Sad Desi Holiday

It was April 2021.

A Sunny Afternoon.

Rubina was travelling to her grandparents house at Indore through flight. Rubina lives in Hyderabad with her parents. Indore is her native place. She used to visit her grandparents during her summer vacations.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get an oppurtunity to visit her grandparents last year due to covid-19 lockdown. She saw a little kid playing with an elderly man. She assumed him to be the little girl’s grandfather.

She recalled the moments she spent with her Nana. She used to visit Indore only to spend time with her Nana. Nani would always taunt Rubina but Nana wouldn’t taunt her instead would love her and take care of her.

Rubina remembers visiting her Nana’s house when she was 5 years old. Nana would bring her sweets, tender coconut and many more stuffs to eat and drink.

Nana would be fair in colour, clean shaven wearing a shirt and a dhoti.

When she fell sick, he was the one who took care of her in Indore. She remembered spending two months, April and May with her Nana and Nani.

She would long to stay with her grandparents as she loved her Nana a lot. She wouldn’t leave her Nana when her parents visited Indor to take her back to Hyderabad. She would leave with her parents with a sad face half-heartedly.

She recalled the vacation spent with her grandparents when she was 10 years old.

As both Rubina’s parents used to be busy with their works, Nana used to visit Hyderabad to take his grand daughter along with him to Indore during the month of April. Rubina used to pester her Nana to buy things which she saw in the railway station. Nana wouldn’t say a word against her and get her things which she wanted. Nani used to scold Nana for buying Rubina all things as she believed those were not good for Rubina’s health.

But, Nana wouldn’t say a word. He would just ignore those scoldings and play with her grand daughter.

Nana would take her to a nearby park where he goes for a walk daily. She used to play in the park while Nana would be busy walking. After sunset, Nana and Rubina would return home.

When Rubina was 15 years old,

Nana grew old but the love for his grand daughter was the same. He used to take her to food stalls and buy her Indore’s famous Vada Pav, Samosa, Jalebis. He made sure that his grand daughter had food till she was full. He used to have a cup of tea and favourite vada pavs. They both used to return home while Rubina made sure to get few vada pavs and jalebis for Nani too.

‘What is this? You shouldn’t have these unhealthy food. Why do you but these stuffs for our Rubi?’, asked Nani to Nana.

Nana didn’t answer her questions as he was busy watching cricket on T.V.

Nani was repeatedly asking Nana the same question. But, Nana never paid attention to her and continued watching cricket.

15 years old Rubina started giggling.

‘Nana, Nani wants you to answer her question.’ ',said Rubina giggling and looking towards Nana.

‘Sorry, Rubina. I can’t hear anything.’ ,said Nana.

Rubina started laughing.

Nani became angry.

‘So, you can’t hear what I am saying but you can hear when you’re grand daughter calls you, right ?’, asked Nani.

There was no response from Nana.

He was busy watching cricket.

‘Nani, I love vada pavs and Jalebis that’s why Nana bought me those. I was the one who insisted to buy few for you. It’s not Nana’s fault.’ ,said Rubina.

Nani left the living room murmuring something and carrying the vada pavs , Jalebis with her.

When Rubina was 19 years old,

She never used to spend two months together with her grandparents as she was busy with her studies . She used to spend two to three weeks with them and she makes sure to spent those three weeks happily with her Nana without any distractions.

When Rubi was about to leave Nana’s house, Nana handed over one thousand ruppees to her and asked her to utilize the money in a right way. Rubi hugged her Nana and ensured that she would be visiting him next year too. Nana smiled and said that he’ll be waiting for her to return. Rubina left her Nana’s place with a heavy heart.

That was the last time she saw her Nana.

Nana was 70 years old. He used to miss her a lot. Due to pandemic, to ensure the safety of the citizens, government imposed a national lockdown. Rubina was in agony as she wouldn’t be able to visit her nana that year. Nana and Rubina used totalk over the phone for hours. Before hunging up the call, Nana would always ask her when she would be visiting him.

Rubina and Nana yearned to see each other.

Present Day,

Rubina recieved her luggage and checked out of the airport along with her parents. She was going to see her Nana after two years. But, it seemed something was bothering Rubina. She looked disturbed.

When she reached Nana’s house, she didn’t feel excited like before. She entered the house. Her eyes were yearning to see Nana. Finally, she saw her dear Nana. He was laid down and nani was sitting next to him.

Rubina couldn’t believe her eyes. She couldn’t accept the fact that her beloved Nana was no more.

Nana was dead.

She came and sat near her Nana and started crying uncontrollably.

‘You were yearning to see Rubi. Our Rubi is here, Have a look at her. She is sitting next to you.’, said Nani to lifeless Nana in a sad voice crying.

Rubina looked at her Nana and kissed him on his cheeks.

Next day was Nana’s funeral. Rubina was crying uncontrollably and said final good bye to her Nana heavy heartedly.

‘I would cherish the memories throughout my life. You were one of the most memorable and a great teacher to me, nana. I would never forget you in my life. I love you, my dear Nana.’ ,said Rubina as she said final good bye to her Nana.

June 21, 2021 19:44

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