandmother was thanking god. "But, I have a condition." continued Mujin. "What is it?" "Besides giving me the opportunity to become the next heir, don't you think it will be a burden on me? I can't agree with every one of your rules anymore! The money received will be divided into 50s and half 50 of it will be mine!" mujin gave a wicked smile, but his decision would really give a piece of mind to everyone. Their grandmother was confused about what to do now. "Mujin! that's too harsh. If we give half of the money to you, then how can we continue the business? It's a family business!" said his father. "Haa.. dad, last night I think you forgot what you said. If it's me who has to sacrifice, then it's me who's condition MUST be accepted. Ok, don't agree? then I think the topic is done." "Alright, tomorrow must be the meeting held with Shin family." and said as his grandmother, tomorrow was a meeting between Mu and Shin families. They arranged it in the personal hotel of the Shin family. "What a great day to discuss the wedding! The clouds are floating brightly in the sky and blue sky." They all welcomed The Mu family and sat with holding teacups. Everyone was dressed in modest clothing except for Mujin, he's wearing a casual shirt with blue pants. The Shin's young master was really handsome. "Our son had many girls flying around him even after they knew he's into men... haha." Laughed cheerfully the madame of Shin family, Shin Aih. "Yes, indeed mistress Aih." replied Mujin's mother, Nia. "Well... let's go to the main topic, please," said Arick nervously. "Unn! Yes, Mr Arick." as Aih looked around Mujin's behaviour throughout all the time they spent. "So... The marriage consent... we agree." said Arick. "Yes! That is so much great," she continued, "Actually our son, Seo, is really sensitive when it comes to partnership. Whenever a girl would follow him around, he would mess up everything. So, the main reason for male marriage isn't gay, but his satisfaction with the same gender. I understand it could've been very hard on Mujin, he's such a handsome straight man."-Aih. "Well, not to mention, he agreed within 2 days. So, it's not a big deal, madame Aih. Thank you for agreeing with us." replied arick. Hearing that he wasn't gay, this gave Mujin ease. "So... You're called Seo, sir?" he finally spoke with Seo. "Unn. No need to call me sir, you're my fiance, aren't you? Please go easy with me." Seo talked without any expressions. This gave Mujin goosebumps, "Fiance..?!"

Time passed a lot quicker than thought. The meeting was finally over as it was dinner time. "Then see you, Mr Mu!" said Shin family goodbye to Mu family. The engagement ring they gave was a beautiful diamond ring made especially by the Shin family's jewelsmith. "Haaa! Such a bad and tiring day it was!!" sighed out Mujin. "Umm... mujin, thanks for cooperating." his father laid out a soft smile. "Eh? No problem... at least there will be something to my use in the end. Don't dare to forget your deal, grandma!" he shouted. "Ok ok stop being so childish. You're getting married now." replied his grandma. "But what will you use that money for?" he asked. "For starting my own business. I wonder which one..." his father never thought Mujin would act so mature to even start his own business. "Then that means you won't be following our family business?" he asked. "Yeah, of course. That is the condition I came up with after re-considering the marriage," said Mujin confidently. Everyone was shocked.

Mujin still had to complete his last year of university, then graduate. After that only they'll assign his wedding. So, it will be around in August. "When's the date?" asked mujin. "In August's first weeks." replied dad. "Oh, I see. It'll only be for 1 year, right?" Mujin lowered his head down in dismay. "Yes... only 1 year." Arick hugged his son. Mujin knew, just endure it for 1 year and after, start your own happy, alone life! But things would definitely have to change.

Mujin graduated and now it was August. The wedding was assigned on 2nd August. Because Seo fell sick, so they had to move the date a bit further. Thankfully the fever went down and he was well now. "Mother... were you happy to give birth to me?" asked Mujin. "Why so suddenly? Of course yes. I love you, my son. And I hope you'll also come to love your husband." she replied. "Love... him? ahhhahh... really?" he murmured. He was wearing a white suit with a white bow-tie and his beautiful light-brown hairs shining in a way which was utterly beautiful. The other side, Seo was completely wearing black. It has been a custom for brides to wear white and grooms black, so they both had to look beautiful. The wedding was beautiful, amazing, decorated with almost all kinds of flower and white long striped bows spread everywhere. "What an exaggeration..." Mujin Murmured. "Hmm? Is it too much? I thought you like these kinds of stuff and it was our first wedding..." seo was completely innocent. "Ahh?! NO when did I say it's bad! It's pretty, Yes, I like it..." speechless and embarrassed Mujin.

At last, Mujin and Seo stood at the podium with a big 5 layer white cake. *the cake was actually Mujin's choice* Seo put the ring on Mujin's finger and they both married successfully. About a year passed and they both were living peacefully until Mujin got a call. "Mujin, your contract has been ended! You can come back now." But Mujin now got feelings for Seo, so he didn't want to leave him. They both loved each other now. "Ahh.. Dad, I think I cannot go. But I'm not giving the money back! I and Seo will start our own personal business without taking a penny from our families." With hearing this, his parents got ease and, "Yeah, we are also doing great. Thanks to god you got along with Seo." This said, Mujin, an arrogant guy, got along and fell in love with another man, unbelievable, right? This was wonderful for him.

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