Funny High School Friendship

In 1978, Ohio High School, there was a teenager about 17 years old. His residence was about 5 meters from his school. A flat that only himself lived in which left him free from all distractions. He leaves and enters arbitrarily, and it is not uncommon for him to come home at 08: 00 PM. As usual, after a shower in the afternoon, I went out here and there with no clear purpose. An antisocial person, but feels that he is far more qualified than his peers who spend his days socializing, making groups play with certain characteristics, such as greasers, bands, jocks, to bullies. The indifferent teenager named Derf Booker, usually called Derf. An accomplished novelist who always wins competitions to compose stories. Only one weakness, namely drawing. Actually not, my friend. Deliberately prioritizing stories based on their imagination rather than illustrations that make people interested. In accordance with the personality that was held by him, the opinions of his friends really did not care about him. Derf is a picture of a nihilistic optimistic teenager who fights for the desires of his mind without thinking about what other people think about him. No matter how much his reputation at school ends up in the yearbook, not a popular student who is craved by women, or a class clown who always entertains his friends. Actually not that sarcasm either, my friend. The teenager is not someone who is sarcastic about the friendships, reputation, and desires of the average teenager at his age. On the contrary, it describes the wise nature that is far different from adolescents of his age which makes him look more mature. One fact that is contrary to all of that, Derf is very confident in what he does. You might think he's shy? Absolutely not! Is a hunched nerd not taking care of his appearance and active in class? Absolutely not! In fact, he looks very attractive with long hair slicked back very neatly, like a member of the punk rock band Boston. When appointed his history teacher, Mr Harold, about the importance of history, confidently said, "I don't know!".

Once upon a time, his only close friend who, from his appearance alone, seemed to have difficulty making any friends, it just so happened that Derf, who was indifferent about the reputation he thought was only a play which ended in the yearbook, accepted him regardless of Seth's nickname as "gay" not because of his sexual orientation. the real thing, but only his voice that was too "Tenor" as if he had not yet experienced puberty. Derf's shoulder height stated that he was being bullied by two Jocks who were laughing so hard with Seth's pleading act of help. "Look, strange people ask for help from freaks", said Dave. Dave is the most "strong" student they know only. "I don't know, it looks like the" gays "want to help us find new prey," said Kirk, who is one of the youngest members of the jock, but totally contradicts the "Jock" stereotype. A petite child who acts like a hero just because of that status. In fact, he is always behind and has never done bullying directly with his own muscles. Derf, who doesn't want to look for trouble and is less interested in raising his reputation just by fighting in front of his friends during lunch time in the cafeteria, the style of a bullying victim who defends himself and gets tackled by his friends, as well as an interested girl. to her. Truly depicts the timeless imagination of young men. The cold conditions at school made Derf even more sleepy and lazy to serve him. Immediately he opened the green locker and took out his textbooks, then returned to his small but very tidy flat. In the middle of his journey on foot, he met his girlfriend named Bridget. Very few people recognize him, and so does Derf. But as you know, Derf doesn't care about other people's opinions. Once he thinks it's good, he will do it. Bridget quickly stretched out her grip filled with a binder paper leaflet that was unlatched, then walked briskly away. Because it was so closed, no one noticed the existence of Derf's residence which was not far from his school. Surrounded by trees and beautiful green grass surrounded by forest, mediated by a small road. It is very difficult to describe the beauty of the place where he lives. The contents in the house are very narrow but very neatly arranged, it turns out that people seem to keep up with the times. Is a fan of Punk Rock, Metal, such as the Ramones, Guns n Roses, Boston, Badfinger, even solo musician such as Steven Bishop that really popular at that time. The difference with other fans, he is really deep into the music and lyrics, not imagining himself as part of their show. Really be yourself. Not just being yourself, but developing the abilities they have without thinking about the opinions of others, including their own parents. His parents are in Miami, a forensic expert who spends his time in the lab, and his mother takes care of Derf's 13-year-old sister, but is more naughty than Deref's friends. Arriving at the flat, as usual he sat in his study chair with a blank book which he used to write stories as his hobby. Unexpectedly, in between while he was doing several calisthenics movements. Calisthenics are muscle exercises to improve the quality of the strength of his muscles without using any object, without being seen by anyone, so that all his achievements can be kept secret, because he doesn't want to show it to anyone, let alone just attract the attention of his friends. Without realizing it, justu train much harder than the jocks who only do sports, and show it off to the people around him who indirectly have much less hunger than Derf. No one has yet realized that. All of Derf's actions were completely hidden. He opened a neatly rolled paper leaflet tied with makeshift rubber. It read: "Meet me in the hallway lockers 16-20, something important, at 8:00 pm, through the window." Short, dense and clear. It seems to be something important, but Derf still appreciates it. Indeed, one of the windows in the school cannot be locked, and there are cracks that can be climbed easily. The school situation at that time was definitely very quiet, of course Derf would really enjoy it. Right that night, Derf left without carrying anything, while walking along the streets of Ohio, which is very cold, about 2 degrees Fahrenheit. Indeed, it was December 12, exactly the day after the final assessment of the semester. So at that time at his school there was only preparation for a sports competition the next day. The cold red tiles that characterize every school are the first time he steps on them at night. There were already two members of the jocks who saw him that morning. Is Derf feeling scared? Absolutely not. Again, he was passive, not because he was embarrassed, anxious, or even afraid. However, basically, he doesn't like a lot of whims. However, something made him feel tense. Not his safety, but Seth, who was tied by the rope to be used for tomorrow's race, his mouth taped, was in a prone position, stepped on by a loser named "Kirk" while holding a knife aimed at Seth. Bridget was not in sight yet. But Derf had not had time to think about that. Although he seems indifferent, Derf actually has sympathy and empathy for oppressed people like Seth. At the same time, Derf wanted to maintain his attitude as someone who was less interested in getting attention and being seen as a champion. Realizing the unfavorable situation and no one else, Derf easily beat the two jocks who were acting as intimidating with one hit, because he only intended to save Seth. He left the two poor teenagers in pain. Derf realizes that Dave and Kirk just want to test who he really is, as well as his true nature. He thought the problem was over because he thought that was all they both wanted. Without realizing it, Bridget looked from behind and started to like Derf, but let him go first.

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