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David Copperfield was very badly treated by his step-father Mr. Darcy so much so that he had to runaway to have a shelter in the house of his aunt. A tongue used in bad manner is even more pinching than getting some slaps. This was the state of one Mr. Narendra who was badly treated by his younger brother by eight years. Narendra spoke about this matter to one of his close friends Mr. Manmohan: “I have been very badly treated by none other but a younger brother Rajesh. Is it not a shameful matter and how l is suffering under this negative repression?

“Keep yourself calm he will improve when he grows up mature.”

“ Cries spring up in my tender heart and it breaks my confidence.”

“Yes I know how you had to work hard for a property without full papers and three tenants occupying it. You had to work very hard to solve that issue of your late father’s property. You really did a wonderful job. It is an achievement of your life.

Once I was in need of five lakh and I asked for an advance

From the property dealer who was going to buy. I told him and he shouted at top of his voice. Is a brother a master of his brother? It was not a theft and I told him that I am ready to adjust this amount as an advance borrowed by me. We both were seated in an auto-rickshaw and he started shouting within the fully hearing

Capacity of the auto-driver.

“ It is going to be adjusted out of my share of the property price! There is no need to quarrel about it.

But he went on shouting for many days. “You a dishonest

Person. You should be ashamed of this kind of dishonest

Conduct “ Yes I know my dear friend. You stayed away from your family and stayed with Ajay Paul , who had been so courteous and kind to let you stay for months together.”

            Oh how affectionate Ajay Paul had been to me. He too had been my younger brother and he was really A gentleman who had been kind to me always.. Ajay was my very lovely brother but alas he is no more. But I had gone on tolerating the affronts of this fellow. He is a crorepati but that cannot be a reason for being wild shouting person. Has a wealthy person any special prerogative to shout upon his brother. He is not a beggar. He is not knocking your doorbell. On the contrary this fellow did not return that eight hundred he took from his brother several years back.

        Ajay Paul also narrated his personal experiences with him. “You know Narendra I cannot manage my dinner without non-vegetarian snacks. During my stay in his house in Mulund we went to get my favourite dishes at Victoria Terminus. I would bring these stuffs and he along with his sons joined me. This programme went on during all my ten days stay. He did not spend his moneyEven on one day but it went on everyday that I would pay the bill. Besides I was his guest.

                          “One of the days we went to one very famous ‘Punjab Shan Restaurant’ and all of us had a nice dinner. When the bill was brought on the table Exactly at that moment he vanished out somewhere. He made me to pay the bill.”

‘” We two as well went for morning walks and would have coconut water but I would be paying it.” He would Say excuses:” “You know I never carry my purse during any morning walks “ I thought that I am here for just few Days. Does he not have coconut water when he is on walks by himself?

            There are people in our society who consider themselves too clever and think they can bluff in any Manner and the other person would have it as a Solomon’s truth but the inherent nature and character Cannot remain hidden, howsoever one may do. We can Comfortably foresee the matter as in which direction something is going to happen. Any human being reveals himself as he himself is a book which is by itself open.

                                       Ajay and Narendra were quite low on their economic level. Rajesh was younger than Narendra and he was thirty times richer than both of them. He could very easily ignore the fact that we had come to see him from other cities .Those kith and kin who come to pay some visit and are going to stay a few days only they are your guests and so far as I believe they are to be considered as guests only and I that case it becomes a moral duty of the host to pay any sort of bills when they are on an outing, a casual or special outing.

                     What is the use of being a very rich man, an owner of several crores but becoming a miser in a particular situation where it is your normal courtesy that You have to show.

                             Despite such trivial experiences I overlooked them. Ajay was a live testimony to one of the most bitter experiences that he himself had undergone. He had talked about it several years back when we had been together in N-Delhi. But alas he is no more with me and as this matter I am narrating I miss him today and sixteen years past still tears spring into my eyes. He was like a Knight who would be always ready to help any woman in distress.

                          I stayed in the house of my brother Ajay who stayed in Prasad Nagar and it was a convenient option for executing my job. It took almost two years to finish the job and finally what we got was divided into two equal shares. He did not allow me to have even fifty thousand rupees as a gift for my hard work of going to several sorts of government offices an expert Mr. Dewan Sharma had been appointed and I had to visit his office as well. I had to go to Nav Nirman Bhavan situated at Sher Shah Suri Road, to Rehgar Pura, to South Patel Nagar and also Sharma’s office or residence too. ‘troubles come not alone but in battalions’ I believe Shakespeare wrote this line in one of his tragic plays. When after a strenuous hard work was completed he came jumping with greed for his full share and not allowing me even my personal expenses for transport and lunch and refreshment expenses. Still the relationship went on smoothly. I never asked him anything and he never thought about it anything. He would take for granted everything “ So what if he stayed so what if he spent. If he had his lunch in the vicinity of Nirman Bhavan that is not my problem. He had to “These had been the silent monologues going on in his mind”

                                Just have a look at their conduct. On the marriage of his second son the couple made us stay in Y.M.C.A. REST HOUSE, but made his in laws stay along with them. We had to walk all the way to reach to his flats.

 We two were senior citizens and they had not bothered to arrange even one vehicle to transport us to his flats. Yet we endured his careless attitude. The greatest Instance of indifference was endured by Ajay’s daughter and son-in-law who had gone to Mumbai but had to stay in a hotel. A firm negative impression was established in the couple’s mind and that was the reason of their total Refusal to have any sort of communication with them.

                One of the days when we were together he proposed having an ice-cream. Naturally it meant stepping into a good ice -cream parlour but what it meant just asking for some ice-cream cup from a vendor cum –store. There after one of the evenings he announced that we are going out for a dinner somewhere out. But he drove the car and lead us into a South-Indian Cafeteria and these eatables cannot be termed as a dinner. In Delhi too same things happened.

But he would growl loudly that he had been many times

Clearing the bills. It was like a lion roaring upon a small lamb,.

                       He had always crossing the boundaries of all decencies and he never behaved like a younger brother. My son scoffed upon me for compromising with Him and many times he would be angry upon me for Maintaining cordial relations with so wild and uncouth brother not worth even addressing him a “brother.”

Just browse into what my son Anish wrote on the mobile:

“Do not spend time energy and your precious thoughts for people with negative thoughts words and action they are compelling you get retrograde and step down in

Life..Positive attitude growth hither and negative attitude sucks you in non-confident existence.”

               He had been bombarding upon me as wildly as it

Could be possible. Any person does not change in his conduct in which ever city one lives. Someone  living in N-Delhi and let us imagine that he has got settled in Austin , States. Would a person become cultured and Cultivated in another country. No not at all. He may earn Large amount of dollars there and his standard of living May rise very high, but his fundamental traits will remain

What it already is. He became a younger brother only when we happened to pay a visit in a South Café or a high level restaurant. He is quite stingy fellow and feels he is the cleverest person, who makes his brothers pay the bill If it is possible. On several occasions he was in Bangalore and he went for outings with Vinod, my son.

He is just like his own sons but he made him spend. This sort of mannerism is not representing Indian culture. He would stand aside with his hands in his pockets he is the Richest of all the brothers but he would not pay a small bill. We just went on enduring his whimsical economy.

                         Narendra with his wife Chandrika had gone to Austin to stay with their son, Anish. He did not Invite us to come and stay with his son, who is an eminent surgeon, but he complained that our son had Not invited them. These are the heights of paradoxical matters.  It was a sort of encroachment but not an alignment.

Anish could see the undercurrent of sheer hypocrisy and

falsity of this relationship. Some people assume that jealousy will creep in these people.

 As a student he had asked him to help him with some money and he easily forgot this obligation when eight hundred in those years are equal to ten thousand Indian Rupees today. He never thought of returning this money and almost the whole life is lost. He took this as quite fine as an elder brother must help a younger brother financially. This is a summit of teasing irrationality.

                    He had not invited us to his son’s residence perhaps believing our presence will cast an evil eye on the affluent state of his son. But he expected himself to be invited by my son. It is an axiomatic relationship of Domestic diplomacy.

                He became a face-book friend but he went on Finding faults with my writings. I got appreciation from Several literary figures but his adverse criticism never Ever ceased. Were all the scholars appreciating the literary creations just to praise me? I would not mention Who are those. Many learned scholars have loved my writings such readers are there in all around the world.

He went on advancing on the steps of countless accusations. His last remark was absolutely a height of Nastiness and it amounted to challenging my thirty-five Years teaching experience, a doctorate degree, thirty-six Research papers and all the five books composed till now. Everything is useless that I have done.   I had been Teaching boys and girls at post-graduate level and it had not been teaching them. This is all bloody hell.

                     After full assessment of this conflict that had Been erupting since our days of boyhood when rude conduct began. He had no qualms of any sort.

                     He is suffering from unusual  feelings of mental giddiness that this simple person has become an Eminent philosopher and his mental zone is not ready to Accept it. Has he really become a stalwart of high levels of thinking? His eyes cannot digest and that is why he seems to have become a ‘barking street dog’ who only Wastes his all saved energies. He quipped in total madness: ‘you better stop thinking that you are some big

 Person.’ This was nothing but a reflection of his self assessment of his intellectual level.

                    One who looks at the moon and spits on it.

Is the moon hurt or the one who spits at upon it. The Moon goes on doing his job.

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