Andrea was busy processing the client file that the manager ordered her to, and while she was checking that paper she could almost read, she caught the attention of one of the clients.

"Is it reasonable that it is, no no that is not possible, maybe the similarity of names is not only ."Andrea is united with himself.

Curiosity seized her and she preferred to check it out herself, so she got the client's full file.

"Sean Freddie , Sean Freddie."Andrea.

"Andrea, have you finished the list , I have to check it out and immediately."Johnson director.

Andrea was surprised, because she was looking for the client's name, but she couldn't find a picture of him in his file .

She is sure that she arranged the files and this client's file was not among them.

"Yes, sir, I see it now, but there's a file Not him image and I'm sure I'm not of received the client  ."Andrea.

"Who is he?."Johnson.

"Sean, Freddie!!!!!."Andrea.

"Uh, I forgot to tell you, I received him and talked to him and grabbed his file, two hours after you went, he came and put his entry file of Competition."Johnson.

"Do I keep the file with the rest of the files or not, sir."Andrea.

""Keep his file، he's a good client and we can take advantage of him.". Johnson.

"Yes, sir as you wish."Andrea.

Andrea works for an engineering company that receives project files for new engineers .

The foundation holds competitions for the best engineering design and is the supervisor of receiving and studying files .

Andrea Work in this institution for four years and even though she studied analytical geometry at the university, but had accepted the job.

She is also very beautiful, , her blue eyes and her silky black hair in a Western style made her look like a different girl, as long as she had a lot and a lot of fans.

"I think it's him, but I'm sure it's him."Andrea , talking to herself.

"Is something wrong Andrea."Sarah  her friend.

"No, no, it's just that I thought about whatever I had to do ."Andrea.

"Yeah, studying  piles of files, How did you get that hard work? ."Sarah.

"Stressful, it's my job and I love it, did I complain to you?."Andrea.

And as they chatted and discussed the files, someone bumped into her and said.

"Sorry miss I didn't mean it ."Collider.

"It's okay, nothing happened to me, thank you ."Andrea.

Andrea stopped talking to Sarah and went her imagination too far into high school and seemed to comb her memory in search of a face familiar to her imagination and already stumbl upon it .

"I knew it was him."Andrea.

Sarah was surprised by Andrea's behavior.

"Who is Andrea, seconds have passed and I'm talking to you and then you say to me, what are you talking about, who is he?."Sarah.

"Sean, Freddie."Andrea.

"Sean Freddy, who is he? ."Sarah.

"My biggest fan in high school , but I turned him down at the time, I didn't care about weird boys،  he was the biggest weirdo in high school ."Andrea.

"The biggest weirdo and the biggest Admire "Sarah.

"Yes, but he left later and his family changed residence to another city."Andrea.

"It sounds like an interesting story, I'd really like to hear it."Sarah .

"It was a really interesting story, but I'm not going to tell it to you now and our lunch date is almost over."Andrea.

Lunch break's over and they're all gone to  office.

While Andrea was doing the file transactions, a client stood in front of her office, he was a tall, blond-haired man with brown eyes who looked handsome and also gumption.

"Excuse me, miss, I brought you the rest of the file , my photos, your manager said they are necessary in the file."Sean, Freddie.

"Yeah, yeah, it's very essential also."Andrea.

"Something wrong, Miss."Sean.

"No, but have we met before."Andrea.

"We met, yes, just when I bumped into you in the lobby."Sean.

"I don't mean the story of the collision."Andrea is nervous.

"No, I've never seen you before and I think it's the first time I've seen you."Sean.

"It's Okay I seem to have confused you with someone I've known in the past, but it's not you."Andrea.

"You are really so beautiful and beautiful that anyone can admire you."Sean is smiling.

Andrea looked at Sean with great astonishment, but the office phone rang and I picked up the phone.

"Hello architecture office, we are at your service sir, yes we receive files by email and regular mail, Thank you sir."Andrea.

She turned around but couldn't find Sean.

Over time, and here is Andrea getting ready to go out and go home with Sarah were friends and companion in housing also.

"What's The problem Andrea , are you thinking about the person you told me about on the break."Sarah.

"Yeah, we talked to each other, but he denied knowing me."Andrea.

"deny knowing you, maybe it's not him and it's just the similarity of names and faces."Sarah .

"I don't think so, because he said Our famous phrase ."Andrea.

"Famous sentence, what's your story with him."Sarah.

"We were in our last year of high school, and Sean was our neighbor, he was very smart and taught well too, I admit he was always helping me with math lessons. But things changed later."Andrea.

"How you changed , you's are teenage friends where is the problem with that ."Sarah .

"When I refused to date him , he was my biggest fan in high school. Was following me everywhere, home, neighborhood, school, shops, purchase everywhere, and even when I went to my aunt followed me . My father had to file a stalking complaint to the police ."Andrea.

"And what happened then."Sarah.

"He left the city for another city together with his family."Andrea. 

"But since you were friends, I wouldn't have refused to date him."Sarah.

"I didn't care about it, and the death of my mother, the care of my younger siblings and the study took all my space at the time, when I refused."Andrea.

"And then what!!!!!!."Sarah.

"Nothing,I got high school and went to college , I was hired with you."Andrea.

"A pity indeed , after all the admiration, friendship and love deny knowing you only because you rejected him in your teens, it seems to have affected him a lot."Sarah.

"Yeah, apparently."Andrea.

"You should not pay attention to him, deny knowing him too."Sarah .

As they chatted, Andrea saw Sean at the door of their house with a bouquet of roses, and as soon as he saw them he waved his hand .

"Hello ."Sean is smiling.

"Hello. This is Sarah, my roommate and my girlfriend."Andrea.

"Hello, why did you deny knowing her."Sarah.

"I got nervous and I wasn't sure she knew me, I don't want to go to prison, I'm forbidden to approach her, and she's no longer a child."Sean.

"No, it was in the past, Sean, now we are adults, nothing like this will happen."Andrea .

Hugged Andrea, Sean a long hug..

"I really missed you. I'm sorry about what happened."Andrea.

"I'm sorry,I had to be patient, we were young and escorts my behavior was rude."Sean.

"Thank you for understanding, do we enter or stay standing here in front of the door, What do you think Sarah."Andrea.

"Of course , let's go in, I'm starving, who likes to eat pasta."Sarah .

"she will not believe the food she cooks."Andrea.

"Couldn't wait to taste it, I'll tell you my opinion ."Sean .

Everyone smiled and started Prepare the dining table .

February 19, 2021 13:06

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Paula Dennison
19:20 Mar 12, 2021

This a a cute story. I wanted to know what happened with Andrea and Sean Freddie at the end. Your idea and creativity for your story was very good. Your correct use of words need some work as well as the dialogues but you have some good material to start with that you have already written. You need to say She said, or He thought, She excitedly remarked and not just put the character's name at the end of the dialogue. Look at some fiction stories and see how dialogue is written. That may help you. I do that. Keep up the good work!


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R. K.
16:45 Feb 23, 2021

Good story. Maybe the next submission go through and proofread for typos/rewording? It increases readability and quality. Great story line though!


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