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"What's your real name?"



It was cold. Not freezing exactly, but the kind of cold that seems harmless, but seeps into your pores into your soul. Walking through the forest, I look around. It was foreboding, and bone chilling. Shadows grabbed for my feet, and the lure hatred radiating from the dead trees made me shiver.

Let me start from the beginning. Or what I know the beginning is. I really don't know how I got here. All I remember is my name, and that I need to find someone. I don't even know who I'm supposed to find, but I know I need to. It's really dark. I must've walked for hours on end, looking for anything, when finally I found a small village of sorts. As I walked down towards the village square, I came across a young woman, about twenty or so. I quickly walked faster to catch up to her. I called out to try and get her to turn around from the well she was pulling water from.

She turned around, and looked curiously at me. Suddenly a little girl emerged from the folds of her skirts. I looked down at her and smiled. The woman continued looking at me, then finally opened her mouth to talk.

"Who are you?", she asked. I looked at her, wondering if I could trust her, but I really had no choice. "Margot." She stopped looking at me curiously, and grabbed my arm.

"You....You need to come with me. You are destined to defeat this horrid darkness that overtook our land. Trust nobody else here. I am one of the only few Pures left."

I looked at her, and immediately came to the conclusion she was insane.

My natural reaction was that she was scared, so I said

"Alright...Did you take some kind of medication, or drink some bad water?"

She looked at me and rolled her eyes. Then she smacked her forehead.

"Of course you wouldn't believe me! You came out of the woods just now, didn't you?"

I looked at her and hesitantly said yes.

"What do you know about that?", I asked her.

"I can explain everything. Just follow me. Please.", she said. Then she turned on her heel and walked with purpose toward a house on a green hill to the left, away from all the other dark and gloomy houses. I decided I had no choice but to follow her.

Once we reached the house, the little girl took a grimy key out of the pocket sewn into her patchwork skirt.

We went inside, and I looked around. The room was mostly empty except for a tiny kitchen, and a bright window above it. A table was to the right of us, and two bunk beds with a hammock above them was in a corner to the left. The light shone happily into the small cottage, and made everything seem more cheerful.

The woman gestured for me to come sit at the table with her and her child. Once I sat down, she began to talk.

"You must be so confused right now. You woke in the Grimm woods, and nothing there is Pure. Oh my, you don't even know what Purity is! Allow me to explain. Pures are the ones who still worship the light and happiness. If you were to go down into that village, you would see people, but at the moment they are nothing but empty shells of humans. Some were lured by the devil himself into the Darkness, but most gave up all hope. If they saw you, with your bright Purity and soul, the most dangerous ones would turn into the very thing you fear with all your heart. The regular ones would turn into terrifying demons from the Underworld, with the sole purpose of killing you and sucking all the Purity out of you.", the woman said, shaking her head sadly.

She was about to continue, but I held up my hand to signal her to stop. I brought my eyes up from my clasped hands on the table.

"This may all be new to me, but I wasn't born yesterday. If these things are so dangerous and scary, how have they not killed you yet?"

The woman seemed startled by my question. Then she looked at her hands on her lap.

"I was stubborn. My mother built this house by hand, and she died here with the wish for me to continue living here if it's the last thing I do. I preformed a spell around the cottage, and it keeps them away. We never go out except for water occasionally, but other than that, I contour up food, and we eat that."

I look at her angrily. Who was she to say I was the one to kill these things, when she was a coward.

She seems to realize I was angry.

"Wait, I didn't really mean to say it like that. You must understand right? Please. Try to understand."

I stand up in a fury, and knock over the chair on my way. This complete stranger was asking me to risk my life, while she stayed in her hidey-hole, safe and relaxed.

I walked furiously to the door. As I opened it, she said something.

"Margot. It was her dying wish. She could have said anything, but she said to stay, to wait for you. Your name means bringer of light.", she said, and there were tears in her eyes.

I understood, but that didn't change anything. I was too angry. I walked out the door, not looking back.

I was at the bottom of the gloomy village, and waited.

"LOOK AT ME DEMONS! WHAT? SCARED! COME GET ME!", I yelled down the empty roads.

Suddenly I heard the most bloodc curdling screech of pain and fury. A demon with red eyes and a drooping face, with black mist all around it, ascended from the sky. More and more came down, until there were at least seventy spirling down to me.

AL of I sudden, I felt immense joy, and the demons screamed out in pain, a bright light flashed, and I saw a boy about my age standing across from me. He smiled at me sadly, and a name flew into my head.


"I'm sorry. It's not your time yet."


When I woke up, I was in one of the bunk beds in the cottage. And I knew.

I had to learn my past.

*(Pt 2??????)*

March 24, 2022 21:34

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