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The plans that I made to stay in for the weekend did not work out the way I thought they would. I imagined myself lying on my couch hair down, in pajamas, eating my favorite snacks, and crying to a ridiculous romantic movie. But, that imagery immediately faded away when I received a video call from my little sister Harmonica as I was leaving work Friday afternoon.

As I slide the green phone button that appeared on my phone to pick up the video call I pretended to be happy to hear from my spoiled little sister. "Hey, Harmonica how's it going?"

Harmonica (Hylie's little sister) shows her bright white teeth into the camera like a little child trying to show its parents their new front teeth.

"Hey, Hylie! What are you wearing to my bridal shower tomorrow?"

Before Hylie could answer the little voice in her head screamed shit 3 times per minute.

"Ugh, I don't know."

Hylie says in a jittery tone.

Harmonica rolls her eyes at the camera.

"What do you mean you don't know? Did you forget about your ONLY little sister's bridal shower?"

Hylie eyes pops out of her socket while replying "No! Of course not."

Harmonica stares at Hylie like a mother who knows when her child is telling a fib.

Hylie notices the devious look upon her sister's face so she had no choice but, to tell the truth.

"Ok, fine. I had other plans."

"What might that be?" Harmonica asks

"I was going to stay in this weekend and spend some alone time with myself. I haven't been able to do that with this crazy work schedule that I have."

"Ok, so you rather stay in and fuck yourself than come to my bridal shower?" Harmonica was known to have a mouth like a drunken sailor.

"I did not say that I was going to masturbate."

"Well, it sure as hell sounds like it to me. I need some alone time with me and my vagina."

"Ok, look Harmonica I'm not feeding into your bullshit. I'll come to your stupid bridal shower and pretend as I care."

"How about you stay home like you were planning on doing."

Harmonica puts her middle finger up then ends the video call.

Later on in the day, Hylie receives an disturbing phone call from her mother.


"What the hell is the matter with you?"


"Yes, this is your mother, who else would it be? Did you delete my contact out from your phone?"


"Then why are you asking rhetorical


"Mom, it's 10 p.m. why are you calling me so late?"

Hylie hears the flickering sound of a lighter through the phone.

"Ma, are you smoking again?"

"That's none of your business. Now, why aren't you coming to your little sister's bridal shower? You almost broke her heart into two."

"I never said that I wasn't going. I just mentioned that I had other plans."

"But, you knew that she wanted you there, why make other plans?"

"Mom, I need to rejuvenate. I haven't had the time to relax that's all but I'm still going to go because I know how much this means to her."

"You better come! Don't forget to buy a gift have a good night."

Hylie throws her phone across the room and lays her head down gently on her coffee table.

The next morning Hylie stands in the mirror that is in her bedroom as she takes the rollers out of her hair.

"Today should be pleasant." She says to herself softly.

After 30 mins of hesitation, she arrived at Harmonica's bridal shower.

Hylie and Harmonica's mother answered the door with a martini in her right hand while the left held the door open.

"Oh, look who took the cat out of the bag."

"Hello to you too mother."

"Come in, your sister isn't expecting you."

Hylie rolls her eyes at the sarcastic response that her mother said.

"Harmonica look who showed up?"

Harmonica spits out the water that she was drinking when she saw Hylie.

"Oh my God, I thought that you were going to bail on me."

"No, I bail out on you, there's no way."

"Quite the sarcasm you were never good at it," Harmonica says while rolling her eyes.

"Ladies, it's time to play some kinky games!!"

That crackling voice belonged to my sister's best friend, her name was Lo. Lo, and I got along for the most part but as far as the other half we pretty much hated each other for obvious reasons.

"Oh, wow Hylie. How's it going?"

"It's great. It's good to see you, Lo, it's been ages."

"Yeah, it has but I didn't miss you and I mean that in the kindest way possible."

"I don't know how that was kind but good to see you too."

Lo gives Hylie a fake smile and began to walk into the living room where the other guests are.

Lo clears her throat loudly to get everyone's attention to hear her speak.

"Now, I want to thank all of you for coming to my best friend's bridal shower. It seems like Harmonica and I was just playing in the sandbox daydreaming about our future husbands/weddings."

Harmonica pretends to wipe away the tears that haven't fallen out of her eyes.

Lo continues her ridiculously long speech.

"Now, I don't want to talk too much because God knows I will haha but honestly I don't know where I would be if you haven't decided to be my friend."

The guests start to applaud Lo as she finally ends her speech.

"Ok, enough of the tears. Let's play some games that your body would never forget."

Hylie whispers to herself "What kind of bridal shower is this?" Well, she tried to whisper but Lo's sister Kim heard Hylie and intended to answer her question.

"A ratchet one."

Hylie turns around and sees Kim. Kim had long blonde hair with blue eyes and the pink glittery dress that she wore glistened every time she moved.


"Yeah, it's me, Kim. Hey, how are you Hylie? Although I can't believe that you remember me I was Lo's weird little sister."

"Yeah, but the weird ones I always tend to remember."

"Oh, really whys that?"

"Because they are good to be around."

"Oh thanks, Hylie no wonder I've always liked you more than your sister."

"Yeah, so like I was saying what kind of bridal shower is this?"

"And I said a ratchet one haha."

"Lo said something about our bodies?"

"Yeah, and I thought I was the weird one."

Suddenly, Lo lays across the table as a random girl slurps tequila off of her bare stomach.

"I feel like I'm at a bachelor party," Hylie says to Kim.

"I think that's where this party is going."

"I could've stayed in for this."

"And do what?"

"Everything! They don't call it home sweet home for nothing."

"Well, I wish I was a homebody. I go to a club every night and show up to work late every morning."

"Oh, that sucks but at least you still have a job."

"Yeah, barely."

Harmonica comes out of nowhere and jumps on Hylie's back until they both hit the ground.

"What are you doing, Harmonica?"

"What does it look like? I'm enjoying my bridal shower"

Harmonica looks up and sees Kim slurping her drink loudly.

"Is it good, Kim?"

Kim lets out a nervous laugh.

Hylie picks herself up from the floor then gives Harmonica a hand.

"Well, I hope you two are having the time of your lives."

"Oh, yeah I enjoy seeing some random girl slurping tequila shots off of Lo's stomach."

"Big sis you have to live a little. Dinner is about to start so you might wanna let your crazy out now before it's too late."

July 24, 2021 22:10

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Tricia Shulist
20:17 Jul 30, 2021

Interesting story. Thanks for this.


Jade Orien🍀
14:49 Jul 31, 2021

Thank you. I didn't finish it. It was supposed to be a lot more interesting than that but I lost interest. But, thank you so much for liking it.❤


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