i didn't know start from where,

when senior school life finished , i decided go abroad college life by myself ,first , i feel very amazed and happy because this my first time without my parents beside me ,i don't feel lost direction because i feel many people around me .

then second degree , my friend and i have a problem communication and that time she decided back to her country , that is my best friend ,

then i busying myself i doing lots of homeworks , test to do so i miss communation with other friend , so people think me bored person

after that . i become insecure , i have lost so many friends and i didn't know again how to smile how to communaction with people properly at the right time , my result exam also bad and i think i'm very useless , everything that i do is all wrong

then , god realized me if my friends stay with me no mattter what happen nothing of this happen and i realized no matter what happen i have stay strong

Now , i become stronger and bcome better and better know how to search friends bceome better because of my experience i know already what to do if next happens the same


Its been so tiring we talk about work , its so tiring and painful , you have to stand hours and kindly serve costumers no matter how they react to you , its not me , who can kindly after people do bad things to me , and that time , suddenly think , money is so hard to earn and because of work , so i must keeep my emotion

and no matter your life miserable outside work don't think too much because it can disaster your work too

like me , i remember , that time , i have problem and i can't think professionally . i keep thinking my problem and the end it disaester work

so , what i meant is no matter how hard our life we can't depend our lives on others , because no one can understand , just you ,so keep it mind , no matter how hard our lives , we need to stay strong , its okay to not okay sometimes , but don't let it too long because your future is waiting you

September 01, 2019 14:42

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