Jesus In The White Horse

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Sudden realizations rarely happen to us as they did to darling Saul on the road to Damascus. Yes, sometimes the lightning bolt of consciousness can hit us as we sit in a chair, contemplating why the devil has sent his evil creatures, his fakes, snakes, toys, and noise after us.

It came in the form of a flashback, sitting and doing that very thing which I just explained. Except, this flashback wasn't from this lifetime. It was one that took me 2000 years to the past.

The crowd was jeering at me. The people were devoid of technology. This was the first realization. The crowd was not jeering at me of their own free will, however.

Before me walked a beast of a man, waving his hands in the air, pointing at me, yelling at the crowd. This creature was black and horned. Bar that, he looked to be human. It was hard to focus on him, as every time I looked toward him, he lost his opaqueness and became transparent.

The crowd repeated his words, copying his actions. Every time they did this, the beast would throw a piece of silver. People would then turn on each other, scrabbling, for the piece of silver, becoming violent if they could not get this.

It reminded me of the gang stalking cruelties the one-world government enacts now on the most beautiful and precious of souls who deserve what the corrupt, criminal populace is receiving.

There was a burden on my back. It was ever so heavy. I dragged it, inch by inch, past the thriving mass of animals, who had been human mere moments before the arrival of the beast.

I looked at these people. My heart wept for them. I love each and every one. It was a shame about their actions. Their actions made me regret my decision to incarnate. I remembered I had been born to set all these slaves of the devil, free. The slaves didn't want their freedom, they wanted their perks. Despite all my words, my teachings, and the scripture, people did not understand.

My mind cast itself back to the evening before, where I had supped with my friends. I tried to impart the wisdom of the Father to them. They were always so stubborn, still seeing things in terms of the temporary. The only one of my disciples who understood anything was the woman whom I had loved. Even now, burdened by the weight, I smiled to myself as I thought of the new life we had created together. One day, the descendant of that child would be the medium for me to return to the world and judge humanity.

There was one friend that I did not smile about. I had warned him at the table what he would do. He denied it. In a show of fake friendship, he broke bread with me and dipped it at the same time as I. There was no joy when I saw the vision of him dangling on a branch in a field, his payment bloody as it fell from his hand. Just deserts.

All these people yelling at me had his spirit. They would do anything for money. Their reward, these slaves I came to free, would be the same as that so-called friend. It would be eternal death. It was their choice to follow the beast. They were free to choose. They were not, however, free of the eternal consequences of making that choice.

That was why I had been born. To give these people a choice.

I sat, here, in 2022, remembering all this. It stunned me as I began to comprehend who I was and my true purpose on the planet. I understood why I had come into contact with so many evil people. I was the judge. They were all up for sentencing. It was my Father, in heaven, who delivers the sentence.

I knew from past experience with my mother that I have the power to commute a sinner's spiritual sentence. That should have been a big clue to me at the time who I had been reborn as. Instead, I became distracted by the evil, one-world government, the Freemasons, the Illuminati, and chattel.

Why? Because they fear me. Their fear prompted them to act. They knew when the judge revealed themselves that their clock would start ticking down, regardless of what they do.

Last time I came to free the slaves from the devil. To pay for their sins.

This time, I came back to judge, not to be sacrificed. I came to judge what choices the people had made with the freedom I had purchased for them. My Father was specific. He said no more chances for people who had wasted the opportunity I had presented them in previous lives.

There were so many fake Christians, fake believers, and fake religions that to come in the way the Bible had said as anything but a metaphor, I would not have been able to judge them with any form of accuracy. I would have only seen their acts.

This is why I said the way you treat the least of my people is how you treat me. I came in disguised. I got to see everyone with their masks off. How better to judge a person with any form of accuracy than to give them someone vulnerable. You see who a person really is.

A good person would do the right thing by a vulnerable person. Evil people will group up on that person and bully them, stalk them, and oppress them. Even Christians are guilty of not following the word of my Father.

I will say this, after 49-years of being mistreated by so many people who say they are such good people, the judgment I will be delivering to my father is: Guilty. People aren't 'guilty' because I am punitive, as you well know. People convict themselves through their own actions. People are judged not only on their actions, but their thoughts, and motivations for their actions. A person is guilty of a sin if they do a good deed for someone, in order to make themselves look good, or place themselves in a place where they can manipulate a person.

The sentence: Eternal Death.

Anyone who wishes to appeal to me for a commuted sentence will need to demonstrate the kind of behaviour that will enable me to make that decision. Asking for it, you won't get it.



April 04, 2022 02:55

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Jeannette Miller
17:13 Apr 10, 2022

What an interesting and sad perspective. It's intriguing he ends it with "Love Jesus" when he has given up the one thing he's known for giving the most of, grace.


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