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Fantasy Happy

   I lift my head from the deep water as my soul lifts from void into existence. The water is cool, but the air is warm despite the gaze of the night. I begin towards the shore, my white gown just barely trying to pull me back with the tide.

   As I grow closer to the beach, I see six figures facing me from the land, causing me to stop in my tracks. Small waves lick at my legs. I feel the water begin to change direction, forcing me forward, pulling my dress closer to the coast. Wind begins to blow behind me, encouraging my trek. 

   I reach the shore, stepping onto land for the first time. The once-shadowed figures now stand close enough to make out their faces. A bright light flashes in the distance, silhouetting them mysteriously for less than a second.

   Where did that come from? The earth? The sky? Fear creeps into my heart as I wonder at the power of these people. Who are they? What more can they do? The sun begins to rise as I reach them, now standing only a few feet away.

   “Who are you?” One of the figures asks. She’s short, her hair and clothes adorned with flowers, and her voice is warm. “Are you another child of the Titans? A sister perhaps?”

   “I don’t know.” I respond, a bit shyly.

   “Who are your parents then?” A colder voice demands. She is tall, robed in elegance, gold embroidery trailing all around.

   “I was born of the sea and it’s foam.” I respond, trying my best to destroy any sort of nervousness remaining in my voice. I get the feeling this woman is not one to be trifled with.

   Out of the six, three are men, and they appear to be gawking at me. The last of the women, appearing small and frail, but conducting an air of authority around her, glares at each of the men in turn.

   “Have some sort of respect, for yourselves and for her.” She insights, before hitting the tallest of them across the head. “You most of all, Zeus, have some respect for your wife as well.”

   The tall authoritative woman is now facing away from the rest of the group, her arms crossed stubbornly. She must be Zeus’ wife. The brother cloaked in blacks and reds turns away respectfully, albeit a little too late.

   “Ma’am I didn’t mean to cause you any offense.” I try to plead.

   “No, no.” She dismisses. “My quarrel is not with you, it is not your fault you are beautiful. My husband simply does not understand the loyal nature of marriage, though I hope he’ll grow to one day.”

   The woman adorned with nature and blossoms takes my hand, kindly looking into my eyes with wonder, as though she can detect the very essence of my soul.

   “Welcome to the universe, my dear sister Aphrodite, goddess of beauty.” She whispers, just loud enough for everyone to hear. “You were not born of the titans, but rather their fall, and for that we shall forever love and adore you.”

   “We might as well name her goddess of love too if we’re just throwing around titles.” The tallest woman says bitterly.

   “A wonderful idea from Hera!” She responds, raising her whisper to an announcement. “Everyone, meet Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty!”

   Cheers arise from the group, and even a small clapping is given from Hera, which are only interrupted by the brother who appears to have scales growing through patches of his skin.

   “I told you we would receive a great gift from the ocean today! I told you standing on the beach would be worth the wait!” His cheery voice almost contradicts his gruff manor.

   One by one they introduce themselves. The man cloaked in darkness is Hades, the man covered in scales is Poseidon, the woman with the flowers is Demeter, and the frail but powerful woman is Hestia. They tell me they are the gods of this world, and that I am one of them. 

   The day is spent exploring the earth, the other gods showing me their favorite parts. They explain that Zeus killed their parents, the titans, because he was cruel and wanted all his children gone. They told me that their bodies fell into the sea and transformed into sea foam. This is how I am their sister. Born of the sea and the sea foam, I am technically a daughter of the Titans, and therefore one of the gods. 

   Poseidon tells me how he loves the water, and had a great feeling about visiting it. It took some convincing, but eventually he managed to get all the other gods to wait on the shore with him, staring out into the water. When I began to walk up, Zeus feared I might be a foe, and struck lightning behind them to see if I would be scared. It wasn’t until they all saw my face that they realized I am one of them.

   I look up, amazed by how the sun moves across the sky, always going, never ending. I am a goddess in a new world, and I know not yet how it works. Demeter leads me to a field, and shows me how she can make flowers bloom from nothingness.

   “That’s amazing.” I whisper.

   “Thank you.” She’s smiling proudly at her work. “I can’t wait to see what amazing things you can do as well.”

   I reach out and touch one of the flowers, and as I do its color grows more vibrant, it’s beauty transforming to be far less subtle. Demeter lets out a little giggle, happy with what I’ve done.

   “Now with your help I could have the most beautiful garden in the world.” She pronounces.

   As sunset arrives, I head back to the beach, and soon find myself lying in the sand. I watch as each star appears in the sky, beautifully, chaotically. I may have been born of the sea, but when I see the stars, I know where I belong.

March 05, 2021 19:53

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Cal Carson
21:51 Mar 10, 2021

Hi Isabelle, I'm from the critique circle. Great story you've got here. I'm a sucker for Greek mythology, read every book possible in the library. I especially loved the line, "the air is warm despite the gaze of the night." I love Aphrodite's wonder at the world and I think you capture it very well. I've got a few suggestions. 1. When the gods introduce themselves, I think you missed Hera and Zeus. 2. The descriptions and names of the gods are scattered throughout the story, it might make it easier for those who don't know mythology...


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