I bobbed my head along to the music coming out of my earbuds. There was a knock on my door. I quickly took the earbuds and Ipod out and shoved them under my pillow. “Come in!” Mom opened the door. “Hey honey, whatcha doin’?” “Just some homework.” “How’s your music theory class coming along?”

I sighed. “Fine.” “Well, since tomorrow’s your birthday, we wanted to do something special.” “Oh?” She and Dad came in holding badges. “We got you and your brother backstage passes to our concert tomorrow night!” They gave one to me. “You guys can get all dressed up, we’ll go to dinner, then to the concert, then we can go get ice cream or whatever you want afterwards. Won’t that be fun?”

I awkwardly took it. “Yea….Sounds great.” “Great.” They both hugged me. “Oh it’s gonna be so fun sweetie.” They went back to the door. “Hey, can I go to a little get together with some friends after dinner?” “Sure thing.” They said and left. I pulled my phone out and texted Elijah. Good to go. 


After dinner, I changed my clothes and zipped up my coat. “Bye! I’ll be back later!” “Okay sweetie!” I ran out to my truck and drove to the barn. I met Elijah outside. “Hey! What’s with the coat?” I took it off and chucked it in the truck. “You really think my parents wouldn’t find out where I was going by looking at my clothing choice?” “True. Come on, they’re about to start!” He grabbed my hand and we ran in.

The guitars and drums and keyboard started up. A fiddler joined in, then the vocals. “Heel, Toe, Dosey doe. Come on baby let’s go boot scootin. Oh, cadillac, blackjack, baby meet me out back we’re gonna boogie. Oh, get down, turn around go to town boot scootin’ boogie.”

Elijah spun me around. We danced and jumped around. The night was great. This was the kind of music I loved and wanted to play and listen to. Not that classical crap. I was no good at it and it was no fun. No black formal dresses, no concert halls. I didn’t want to be my mom and dad. 


Later that night, everyone was in bed by the time I got home. I quietly went upstairs. I almost made it to my room, but the hallway light turned on. I looked over. “Hi...Tommy.” “What are you wearing?” His eyes went wide. “You went to that barn, didn’t you!” I grabbed him and pulled him into my room and shut the door. “Shhhh!” “Genevieve, you know if Mom and Dad find out they will disown you! You’ve already tried rebelling once!” “I know! That’s why you won’t say anything.” 

I pushed him out the door. “Now go back to bed before they wake up.” I shut the door and flopped onto my bed. Ugh, I couldn’t wait to graduate and get out of here.


“Genevieve!” I shot up out of bed. Mom and Dad stood over me, Mom holding my blanket. I realized I hadn’t changed into my pj’s. “What are you wearing young lady!?” 

I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t lie. But I didn’t really have any ideas. “Answer us young lady.” “Why are you even in here?” I asked. “We came to surprise you with breakfast. Now what is the meaning of this? Why are you dressed like that?” I stood and folded my arms. “I went to a country concert at the barn last night.” “What!?” “Yea. And I went with Elijah!” “Young lady you are grounded! And you can forget going to the concert tonight.” “Good! You really think I wanted to go to that?! I hate classical music! I hate playing it, I hate listening to it, I hate everything about it! I love country music and rock music. I love the lifestyle, I love the clothes, I love playing it!”

Dad smacked me across the face, making me fall back onto the bed. “Jonah!” “Dad!” Tommy ran in and knelt in front of me. “I’m sick of this nonsense, Genevieve. I thought we took care of this nonsense. Don’t you ever talk like that to your mother or I again.” He went to my closet and began pulling out all of the clothes that weren’t deemed worthy for classical music. “What are you doing?” Mom asked. “Getting rid of everything that’s been poisoning her mind.” He gathered it all up and took it downstairs. We all followed him. He went outside and threw it all in the dumpster. 

“What else do you have? Or are you keeping it all at that no good Elijah’s house?” “Don’t talk like that about Elijah!” I said. “Why? Because you’re screwing him? We didn’t raise our child to be a slut.” “What are you talking about? I’ve never even spent the night at his house!” “Well of course not. You’ve probably been doing it in the bathroom stalls at the barn!” “Dad-!” “Don’t you start defending her, Thomas.”

I ran back up to my room. Tommy followed me. I put my boots, hat, and coat on and grabbed my keys. “Gen, where are you going?” “Away from here. I can’t live here anymore. Dad’s gone out of his mind.” I looked at him. “You gonna stop me?” He just hugged me tight. “No. Get outta here. You deserve better.” I hugged him too. “You should come too.” He gave me a sympathetic smile. “I’ll think about it. Call me though, okay?” “Yea.” 

I left without saying anything to Mom and Dad. Screw them. They didn’t want what was best for me. They just wanted another violinist in their symphony.

January 25, 2020 22:33

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