The survivors of the explosion of a great quantum bomb, which destroyed that planet initially lost in the cosmic dust and ultraviolet rays that emanated from a placidly powerful sun and whose origins were unknown by the majority of the humanoid population, in addition to the population. robonoid

 However, many information recorded in a photoelectric cell placed right in the virtual cloud of the humanoid stellar commandos, said that the inhabitants of these planets should inhabit shelters underground to avoid the electrical storms that damaged their structures, being forced to remain in a hiding place. packed with bits and pieces of ancient robots that kept their original cell matrices.

 It was known that the final destination of so much junk, fatally should be intergalactic garbage, according to robotic statutes

 Will they be salvageable? Asked P.B., robonoid assistant to the colony of robonoids of the shelters under the ground, in the process of developing new equipment assembled with the parts and matrices of ancient robots.

 They may be - answered a rogue robonoid, XIP 84, who had just joined the project - however, their primitive structure must be observed, since they are made of meat assembled with bones, a rudimentary raw material with a supporting function.

 My sensors observe a vast convertible space container for the entry and exit of its inhabitants, without batteries and moved based on the generation of cyclical energy - explained P.B.

 - They must be parts for the central rotor of the project.

 For the plasmic? Asked XIP 84 - using its structural recognition sensors coupled with its vital information teansmutator.

 The plasma robot, without nuts, nor metal structures, was the newest generation of robotics with high energy content and coding of programmed functions.

 With cathode ray vision included in their amorphous structure, they literally absorbed and included the information in their plasmic interior delimited by a circular energy membrane.

 - commented P.B. Container activity can be detected.

 They approached the container with an ovoid structure with light-sensitive walls, thus revealing four hybrid molecular bodies, with recognizable physiological rhythms within the normal parameters of life defined as human.

 But, they were supposed to be extinct.

 They shouldn't be there.

 So ... would it be a secret or a way to preserve the past through the assemblages of those pieces?

 - What is this ? Are they humanoids of mixed structure that are being produced under our noses? - PB asked, in a mixture of uncertainty and doubt about their own sensors, which should not capture the presence of these historically extinct humanoids, according to the virtual information disseminated.

 Silence was the only response they had, and for that reason, reality was spoiled.

 They all had disheveled faces, the vacant gaze of magnetically dilated pupils, parched and cracked stomata, and loose nuts and circuits.

 Surely, explained P.B., they must have flaws in the programming due to exposure to radiation. They go back and forth from one place to another, raising and lowering their stomata that open and close.

 They are piled up.

 This is symptomatic in cases of spatial distress outside shelters.

 Therefore, they are not redeemable. Nor can they be reassembled. They are pieces that were discontinued in production.

 PB, a robot without a story, had been listening to all the talk.

 And, impatiently, he asked:

 And what do we do now with all those pieces? Or hide in shelters?

 -We will rebuild the humanoids, who visibly did not become extinct, they only got sick because they could not adapt to these conditions.

 And so they did, fitting pieces together like a puzzle, soldering wires, gluing stem cells into ultra-fast growing cultures, creating skin instead of metal shells.

 Little by little, the humanoid was receiving a human face through accelerated cell differentiation. Also, you could see the trunk and limbs, both lower and upper, with all the necessary structures to properly perform their functions.

 Her black hair developed, as well as her fleshy lashes and lips.

 - It is an original matrix of the first human in the world - the humanoids in the container considered admired, attentive to the fact that their proto-sensors could observe, and their sensitive sensors, feel .110

 All in secret, without any protection from the robonoids, who shone by their absence.

 Let's go. I would like to enjoy a bit of my last minutes of freedom, since surely the robonoids are going to punish us for this.

 And they taught this rapidly developing human to walk and talk.

 .- This is not your home planet since your entire system derives from a hidden matrix between the assembly pieces. This is the Moon. Your home planet is earth - that is, in its third generation of humanoids who were unhappily exterminated by the clear dominant robonoid race and who maintain total control over all our structures and all our lives, keeping all well-tamed humanoids in what What they call shelters, but in truth they are nothing more than prisons than for them they are nothing more than a useless old iron casing, and they treat us as hybrids of artificial intelligence with an infrared neural network to keep their sensors activated in direct connection with all our movements.

 Its activation, pre-programmed in optical fibers developed for the determination of function, is what determines whether or not the humanoid should be activated.

 They are perverse, it is true, but it is that the technological and scientific knowledge of reconstruction, natural reintegration, determination of the vital linear sequence, and capacity to escape in emergency situations, determined the colonization of this virgin planet by substitute machines of the species. then dominant, the human

 What was our planet called? the humanoid asked my senior guide, whom I called mom, in a clear copy of a primitive behavior used by our ancestral origins.

 l XI-U 18. Do not remind me of that place, because the horror that our ancestors lived during the outbreak of the mega-atomic nlmbz I will never forget.

 What happened? It closed the optical sensors connected to the primitive network neural system.

 There was a deep fight: those from the north against those from the south, for selfish territorial issues not codified by our system - tic, tic, tic,; the machine began to melt his frontal system of sensitive understanding, causing him to scratch. His ancestral memory hard disk reproduced the information: it was the starry night of November 18. The gentle evening breeze said it was going to be a quiet night. However, when the northern rebels began to gather, they decided to attack the southern ones.


 - that now, with your creation, we find the key to descend to the greatest secret of all, that of our origin

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Wonderful story. Fit to the prompt. Well written. Would you mind reading my new story "The adventurous tragedy?"


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Excellent self-contained world. Only feedback is to edit and proofread with a fine-toothed comb.


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