The Betrayal Of The Besties

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Just yesterday it seemed like my Mommy and Daddo were dropping me off at my first day of preschool and today is my first day of being one of the bosses of the high-school, a senior!

I walked into the doors of the school with my best friend, Avri, right by my side. Everyone stared at us when we walked in, after all, Avri was top of the class! Best grades in the grade!

Principal’s list!

Science Olympiad!

Robotics team captain!

4th-11th grade spelling bee champion!

Chess-team captain!

Skipped 2-grade levels, she’s supposed to be in 10th grade!


And best of all, a perfect score on the PSAT test!

I did pretty well myself, I only missed a few questions… 

...Okay, maybe too many questions, but at least I still passed and I am now eligible to get into college to follow my dreams to be a Zoologist!

As we continued to walk down the hallway, Avri demanded we stopped at the counseling office so she could see which scholarships were available, she wanted to be a Plastic Surgeon.

We quickly got out of there and headed to our new lockers (of which were right beside each other) and we got our schedules out. 

“Where are you headed to first?” Avri asked me. 

I anxiously pulled my schedule out of my folder and said, “Mrs. Largosh’s English class.”

Avri already had her schedule out and screamed with excitement saying, “Brittney, This is awesome! We get to be together for our first-period class!”

I put a really big cheesy smile on my face, got my English supplies out, waited for Avri, and we headed to English. 

Our first assignment in Mrs. Largosh’s English class was to write a 1,000-2,000 word essay about either George Washington or the Declaration of Independence, we got to choose; I chose to write about George Washington. 

I had always loved writing, and I still do. Avri & Mrs. Largosh tells me all the time that I should be a novelist or a writer. I always tell them no and for some reason go write a story to calm down, because I get quite worked up when people tell me that I should do this instead of that and my idea won’t be a good idea, even though that’s not the total situation. 

Our second period was also the same, calculus. This year we had the kindest teacher in the world, Ms. Turtalle. She was about 20 years old, skipped 3-grade levels, looked literally as skinny as a twig, smelled like she just took a bath in lavender after she had walked through a flower garden, and was the smartest woman I knew beside Avri. 

“Okay, class.” Ms. Turtalle said kindly, “please go to my shelf and grab a calculus workbook and a calculus textbook. Please, please, please! Do not lose anything I give to you. What am I forgetting?!”

A fat kid sitting slumped over in the back suddenly called out, “You are so dumb! We can’t do math without a calculator!”

Ms. Turtalle gave him the eyebrows and screamed somewhat quietly, “Go to the office and please never return to my classroom ever again!”

The plump kid left the room and she resumed talking to us as if she had no interruptions. 

The bell rang and this is where it got sad, Avri had to go to art class while I had to go to Social studies. 

I walked to Mr. Squigglesworth’s Social Studies room and when I walked in there, the meanest girl in the whole school, Sienna Lingoparsh, was sitting right beside the only open seat.

“Hello, Sienna,” I said kindly screaming inside as I sat down. “How are you to-.”

She cut me off, “I am doing just fine, and you.” She laughed stupidly and continued, “Why aren’t you in the dumb kids’ room? The last time I checked you were quite, well… un-smart… below average… has a learning disability...needs help even walking because walls are somehow like, well… ghosts to her, invisible!”

I somehow managed to not say anything to her, but I sure didn’t have any learning disability, I wasn’t un-smart, I wasn’t below average, and I could clearly see walls. I’m not the one with glasses and braces, Sienna was! The bell rang, Mr. Squigglesworth stepped up to the front of the classroom and took attendance. When he called Sienna’s name he pronounced it wrong and she threw a total “dumb-girl”, “sassy-girl”, or “I always get my way” fit. 

“Ms. Sienna!” He called out very loudly & pronounced it correctly, “Stand up, right now! Walk yourself to that desk in the back and you can learn from there!”

She listened to him but stomped to the desk in the back of the room. 

The forty-five minute class period soon ended and Avri went to Social Studies while I went to art. 

I was very artistic, there were also some very artistic people in my art class. Today we had to sketch our favorite animals out on a piece of grid paper after we printed a picture out of the printer, of course, I picked the koala! That class went by very quickly and as I was walking to my locker once again, I saw a REAL VSCO GIRL.

I giggled real quickly trying not to express my funny butterfly feelings, as did other pupils. 

I got to my locker and I checked my schedule, next was-

Avri walked to her locker and said, “Hey, Brittney! What’s your next class?”

“The wonderful world of reading with Mrs. Martinika, where are you off to, Ave?” I asked her anxiously. 

She ripped her schedule out of her practice-pages and said, Oooh! I’m also going to reading class!”

We pulled our books supplies out of our lockers and headed to Mrs. Martinika’s classroom. 

We sat down, and of course, Sierra was sitting in the back of the class sitting there like the smart and peppy girl she obviously wasn’t. 

“Attention, class!” Mrs. Martinika said in her Swedish accent,” I am your new reading teacher, so hello everyone!” We all said hello back to her and she told us a little about herself, “I am 24 years old, I was born in Sweden, my brother & my parents & I all immigrated here about ten years ago, actually to this very day, my favorite food is Swedish fish, and I hate Swiss cheese.“

Everyone clapped and everybody had to tell the class a little about themselves. The class soon ended and it was time to eat lunch. 

“Are you eating healthy there?” Avri asked Raya, one of our other friends. 

Raya jerked her head up quickly with her mouth stuffed full with lettuce, tomatoes, grapes, cucumbers, and strawberries and said, “Oh, no! What makes you think that I’m eating healthy?”

I looked at her organic lunch tray and said, “Maybe with the fact that everything on your lunch tray is either a fruit, vegetable, or, well… organic!”

Raya laughed and snorted, of which that made us all laugh and snort too!

Lunch quickly ended and for the rest of the day, Avri and I didn’t have any more classes with each other. I guess that’s what happens when your BFF is above average, AKA super smart!

The final class period of the day ended and when I was walking to my locker, I saw Sienna and Avri walking together, talking together, and the worse of all they were laughing together. From that ‘scene’ I kind of died inside a little bit, I know that Avri absolutely hates

Sienna and I know Sienna hates Avri! I got behind them and got my phone out to be that creep that records what people say. 

These are the hurtful words that they said:

Sienna: “Brittney is such a jerk! Today in Social Studies  she just sat down right beside me and tried to take the spotlight from me!”

Avri: “Ummm, that didn’t happen. I know that you are lying because you got written up for being a total… jerk… to Brittney. I’ve known Brittney all of my life and I know that she definitely would never lie to me.”

Sienna: “How are you even in a friendship with that total weirdo?!”

Avri: “Don’t call her that! I know that she might be a little on the un-smart side, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can call her those words.”

Sienna: “Oh, and like your words are the nicest that have ever been said! By the way, you should really start hanging out with my friends and me! Get away from that super stupid Brittney.”

Avri: “Okay, I might consider hanging out with you and your super cool girlfriends.”

I walked up behind the two girls and I said, “Avri! I have trusted you for a long time, why in the world did you talk behind my back like that?”

Avri ignored me and she & Sienna ran away down the hallway as I stood there, embarrassed as a small tear rushed slowly down my wan face, covered up with blush. 

I speed walked to my locker ignoring and packed up my homework and book bag trying so hard to ignore Avri and Sienna’s annoying conversation. I closed my locker slowly, trying not to let my anger take over, and I walked down the hallway extra fast. 

I was supposed to walk home with Avri, but no. Once I got home, my Sphynx cat, Calvino (Her name means bald one) was sitting right by the door as if she wanted to go outside like a dog.  

“Hello, Calvino,” I said wiping the tears from my bright blue eyes. “Where is Mommy?”

Calvino meowed and my Mommy pulled into the garage with her brand new Cadillac. 

She walked into the house and I had put all of my stuff away, I was holding Calvino, and I had stopped crying. 

“Hello, my little senior.” My mom said walking over to me to kiss me on the forehead, “How was school today?” I played the recording of Avri and Sienna and she said, “Oh, honey… just because one or two people said something unkind about you certainly doesn’t mean it’s true. .” I nodded my head and Calvino jumped out of my arms. My Mommy gave me a big open-armed hug and made me feel better, at least there were only two more days left in the week, today was Wednesday. 

“Oh, I,” I said feeling alarmed, “I have gymnastics practice at 5:30, I better go get ready for my gymnastics lesson.”

I turned around and walked up the stairs with my bookbag and my Mommy said with her hand on her hip, “Today isn’t Monday, It’s Wednesday.”

I turned around on one foot, half humiliated. 

For the rest of the night, I did what a normal teenage girl would do. Watch YouTube, do DIYs, and homework!

The rest of my senior year got a little better and a little worse, by better I mean Avri started to be nicer to me. By worse, I mean that by the fact that Sierra continued to be mean and nasty to me and other students.

The year had gone by very fast and before I knew it, it was the day before graduation! My Mommy and my Granny all went shopping together for my high-school graduation, we had lots of fun and best of all, I found an outfit!

That day also flew past like a hurricane being swept past by a giant tornado, fast! Before I knew it I woke up again, got ready for the big day, and was at school standing on the stage of the auditorium, and receiving my high-school diploma! My Mommy, all of my grandparents, and many other people were sitting in the audience, clapping. As I stood on the stage, I saw someone I haven’t seen in years, my Dad! He was just coming back from the Navy, I sprinted off of the stage and hugged him as hard as I could.

After graduation, Sierra was kind to me and apologized for the years of being a jerk. Avri, surprisingly also apologized and I forgave her, she needed that and I really needed that too.

February 22, 2020 03:09

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