Adventure Fantasy Mystery

Elyria and Koden have been best friends ever since Elyria was born. Over the years Elyria found out she had a special bond with Koden, and she kept a secret with him. At times when they were alone he'd change from a wolf into a man. He had fur that could change colors based on Elyria's moods. Everywhere Elyria went, he went with her. Koden always made sure that Elyria was happy; since she didn't have any other friends to play with. Sure, she talked with the other girls, but none really knew her. And she didn't really know them. One day, Elyria got yelled at by the owner of the Addison's Orphanage. Elyria was sitting on the couch reading happily with Koden lying curled up beside her. When Mrs. Arietta walked up to Elyria she tried to put on a smile, and she talked in a sweet voice, masking her true attitude.

"Elyria dear?"

"Yes, Mrs. Arietta?"

"Why is your uh...pet wolf lying on the couch?"

Elyria looked down at Koden who was snoozing happily with his head on her lap and she looked up at Mrs. Arietta again.

"He's keeping me warm while I read my book."

"Elyria you know the rules. No pets allowed on the couches. Not on my grounds."

"But Mrs. Arietta..."

"No buts. He should actually be outside with the other wolves."

"He can't because he-"

"Take him outside now or else I'll throw him out myself!"

Elyria's lip quivered and in one swift movement she jumped off the couch and ran upstairs to her room. She screamed as she slammed her bedroom door shut. When she sat on her bed she began to cry.

"What are we going to do Koden?"

Before he could answer there was a soft knock coming from the other side of the door. Elyria sniffed and wiped her eyes.

"Go away."

"It's me, Sydney."

Elyria looked up at the little girl who had her head peeking through the crack in the door.

"Sydney, why are you here?"

"Can I come in?"

Elyria looked down at Koden then and nodded, "As long as you tell no one about him."

"I would never."

Taking a seat next to her Sydney held her hand.

"Everything's going to be okay, you'll see."

"Thank you."

After a few minutes of talking Sydney went back to her own room for the night while Elyria got busy with brushing her hair.

"You almost ready Koden?"

Koden lifted his head off his paws to look up at Elyria.

"Yeah ten more minutes and I'll be rested up for our journey."

Elyria set down her brush, "Okay."

Walking over to her bed where her backpack rested she put her brush in and zipped it up. She pet the top of Koden's head and went over to the door with him.

"You ready? I've got everything."

Together they snuck out of the back door and crept low to the ground. Once they went into the tall bushes Elyria could stand straight again and Koden could walk on all four comfortably. It soon got dark outside and Elyria tried keeping calm. Deep in the forest now, they kept going. Koden made sure to not walk too fast for Elyria, for she had grown tired. A few minutes passed and Elyria dropped to her knees from walking so much. Koden felt tired too, but he wasn't ready to stop. He easily picked up Elyria and carried her on his back and kept going on.

Elyria woke that next morning to the sounds of birds singing and...was that water? Suddenly wide awake she jumped up and looked around to see where the sounds of water were coming from. She also didn't know where Koden was, and became worried.


The bushes moved a few feet away and she jumped.

"Elyria, over here."

Walking forward while keeping a sharp eye out for any signs of water or any tuft of fur that could be Koden, Elyria held back worry.

"Come out of hiding Koden."

No response came and Elyria stopped walking. Feeling a little uneasy that she couldn't sense Koden.

"Koden, where are you?"

Koden popped out of the bushes and tackled her to the ground gently and playfully. She laughed as he tickled her with his cold nose. After the tickle-attack was finished, Koden got off of Elyria and helped her up.

"There's a waterfall close by here, want to see it?"

Elyria nodded and she happily followed Koden over to where the sounds of water kept coming to their ears. She gasped as she then saw the most beautiful site that lasted before her. Lush green trees surrounded a big pond and the waterfall grand and beautiful. The water looked so pure and crystal-like, Elyria couldn't believe it.

"Koden, this is just...amazing."

Elyria jumped into the water and giggled. "C'mon Koden, this is fun!"

Koden sat himself on a rock right on the waters edge as he smiled, "Get that red dye out of your hair first."

Elyria ducked under the water after taking a deep breath and didn't resurface. Koden got up on all fours and he gazed at the water as if staring at it for long would make Elyria come up for air. No movement. Koden sighed loudly.

He took a few steps backwards then ran and jumped into the water. Diving under looking for Elyria he didn't notice that she had come up for air. She giggled as she continued to watch Koden look for her. When he came up for air he sighed.

"You scared me. I had almost though you drowned."

"I'm sorry. I saw sow thing shiny at the bottom and I wanted to grab it."

"Something shiny?"

"Yeah! At the bottom."

Elyria wanted to go back under and look for the shiny thing again, but Koden wouldn't let her. Instead, he got her mind off of it by splashing her, and she splashed back. Soon a splash war started between them and the day went on quickly. Elyria didn't want it to end.

As the night came they stopped playing in the pond. Koden hopped out and pulled Elyria's jacket out from her bag and carried it to her. When she hopped out he wrapped the jacket around her shoulders and had her sit down by her backpack. After shaking off his fur away from her he ran off into the trees. When he came back her eyes widened.

"How are you able to carry all of that?"


He grumbled as he set the logs down and made a huff sound as he began to arrange the wood pieces into a tipi. Somehow he was able to start a fire. Elyria could only state in wonder at how he was able to do that. He then cuddled up behind her for support and waited for her to fall asleep.

In the middle of the night Koden got up and walked over to the pond. As the waterfall ran quietly Koden took a deep breath and dived into the warm water. As he swam deeper and deeper he began to see spent thing shine under the moonlight in the sand. When he resurfaced he had a shiny necklace in between his teeth. As he got out of the pond he shook off his fur and then trotted back to Elyria where she still lay asleep. The fire helped him dry off faster and then he curled up against her to keep her warm. As he laid there he thought of how much he cares for her and knew she felt the same. Yes, they had an in-separable bond with each other. But was there more than that?

Koden reached over and grabbed his blanket that she had in her backpack and using his paws he bundled up the blanket, tucked the necklace under it, and rested his head comfortably. The warmth from the fire and the blanket along with Elyria's soft breathing helped him fall back asleep.

The next day came and passed as Elyria and Koden chased butterflies and played under the waterfall and took turns diving into the pond. As darkness fell signaling night had come again, Elyria helped Koden build another fire.

As they lay cuddled together by the fire Elyria couldn't help but feel as if they were being watched. After digging into her backpack she saw she had one granola bar left. She feared the wrapper off and broke it in half. One for her and one for Koden.

While they are a rustling sound in the bushes made them both jump. Koden began to growl and Elyria scooted closer to Koden and whispered softly to him.

"What is it?"


Just then, Elyria noticed that the rustling in the bushes revealed a big black animal, turning out to be a wild wolf. Elyria tried stopped Koden as he stood but he easily moved in front of her, guarding her. Sucking in a breath, the black wolf stepped closer, its huge claws scraping the earth as it bared its teeth. Elyria fought the urge to scream as she stared at the beast with wide eyes.

The beast lunged forward and Koden growled. The two wolves stood up on their hind legs and fought. Elyria screamed as the two wolves became locked in a battle and she couldn't do anything but watch helplessly. She wanted to pick up a rock and toss it at the beast but they resembled color so well that she became worried of hitting Koden. She soon began to cry as they fought on.

In a couple of minutes the fight was over for the beast had given up and went off pouting. Koden walked back to Elyria but something was off. His front right paw was hurt and he started to limp the more steps he took. Elyria gasped and went straight for her backpack to get some band aids. Pulling out a piece of gauze she knelt down in front of Koden and cleaned up his leg and wrapped it snug.

"I'm so sorry Koden."

He nudged her with his nose.

"Sorry for what my dear?"

"I-I'm sorry you got hurt. I should've been more brave to help you."

"No my dear, I'm glad you didn't. Brave or not, you would've gotten hurt and I didn't want that."


"Elyria look at me. My duty as your companion is to look after you. It is my duty to protect you and help you find out who you really are. You don't have to be a hero to prove anything to me. You've done enough with being my soulmate."

"I'm just so lost and confused Koden. What if I never figure out who I am? What then?"

"Then whatever happens, I'll still be by your side."

Elyria had gotten out a new blanket for Koden and she had him lie down and tucked it around him. As he lay there he watched Elyria get another cup of warm water and bring it back to him. She cleaned his wound again that night, hoping, praying that it would heal soon and he'd be okay. Together they cuddled up by the fire. The stars shine bright that night and the moon gave off an illuminating glow. They fell fast asleep, enjoying each other's warmth as the fire crackled and popped softly. Early in the morning Elyria started awake with a jolt as she saw that Koden wasn't lying curled up in his blanket next to her.


She looked to her right just as a soldier stepped out from the bushes. He froze when he saw her sitting there on the ground with a smoldering fire smoking a little and two blankets bunched up behind her together like a bed. There was a pencil and notepad lying next to her and he took notice of the pink backpack that had clothes rolled up in it, and a hairbrush that needed to be cleansed from all of the hair that was on it.

The soldier licked his lips as he put his hands up to Elyria showing that his hands were empty. He stepped closer to her as he watched her, frowning.

"Are you alone?"

She didn't answer him and he asked again, "Is anyone else here with you?"

Elyria stood up and eyed the soldier warily. "Where's Koden?"

He blinked.


"My wolf, Koden."

He shook his head as he kept frowning at her, "I'm sorry but I haven't seen any wolf around here. How about I take you to my home and we can get you all clean and warm with some food?"

"I need to find Koden."

Elyria paused for a second as she thought then knelt down and packed her things.

When Elyria stepped inside the castle walls, she couldn't help but stare in wonder.

"This is your home?"

"Yes ma'am," the soldier smiled.

"It's beautiful."

The soldier took Elyria to the kings throne. When they arrived in the grand room the soldier told Elyria to make herself feel at home while he went to get the king. While she waited she set her backpack down on the floor.

As soon as she set it down a clinking sound came from inside it.

Looming inside she found a beautiful necklace.

"Where did this come from?"

Just then the grand double doors opened and to Elyria's shock a tall wolf man walked towards her.

Why does he look so much like...?

"Hello Ms. Elyria."

She froze in shock. "Koden?"

The wolf man nodded as he smiled.

"I'm glad you're okay but...I thought you were just a wolf who could change colors based on my moods? I-I had no idea you could change into a man."

As he stepped closer to her she hugged him and then pulled away slowly and lifted up the necklace that rested in the palm of her hand. Koden turned his head to the side as he watched her reaction.

"I found this in the waters. This is the shiny thing you found the first night in the woods. After I grabbed it I saw the symbol and what it represented. You were supposed to find it."

"Me? Why?"

Koden shook his head. "Where are my manners? Let's get you a better jacket, you're shaking."

She gave him a soft smile as she nodded.

A guard then walked in and handed Elyria a beautiful red jacket with black buttons going down the front of it with a black collar.

"Oh my gosh. This is for me?"

Koden nodded as he smiled, "Fit for a princess."


"You're the lost princess."

Elyria stood there in silence and shock as Koden continued talking softly.

"You remember those nights when you'd wake up and tell me about your dreams of being a professional dancer in a palace and something more powerful? That something more powerful is having to do with that necklace you found and the crown that you kept looking at when we'd go on field trips."

Elyria ducked her head a little as she swept another glance at the golden crown with purple rhinestones and flowers on it sitting perfectly upon a red pillow next to the king's chair.

Koden continued to explain more.

"The necklace you found competes the crown. And you are the lost princess that has been found because if you weren't, you wouldn't have found the necklace in the first place. The only way I was able to see it buried in the sand was because of our connection."

Elyria ran everything through her head and thought of the crown and necklace and how they matched. She remembered telling Koden about her detailed dreams of wanting to be a dancer and knowing that she felt like she was supposed to be something more. She remembered everything. She blinked and looked at Koden.

"All of these years I've been protecting you and helping you find out who you are."

"You were pointing me in the right direction. You always said no normal parent would be able to adopt me."

"Yes and when you told me you were ready to leave that orphanage, I was more than happy to leave with you and continue guiding you."

"Why didn't you help point me in this direction earlier then?"

"Because I wanted to make sure you were ready, and it was because of my orders. Our bond wasn't made by you finding me when your foster parents stole you and raised you for your first years in the world. It was sown hint more powerful."

"What do you mean by orders?"

"Elyria my dear, my baby girl?"

She turned to look at who had just entered the room and her breath left her. She gaped when she saw a tall elderly man with a golden crown sitting atop his head, dressed in golden and red robes that reached the floor.

"Y-you're the king!"

The elderly man nodded and bowed to her, which she did in return. Walking up to her he wrapped his arms around her tight.

"Oh my dear, I have finally found you."

Koden made a soft grunt in respect which made the king chuckle as he looked to him.

"Koden found you, excuse me."

Koden smiled and faced Elyria once more. "Want one more hug before I change back into my normal wolf form?"

Elyria nodded and suddenly Koden glowed a soft blue-teal color. She giggled and wrapped her arms around his furry neck. He smiled and continue glowing as Elyria pulled away from him.

"Does it hurt?"

"Does what hurt sweetie?"

Elyria frowned, "When you change back and forth?"

"At first but did, yes. But now it only feels good like a release of presided. And my arm is okay too."

Changing back into his wolf man form he showed her and she hugged him tight. The bandage was still wrapped tight but he wasn't badly hurt anymore. He smoothed her hair on the top of her head and then slowly he knelt down and she knelt with him. Whispering into her ear as the king looked away, he smiled.

"Now you know who you are and where you belong."

Elyria frowned slightly.

"Even though I'm the found princess, will you still be by my side?"

Koden smiled wider with love and then he kissed the top of her head.

"Always and forever."

~The End~

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