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Authors Note: Hello everyone! It’s been forever since I’ve posted I’ve just been super busy, unfortunately. How are you all doing? I hope you like this, I didn’t spend too much time on it, but I wanted to post something. I hope all of you are well and healthy. Enjoy!

My face pulled into a grimace as I rolled out of bed. I peered at the calendar on my wall. It was April 1st, my least favorite day of the year. I hate pranks. They seem unnecessary and just mess up your day. I made it my goal to avoid getting pranked. I geared up in a rain poncho to avoid getting sprayed by something, and an umbrella to shield me from getting dumped on by something. I carefully started up my car after checking for prank devices. I was slightly sweating through all my layers of clothing, but there was NO way I was taking them off. I rolled down the road with my head low, even though nobody was around. After about fifteen minutes I realized how stupid I must look. I straightened up slightly to turn into the printing press I worked at. After cautiously inspecting my normal parking spot, I pulled in. I briskly walked in and ignored the stares from my co-workers.

“Shelby why-,” one of them said. I held up a hand to silence him. I didn’t care what I looked like at the moment, I wasn’t going to be embarrassed this year. I set up a barrier with loose office supplies around my cubicle. People whispered as they passed by. They’re planning to prank me! I thought. I narrowed my eyes at them as they hurried past. I jumped at a knock on my door. My boss cleared his throat. I awkwardly smoothed my rain poncho and avoided his questioning glance.

“Your client will be here soon to go over paperwork with you, Shelby.”

“Okay, thanks Mr. Schultz,” I smiled. He nodded and walked away. Moments later, my client arrived. She was a stiff-looking lady with stick-straight hair and cold blue eyes. Her red lipstick looked intimidating as she spoke to me. I welcomed her in and she carefully stepped over the assorted boxes and bins around me. She sat down and introduced herself as Ms. Johnson. She judgingly looked me up and down and I tried hard to avoid her icy glare. We got into the paperwork and I began to relax. Maybe no one would prank me this year. The moment I thought that I heard rustling, and from natural reflexes, jumped up pointing scissors at the “prankster”. Ms. Johnson gasped loudly as I looked closely at the man who had entered.

“This is my husband,” she said, gritting her teeth.

“I- I’m so sorry.” I sat down, embarrassed.

“I want your manager!” she yelled.

“Okay Karen,” I whispered. Her face turned as red as her lipstick. After getting Mr. Schultz and explaining what happened, he pinched the bridge of his nose and looked at me.

“What has gotten into you, Shelby?” he asked. I sighed and quietly told him about my fear of getting pranked on April Fool’s Day. Everyone began laughing. Even Ms. And Mr. Johnson chuckled.

“What are you all laughing about!” I demanded to know. My client pulled out her smartphone and showed me the date. It read April 2nd. My face turned bright red and I quickly apologized to everyone. I glanced at all of the items around my office and knew instantly that I wouldn’t do anything like this ever again.

March 30, 2021 18:48

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19:23 Apr 30, 2021

Funny story. Ha! My only criticism is that I think you should tighten up some of the sentences. For instance, instead of “I geared up in a rain poncho to avoid getting sprayed by something, and an umbrella to shield me from getting dumped on by something.” write, “I wore a bright yellow rain poncho and carried my black umbrella to ensure no one could spray or dump anything on me.” Overall funny story though. 😂 As for a name. “April Fools Gold”?


✨Abby ✨
19:38 Apr 30, 2021

Thank you! I will be sure to work on that! And yes I love that title


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✨Abby ✨
18:51 Mar 30, 2021

Sorry, this is so short I only had a bit of time and really wanted to post something. What do u guys think for the title? The best suggestion wins!


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