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May, 2022

Dear One,

        Time rolls along like waves lapping the shore…past, present, and future…somewhere, some when, lapping, moving in and out with the pull of the moon, and the rotation of the Earth. Thus, time moves on.

        Here you are having reached three quarters of a century in this life time so far. I suppose you cannot help but wonder if you will live on Earth for a whole century. The years ahead stretch out. You are a creature of hope. After all, you were born in the summer of 1946 in a little town in SW Arkansas, USA called Hope.

        Your maternal grandfather suspected you would live long. After all, he was over ninety when he shed his body and flew free. Remember what he told you just before he took flight. “Stay interested in things and make young friends.” You knew at the time that was excellent advice and you were only forty years old then. There was much yet for you to experience in the intervening years between then and now that you are seventy-five.

        In this lifetime, you have long been on the path of a seeker, a bringer of Light and Love to this world of planet Earth. This planet you call home is known across the Universe as a cosmic school of duality shaded by illusions. Stick to that path as seeker, Dear One, because it is your destiny to do so. Do not deny yourself the chance to fulfill this destiny. Yes, you’ve had challenges, and there will be many more, especially over the next ten years.  

        A Great Awakening is coming. Like many such awakenings in the past, it started small when you were much younger. Now at the place you and the world have reached, that awakening is quickening and swelling. Young people are struggling to see a future ahead. They are despondent, fearful, and highly stressed by the pain and chaos flooding around them from the pestilence of the covid-19 pandemic, hot wars, famine, glaciers melting, seas rising, permafrost thawing, millions of deaths, as well as the proliferation of dictators, greed, and hate. The young ones feel threatened at every turn. You, Dear One, understand these feelings. You accept and understand that the only sustainable way ahead is to hold the banner of Love and Light high and visible to all. You must be a bastion of Love and Light, standing firm, sending out seeds of love to all you know as long as you live through poems, stories, paintings, letters, and essays. That is the task before you now and in the future.

        At times, you may feel that the tides of hate, greed, fear, and lust for power are prevailing, but in the end, they shall not do so. Love, compassion, empathy, understanding, beauty, and truth shall prevail. Persevere, Dear One, leaning evermore into the Light.  Remember you are not alone. Remember the invisible world is a source for you to delve into, energize yourself, and rise up stronger than before. Yes, many will exit from Earth through death’s door before the gladsome day of Ultimate Balance arrives on this planet. You will bid farewell to many friends, allies, and loved ones. Be courageous. Trust Love and Light to carry you through the darkest of days. Indeed, Dear One, let your heart be filled with courage always to guide your actions and your words back to the beam of Light and Love. That is the way of Bringers of Light, a group of souls dedicated to helping humans in ways both great and small over the ages to become Self-Realized and bring balance to the people of Earth who so often in the past have wobbled on the teeter-totter of such dualities as love and hate, good and evil, light and dark, greed and equitable sharing, selfishness and selflessness, truth and lies, beauty and ugliness, freedom and enslavement, justice and injustice, and finally, understanding and ignorance. You, Dear One, chose your path as a Bringer of Light long ago. You have been striving to bring love, light, truth, beauty, freedom, justice, and understanding to the fore all the days of your life. You must continue to do so by practicing “Love always in all ways,” a principle you have made your own now. In fact, you have created a painting expressing that thought in English.

        By persevering in this practice daily, you will arrive at your one hundredth birthday seeing that the paradigm shift you often speak of now has come into being. Some time, as yet undetermined, after that milestone birthday, you will leave this cosmic school of Earth having fulfilled your role as a gatherer of Light and dispenser of Love, Truth, and Beauty through art, poetry, stories, and songs. You will leave a legacy for those who come behind you, and they will live on to build and maintain a sustainable world where Love, Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Cooperation, Responsibility, and Understanding are the pillars of civilization everywhere on Earth. Then, principles of the connective, entangled energies of the Universe will guide human choices in all spheres of life.

        Do you remember when you were much younger, in your early 30s and you wrote a poem reflecting on aging? As your future self, I reread that poem and remembered the hope you expressed. Here’s the poem.


Age creeps upon us uninvited

And we can wear her cloak

With grace and dignity

Or with anger, bitterness, and discord

The choice is ours.

I hope that when she creeps into my bones

I will not cry and I will not moan

But will pay homage to her

And listen well as she sings her song

Of tide and time that she knows so well.

As she weaves her spell

And her stories she does tell

I will learn to hum and sing along

Sharing what wisdom may have come

By rite of passage from youth to old age.

Who knows?

Who can tell?

I only hope.

That is all.

Dear One, I want you to know that from my perspective, you are aging gracefully and will continue to do so shining with Light. You have prepared well for the coming years, not crying or moaning or complaining. Nay, instead you have focused on following trails of learning as they appeared, all the while striving and succeeding in expanding your heart, mind, and spirit resulting in your growth in wisdom grounded in your ability to understand and your heart capacity to love. You are not done yet. So, shine on, shine on. Hope sustains you as it always has. Courage and Love live in your heart. Truly, as the I Ching says, “Perseverance furthers.” You are steeped in perseverance and understand taking the long view. You can and will fulfill your destiny as a Bringer of Light.

Love always in all ways,

Your Future Self

May 21, 2022 01:47

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