No Bumps, Pal

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Western Fantasy Suspense

'Man, I could use a glass of water about now,' I said to myself in thought as I slowly rode into town. The town was just as bad it was out there in heat. 

There has been a drought throughout the country of Vesbrilos since I could remember. Vesbrilos has been struggling with water supply for the past few decades and this town is suffering as much as the next. I can't recall how many towns I've been to for money was as scarce as finding some water in these troubled times. 

Vesbrilos used to have lakes and rivers at all corners of the country but now it's all been dried up since the beginning of the Drought Era thirty years ago. Some of the towns have survived with the little water they got while others have died out of it. It's sad to see all of this especially when you have Water Bandits roaming across the country. 

As you would have asked it, Water Bandits are thiefs who take water supply whenever they get a chance to. Some get it for themselves or for their loved ones. I have dealt with such considering it pays with a good enough price but my main profession is being a bounty hunter. 

And not just any bounty hunter mind ya, for I was one of the spell gunslingers of Vesbrilos. We spell gunslingers have been trained by the Capital of Vesbrilos to be the protectors of all Vesbrilos out there. I have been one for the past twelve years and people have told me and others that I was the best of the best even my great mentor. A mentor who was like a father to me but has gone amissing. We spell gunslinger are swore to protect the society no matter what the cost. It's just too bad the Capital is now in flames thanks to the evil William Metrarchy who has seized control of the city and it's guardians. 

I escaped of course and live out my name as the bounty hunter name Jeb. It has been a month since Mister Metrarchy had attacked and I was just getting by making end's time while working undercover. I try to use less of my magic skill so no one wouldn't noticed. 

Anyways I finally arrived to this town's salon to grab something to drink and of course everyone from town was looking at me. From humans, to elves, to dwarfs, to orcs and to fairies; literally everyone from all ages was looking at me with disgust or displeasing look on their faces as I got off my blue scaled horsagon. 

A horsagon as you would have guessed it was part horse and part dragon which I named Scaleshoe. He and I have been comrades and companions since he was a little dragoony and when I started my training as a spell gunslinger. 

I gently pulled Scaleshoe to the nearby trough so he can have some water. Of course there was little to no water so I grabbed my canteen and gave him some water. He was extremely thrisy as much as I was so after giving him the rest of my water, I put my canteen away and proceed inside the salon. 

As I went through the front, the doors of course squeaked and made that noticable noise when the two doors collided. Now everyone around the salon was looking at me. I used to hated when people would stare but after the years of training I just learned to ignore it. It was packed today and all of the tables and stolls were taken. I could see a table full of dwarves playing with some knives as they played a card game from the right side. Meanwhile at a table nearest to the only way to and out of the salon, I saw elves braiding some ropes, one of them even making a hangman knot. 

As I approached the bar, I could see the table on my left were full of orcs being loud and obnoxious trying to get my attention. All of the stolls were taken by a variety of different races across the bar. 

The human barkeep meanwhile was waiting for me at the open end of the leftside of his bar. He was tapping his fingers unto the black marble surface as if I was an elder slowly making my way towards me. Once we were earshot from each other, he asks: "What can I get ya?"

I cleared my throat and then replied: "I'll take a glass of water please."

"Alright, one water coming right up," the barkeep said as he then proceeded to get my drink. After requesting water, the whole room seemed less noisy and a little more quiet. 

Once the barkeep gave me my water, I grabbed my change out of my jacket pocket and ask: "How much?"

"For the water, that will be two pieces of gold. Would there be anything else for you?"

"No, no thank you. Just water will do." I next give the barkeep three pieces of gold, one for tip. Then I grabbed my canteen and slowly put all of the water content into it. Just when I was about done, someone bumped into me causing me to drop it. The glass shattered as the water quickly dried up unto the wooden ground. I turn my head to see the orc who bumped into me chuckling as he stood there with his buddies at the table. I approach to him and asked: "Hey bud, what's the big idea?"

The room stopped whatever everyone was doing and looked towards my direction.

The orc laughed obnoxiously as well as his companions at their table did so. He then takes a deep breath before replying: "You're the big idea moron! Why not drink all of the water while you were at it?"

I replied calmly: "I'm saving it for the journey ahead. Plus it tastes better in my canteen than a glass. Keeps it more cool that way."

"Hey, wait a second here now," said the orc as he pulled out his monocole. He continues after placing it on his left eye, "Aren't you a spell gunslinger?"

Everyone in the salon begun to talk now. The orc must have saw my sigil pin on my bandana. This was the last thing I need and I would have to get rid of the pin soon after this confrontation. The next thing I did was took a deep breath and responded: "That doesn't matter. What matters is that I want an apology from you, orc."

"An apology!? For what, mysterious cowboy?" the orc said with a sarcastically tone.

I replied while clinging my hands trying to not lose my cool: "For bumping into me and spilling my water."

"Or what are you going to use my magic on me?" he asked me while making hand gesture. He even used the sparkle gesture when he said magic.

"Magic isn't just what I do," I confidently replied with a slight grin 

"Ooohh, I'm so scared..." he again said in sarcastically. He continue on: "Little big spell gunslinger knows more than just casting a spell on little old me."

He then proceeds to laugh as his buddies decided to join in. Before he knew it, I kicked in the gut and gave him a sky uppercut leaving him unconscious.

I lend forward and spoke as I slightly lifted my cowboy hat with a mischievous grin: "No bumps, pal."

The whole salon got completely quiet after doing so. Now I have done it and soon a bar fight will commence. If only I didn't lose my cool just there. My mentor always told me I was hot headed and I'm sure he wouldn't be pleased if he saw me now.

August 21, 2022 05:34

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