Creative Nonfiction Thriller Sad

                              Shin Thant was the village girl who lives in ordinary life at Kani somewhere in Myanmar with her family. After the military junta took the power of the country, everyone is getting into danger every day. For the first month, she couldn’t contact with her employer from Yangon because internet and all communications cut out at Feb 1. Not only her but also everyone in the village of Kani didn’t know why does that happened. They remembered the military junta did the exactly things when he fight with Arakan army at Rakine region based on the clashes over Rohingya issues. He told that he was protecting our people. But it’s wrong he put forces over innocence people. At that time, the people at Rakine region couldn’t contact to capital city and everyone to tell the truth. It took a long time cut out at there. Now, it’s happening all over the country. Everyone got too much worry over government they choose at November election. They all knew which party they select and who they want to win. The cheating army would change this somehow because people didn’t pay a selection over the army’s party. There were many parties who get into election but they aren’t the people’s favorite. The national league of democracy (NLD) born from people’s heart, mind and soul over 50 years ago. It’s not based on the leader the daughter of general Aung San. General Aung San was being the father of freedom. His daughter Aung San Suu Kyi saw the poor people in Myanmar who obey the orders of cruel junta. So, she started her life as democracy mother to give the real freedom to people. She raised up the hopes of Myanmar people and give the strength. Starting from those days, she decided to build the party for people. NLD wasn’t only the name it’s the soul of innocent people who disobeyed to surrender under military junta again. Aung San Suu Kyi knew the people of Myanmar got cruelty by every junta and tycoons who used the blood of people as their own benefit over 50 years. Also, the revenge of the people waited the time to defeat the junta and junta’s relative over those years. So, surrender under junta’s leg again wouldn’t be happen again. People decided to dead for sure.

                             At 1:00 pm afternoon, the internet connection and other connection get back to normal. But the neighborhood came to tell them to open the television right now. Shin Thant didn’t believe the news from neighbors. So, she put the plug in and turn on the button and open the television. She held the remote and search every channels. Her family bought the satellite television service and pay monthly fees. All news channels weren’t available at that time. She looked for the error messages and something like that. There was nothing there. So, she moved forward to the channel own by military. There she saw the news about the coup. She saw it directly in heart breaking news. The second president of the government hand over his power and authority to the military leader and general. Everyone knew that military general wanted this position for protecting his position and wealth. Every military juntas who held the power of country and do everything to raise up their wealth. He decided to do that way. If the ordinary people held that power over next five years, he hasn’t a chance to do changes and cover for his men live inside the parliament. The best partners who supported him always from the back give advise to him before the people’s government took the immediate action to build the new government instead. After he got this advise, he do this by using military forces to break down the country’s connection and detain the parliament members. After that day, the people’s life were getting worse. People all over the country who aren’t military sided people felt hopeless. The military junta broke down their dream and future at that day. So, they decided to show off their anger and defeat back to junta as much as they can. At that time, they didn’t realize their strength. Starting from medicine students to the whole country. The peaceful protests all over the country started. The protest started from Mandalay city. For the first months, junta was saying he is just trying to hold the unstable situation from recent government because of it’s guilty over election”. The junta told that to people over and over again. But people who felt the horrible guilty and cruel effects of junta and tycoons didn’t believe their word again. Over three months later, the clashes between military junta’s sided people and ordinary people who defeat junta started from online. The peaceful protesters didn’t do anything wrong. The junta wanted to shut their voice which wave to the world. The military junta’s sided people couldn’t make to hear their voice to the world. Only the peaceful protesters could do that thing. So, the military coup leader decided to destroy the peaceful protesters by killing one by one who are the head of every protesting lines. If they killed one, the people will stop that’s what they think. That’s the reason why the junta sent the sniper men to shoot the head of the protesting lines head people who guide the protesters. At last, they couldn’t stop the people’s voice. The cruel military junta’s forces appeared over and over again online to reach the world. At that time, the junta decided to force the internet service provider to cut down the connections and landline phones. The people couldn’t connect each other for two months and a half. It’s only effect to the people who used mobile data for connecting online. Not for people who bought the broadband lines. So, the real news and voice of people reach the world but not much. Most of the people who used broadband lines were the coup leader’s people.

                               People from Kani were getting the online back with virtual private network start from half of May. All over the country the internet service provider got catch by coup leader. So, they couldn’t let the free internet without control. The price of mobile data and other data services were getting higher than before without any bonus. The landline phones and mobiles got control by coup leader’s men. At that way, the whole country covered with the dark clouds and control by demons. When the people decided to defeat back, they cut down the every connections one by one including Kani. Not only 3G but also 2G network weren’t available at the serious conditions places. Now, the military junta still tried to kill everyone who defeat and never surrender him. What’s wrong with our will? We just want our democracy and human rights. There were many people who can’t live at their place, their town, their homes. There were many people die by guilty of military forces. There were many cruelty over humanity and genocide issues over people here in Myanmar. The United Nations, ASEAN and everyone here us but don’t help us. Just looking at people dying over day by day. There were many countries and companies which helped genocides of junta or the coup leader and his men. They all saw their benefits not the human lives. 

October 14, 2021 05:36

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