My Friend The Matchmaker.

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About a year after my wife passed away I met this

lady who lived in the neighborhood that knew both

of us. She introduced me to a new woman who later

became part of my life a year after my wife passed away

It did appear as though this lady and I might then lead

into a serious romance with the two of us being married.

Soon after I discovered a guy she had known before was

back in the neighborhood where we both lived. Seems at

one time he resided there with his parents. When both his

parents had passed away he decided to return since his name

was on a coop lease his family has signed after they moved in.

Without any notice I could see by the look on her face that she

would be going back to him. Matchmaker who had arranged for

us to get together knew about this other guy and told me after.

Life leads us down many pathways. None of us can ever be certain

where it will lead. What we can hope for is to discover for ourselves.

August 22, 2019 18:27

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