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        The Cursed Bed

Hi, my name is Ethan, and I'm 15. The story I'm about to tell you is really cool yet very scary.

It all started on the first day of summer break, I was very excited to finally stop going to school and doing homework. I thought my summer break was just going to be filled with playing video games, like always, and this is just how I liked it. but my summer break was way more different.

My parents had just walked into my room and had told me “Ethan guess what for 6 months we have been hiding this but we’re going to Hawaii for 1 week to see a haunted hotel!” I was psyched!

Two days later, we had arrived at the airport, we were in the airport about to board the plane I was so excited when entering the plane.

One 3-hour flight later, we had reached Hawaii. Thirty minutes after that, we checked out of the airport our regular hotel. I was so excited one day til now we were going to see the haunted hotel. 

Fast-forwarding to the next day, we arrived at the haunted hotel. There were still beds and rooms. And it didn't look haunted at all. But I knew for a fact that it was abandoned. Rats and cobwebs everywhere. They had to abandon the building due to damage beyond repair. Nowadays the leak would be fixed easily. But back in the 1800s, it was much harder.

Our tour guide was telling us the backstory of the way it had gotten abandoned. The owner of the hotel stole it and won the court case against his best friend. His best friend had gotten homeless and died of disease due to his only way of making money gone, and they say his ghost had started a gas leak to get revenge. The gas had killed over 50 people, and now the gas leak has been fixed. Some sketchy stuff still happens. We got to check out the lobby and we saw a skeleton there. I guess it was too dangerous to pick up all the dead bodies. Once we had finished the tour I wasn't that scared, but then we heard lightning strike very close by.

The doors had slammed “BAM!” the thunder was getting louder, and the lighting was getting stronger. I felt a shiver down my spine as I checked outside to see the roads practically flooded, I heard screams and rain. I saw the houses. They were completely fine. The wind was blowing away the trees, then when I looked back. The tour guide was just gone. My dad was so confused and so was I. While my mom was just scared, my dad said “We should go into one of the rooms and sleep in the morning the storm should be over” So we all took out our phones and turned on the flashlights and made our way towards the rooms. Then we just decided to sleep out the night, and hopefully, the storm would be over. But we were all super spooked about what happened to the tour guide, honestly, I just thought he had ditched us and walked away. But I didn't want to think about it much. 

As all of us were sleeping. I had woken up in the middle of the night. But I didn't know where I was. It was very futuristic, it was like I was in some other person's life. In the future, I thought it was a dream, so when I tried hurting myself or doing something that could wake me up, nothing was working. I was super stressed and was trying to get out of the situation. But I didn't notice I was in someone else’s life, this also meant they were in my life. I noticed there was a map in my hand and it said “ Map To Cursed Bed.”

The map also had instructions on how to get there. But also somehow had my name?! I was so confused. But I knew this would most likely be the bed I slept on, and this meant I could get back. It said that the bed was 50 miles away, and I had to go to this place called “Company  of Flying Aircrafts.” Somehow this map said it was the year 2222 but I thought it was only the year 2022. So that would have to explain the futuristic buildings. But I felt like I was running out of time so I zoomed over there. 3 long hours of running later, I was there. I saw a worker there and asked him “ This map shows my name and I’m meant to be here to get something” He looked shocked and stuttered. I was confused so I asked him what had happened. He said, “ That I was a living legend a couple of hundred years ago and he's scared because I should be dead.” A bunch of thoughts were going through my head. “ Does this mean I get famous? But what for- Wait does this mean I get back and I time travel? What is going on?” But then he had told me “ That his boss had told him to give you a Flying machine.” All I could say to myself was “WHAT?!” but I just stayed calm and asked where it was. He said to go right and go to a man in a Read T-shirt, so I went there and asked him. He said nothing and just gave me the keys and a manual. I read the manual and put the keys in the key slots, and flew to the next spot. The next spot was the cursed bed. I was a bit skeptical about going there because. It just felt a bit too easy. While I was thinking about this, I got to my destination.

Trust me I was completely correct. The amount of protection on that bed was insane. Guns, Lazers Guards, even tanks. I guess time travel and cursed beds are worth a lot so I went directly up 50 miles up made it stay in place, and then got a parachute. Then I had flown it directly down at full speed.  Then I jumped.

I honestly thought I had juked them and they thought I was still on the ship. But they didn't, they actually knew I was going for the beds. Lazers and bullets coming the way I just had to pray I could dodge them all and hopefully they miss the parachute. Then I jumped down and landed on the bed!! I was home!!  When I asked my mom what had happened. she said I was acting weird. so I told her the whole story. She was so confused and scared. But then it was just dead silent, and all she said was "let's go home." We lived happily ever after.


June 24, 2022 20:13

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