As soon as I woke up, my mind was clouded with dizzying thoughts.

It was my boyfriend Jared's birthday, and I'd forgotten to buy him a present.

I turned over in bed and checked my phone.

25 missed calls and 39 texts.

Another text.

'You obviously don't need me, I'm too ugly for you. There's no reason to live anymore.' it read.

'I love you, and you're hot babe, don't go crazy like that!' I replied.

'If you love me, why didn't you answer my calls?' came the reply.

'I was sleeping, Jared.' I answered.

'Excuses.' he retorted back.

I thought about just breaking up there and then, Jared could be so annoying sometimes. Forcing me to text him all the time despite “unimportant matters” such as sleeping. 

But then I thought of him crying in his bed, or silently shedding tears on the sofa, trying to watch TV even though he couldn't possibly pay attention to it. Eating a tub of ice cream that he was too depressed to even taste properly, and immediately, I pushed away that thought.

Jared just overreacted. No need to get frustrated over something so small.

'You want me to come over this evening?' I asked?

'As if you'd want to.' he sulked. 'But if you feel like it, sure. There isn't anything else I can do, it not like I have friends as you do.'

I put down my phone and got ready to go to the mall. The nearest one was a five-minute drive away. Although it was very convenient to reach, I decided not to go there, since it sold only expensive, and low-quality goods; something I'd never give to my boyfriend.

The second nearest mall was only 7 minutes farther, so I went there.

It was extremely large, so I spent the best part of an hour looking at romantic mugs, star maps, and rows and rows of fine chocolates.

Suddenly a voice called out to me.

‘Hey, Stella! What are you going here?' the voice asked.

It was my classmate, Steven. He was one grade below me, and one of the most popular boys in school.

'Hi Steven, I'm buying a present for Jared, I shouted back.

'You need a mans opinion?' he asked.

'Sure thanks.' I said as he walked over. 'Help me pick between these strawberry flavoured chocolate hearts and the limited edition chocolate raspberry truffles.'

'The strawberry hearts are too romantic, it almost sheds a flimsy light on the person who gives them. Buy the chocolate raspberry truffles, for one thing, they're limited edition, so they are way more exciting, for another, it'll probably taste better since strawberry chocolate here is usually too sweet.' Steven answered.

'Sure thanks!' I said. 'You're a pro at this.'

Just then, Jared walked up behind me.

'Caught in the act! I knew you were cheating on me!' he screamed. 'Why else would you be hanging out with some guy when I'm at home all alone waiting for you to find time to come see me.'

'I was picking out a present for you actually, and Steven here was helping me.' I said calmly.

'Stop lying, I'm just a toy to you, aren’t I' Jared exclaimed.

'Stop it, Jared. You're acting like a maniac!' Steven said.

The shouting matched then progressed into a full-scale fight. People were stopping to watch, some were even cheering.

Jared was a fan of boxing, so after a few minutes, Steven was already on the ground. Meanwhile, I just stood there, too scared to move.

The audience was already getting anxious the police had been called, and soon Jared and Steven were dragged apart.

After all that had happened, I broke up with Jared. 

He was controlling, and if I'd stayed with him, I don't know what would've happened to me.

Jared was sent to prison for 2 months for beating up Steven. Somehow, he still managed to contact some thugs that were friends of his. He sent them to kill Steven. He survived but was put into the witness protection program. The police faked his death, and he was sent to live in another city under a false name.

I thought I'd never see him again. Until today. He was in a café, as soon as he turned around and our eyes met, I knew it was him. The same blond hair, crooked smile, and brilliant green eyes. My mouth dropped wide open. He grinned and came over.

'Long time no see Stella. How have you been?' he said. My heart started thumping.

'Great!' I croaked out. 'I've missed you, Steven, as more than a classmate, even more than a friend. I love you.' I said.

'I love you too, and I have, ever since junior school' he replied. Then he kissed me, it was so sudden, but the second his soft warm lips pressed against mine, I felt victorious, like a missing part of me had finally been recovered. The wonderful moment lasted only a few seconds, but it was the best few seconds of my life.

After that day, we started dating, we loved each other, so after only three months, on a beautiful summer night, he proposed to me in a park, with millions of tiny beautiful stars as witnesses.

He got down on his knees. Took our a red box, and drew out the most beautiful diamond ring. It glistened in the darkness, like the spark of love. 

'I love you Stella, so will you do me the honour of making me the happiest man on earth by marrying me?' he asked.

'Yes!' I said. 'I love you, and I always will! There isn't a thing I'd rather do.'

He kissed me then, it was a long passionate kiss, after that, we made love, just there and then, under the stars, the wonderful beginning of our forever.

The marriage was grand, we said our wows on a beach, and sealed them with a kiss. All of our relatives and friends were there, and everything was perfect.

On our honeymoon, we decided to have a child, it would be a girl. She would have Steven's blond hair and my clear sea-blue eyes. And her name would be Maya.


This is how you came to the world Maya. You are our daughter, our bundle of joy. You are part of our forever, and we will always love you.

December 10, 2019 03:55

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