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This is going to be a somewhat unusual little diddy. I woke up this morning to find these prompts in my inbox. It is almost like my enemies are begging me to dash them a touch of my attention. After all, they are pathological liars, and I have caught them out over and over throughout my time with them.

Of course, every story needs a little background, such as, who are my enemies? How long have they been my enemies? Why are they my enemies?

Who are my enemies? The Freemasons, the elite, the Illuminati, and their pet toys, the stalkers. I've had this confirmed from multiple sources who play for their team.

How long have they been my enemies? Since birth.

Why are they my enemies? Maybe my poop leaked from a diaper onto a cop car. Though it might be an appropriate statement of what kind of souls they possess, they probably didn't appreciate the truth in such a defining way.

My enemies are powerful when it comes to technology, wealth, control, resources, and the number of idiots that will do whatever they are ordered to. They aren't powerful in terms of grace, spirit, soul, wisdom, and leadership. We have all seen with Trump that technology, wealth, control, resources, and idiots who drool on you, that much more is necessary to be an effective leader and a decent example. I'm pointing him out simply because my intuition told me from day one that he was a moron destined for failure.

My enemies use all their resources to lie their little hearts out. Every day, I am called names and told I should feel particular ways and that it is necessary for me to do things for my enemy. This is beyond a joke, now, and no longer affects me. I know what I'm doing, and not doing, as they do. The only people that seem to believe their lies are the drooling dogs who try and manipulate me based on the lies they are told. I wonder why the dogs do not question their masters. If my enemies are lying to me, I doubt they are being honest with their slaves.

I need to tell you, there was a point with my enemies where I agreed to do what they wanted, for a reasonable reward. Considering what they are asking me to do, that reward is worth pretty much everything and anything I ask for.

I'm no longer at that place. I've had confirmation through my intuition and my guides that I will win this war and defeat the Illuminati in front of the entire world, all without ever hurting anyone, sinning, and accumulating bad Karma. That is one hell of a victory.

I have no idea what will happen when my enemies lose the unjust war they brought against me. All I know is whatever they are trying to avoid with me is exactly what will happen to them. I know they've had cautions about me from a variety of their occult sources, but like a stupid and corrupt leader, they have ignored it, despite getting the signs.

A little word of wisdom: Never manifest energy into another person's life that you aren't going to be happy with on your own. It is a harsh lesson and a lesson they will learn. It won't be the ending they want, but the ending they have attracted to themselves by putting that energy out there.

About their lying. They have said this and that to me. I have challenged their lies, little by little, and found out that they were untruths. It turns out their lies have no power unless I believe them and then act on that belief.

What effect does this have on my mind? Well, it unshackles it even further. As far as mental liberation is concerned, I have gone very far in terms of today's standards, yet if I were to compare it to the standards of Buddha and Jesus, I have only pondered the primary step I must take to achieve enlightenment. Enlightenment is my goal. It is the key to winning this war. My intuition tells me so, though I do not fully understand why or how.

What else does this do for me? Well, I sure as hell do not trust them or their robots. If you have caught someone out in a lie, time after time, how can you trust them? It makes it more difficult to manipulate me. I am at a vibrational level where I see it, but it does not lodge into my energy field, and the attacks are thus repelled away from me to lodge back into their own energy fields and manifest for them at some point in their own futures.

Do you wonder why I use these terms? It is because my enemies have given me the terms that I need to see them in. See, I judge myself based on my inner self and outer behaviour. The names I get called do not align with nor describe me in any way, shape or form. They do however describe the behaviour of my enemies, very accurately.

I believe in Karma. I wish Karma would hurry up when it comes to a lot of people, especially in my situation. If you read my stories, there is an underlying theme, a common thread, that will paint a picture.

I don't write these stories to win or get likes. I write these stories to get a conscious and subconscious message across to those robots, pets, dogs, toys, and slaves that may one day become conscious. Sooner or later, you will pay, through a loved one, or through circumstances.

Do you really want that? Join me in enlightenment and together we can build a better world. If you do, I promise, I will talk to Karma and ease your own burdens in a way that I do not have to carry them for you.


My wisdom for the moment:

Those who know how to rule do not need to control. Those who control do not know how to rule. The one who can rule will always win over the one who controls.

Never The End

July 23, 2022 02:21

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