Fine. So see you later, at the meeting – said a kind of man in black , hanging out his phone with slow and methodically movements synchronically performed.

That man took his briefcase, and left the office he was working in, at exactly six o’clock in that hot summer afternoon. 

He took the elevator pressed the button to go upstairs, and stopped exactly in between the eight and ninth floor, using his optical sensors to achieve it.

He opened the emergency frame on the ceiling of the machine, and opened a secret compartment, where a ultraviolet light read his fingerprints .

On the.other side of that panel, the computerized control of the system, granted him permission to get in, opening a new passage on the concrete, that slided by means of artificial intelligence  included in the sensors hidden in the concrete walls that not only could record the happenings inside, but was able to literally feel and talk.

There, he was supposed to bend himself a little, as he was two meters and some centimeters tall.

But he unpredictably hot in that tiny room where three other men in black were waiting for him.

All of them, had the same face : short blonde hair, flared nose  freckles and a thin mouth in coordination with very slowly and mechanical moves , giving them the same speech, at the same time.

The recently arrived man in black joined the others, sitting on a sofa, next to another sliding door , in front of the other. 

- Good afternoon, - he said, bowing his head for the sliding door in front of him, where a dim light was showing up.

- Good afternoon – the others replied, all together, to the same sliding door in front of them.

There, it was repeating the action with every member that arrived to that meeting, adding four times for every one of them.

Suddenly the sliding door in front of them talked in a robotic manner voice.

- You are complete, there are no missing robots for this meeting - that metallic and robotic voice observed in accordance with some data In his chest pocket that had just gkywd in his system.

- Yes, we are, master – the four man in black were still bowing their heads to that sliding door but this time, some electric shock was released from their heads in the front sliding door direction, making the door opens.

From that door, a man looking like a robot wearing black suit came out. 

He looked exactly like the others, with the same short blonde hair, flared nose, freckles and mechanical moves, resembling himself.

But this time, this man did not have a mouth, just a cut opening instead, where the same robotic manner voice came out.

- In this work session – the robot mechanically raised his hand and so did the others, with the same speed and pace – we ate supposed to discuss the rights of the employees robots that have been infringed upon lately.

The others, kept in silence .

- And – the robot continued – we have to discuss the situation.of the deposed robots from their jobs during the last season. – he took a sheet of paper from a pocket he had in his left arm

- Our colleagues that I am going to mention right now, were the ones that were sacked and are vindicating : robot 123-A robot 123-b, robot 123- c , d, e,f,g,h,I,j,k,l,….

By that time, the other robots were falling asleep, nodding off heir head sleep, while trying to close their mouths in order not to fall.

The leader robot, the one without a mouth, and that could only be able to communicate by using metallic code deciphered as words , was looking at them, putting attention to their heads falling.

- that is absolutely unbearable! – he exclaimed, and opened his mouth at last.

But a huge bubble of gas came out of it.

The other robots, got really scared, opening their optical sensors and getting agitated, shaking their nut of the arms and head until it got loose and fall on the concrete floor .

The leader, totally absorbed in their reactions, started to laugh out loud.

And could not stop at the merely look of the situation: the other robots were disarming themselves, piece by piece mut by mut.

Every single part.

The leader, were revenged now, because of the disobedience of that other members.

Licking his nonexistent lips , he closed his nonexistent mouth and gloriously said :- Well, as I see that you do not have condition to attend this meeting due technical failure I will have to end it - sucking all the parts that were fallen on the floor including must and cables.

And he went back to the sliding door, without taking his optical sensors off the heads of the robots.

- I guess I have to take those heads with me - he argued, licking his nonexistent lips again and again.

But in that moment, he did not know that one of the heads was still working.

And recording everything, every single detail, including his robotic voice.

That watermelon head thought that would be nice to take some revenge.

And send the pic to all robotic social media, causing a big number of accesses in.just one hour : more than ten thousand million views ¡ ( can you.imagine that ¿)

Well, the thing is that that ridiculous gesture was taken to the legal robotic department in the robotic ministry- a sort of ministerial system that controlled the entire processing of all robots on duty.

The ministry, also wearing in black - just like the other ones working or not on the same planet.

- What is this ¿ - asked the prime minister wearing black , dazzled and really confused.

- Well, master, it seems to be that this robot has some malware installed so he is thoroughly crazy.

- I sent a memo to the technical ministry, and he simply did nothing ¡ this is another example of procrastination among robots.

- Should I call the robotic police ¿ 

- I do not think so

- I will call the technical ministry.

- But he never works. He is never in.

- No aay ¡ he will have to answer my call, as I am his supervisor  otherwise I am going to fire him ¡,a he said to his, let’s say  assistant, a blonde and girly robot that smelled like sew machine oil.

So he did it. 

He called the ministry.



Three times. 

But no one answered, even on the automatic call machine - or another robot on duty.

- What the hell is going on ¿ - he asked, pissed off.

At that same moment, he found out : the malware was pandemic, so, well robots were infected, including the ministry. 


August 17, 2020 23:44

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