Christian Black Fiction

An african proverb had it that, what an elder sits down to see,even if a child climbs the tallest mountain In the whole world he or she cannot see it. The grey hairs of our elders are not for decoraion or for fancy. The importance of the informations, expiriences and words of wisdom stalked in those hairs cannot be over-emphasized. We should not always mourn for their death or the loophole created by their demise but for what they have died with which is capable of transforming the whole world if unvailed. Any man that grows without passing under the umbrella of grey hairs is equal to a house without a foundation. They can collapse any time wind blow or rain fall.

On one faithful morning, Mr Chika brought out his wooden chair which was specifically desiged for him by a carpenter to be sitting down. These chair was for him to welcome the non-living, bright and yellow creature which appaers unsual that very day. He was still standing when he heard the screeming of his wife inside house. Chika knowing the size and condition of his wife, immediately rushed in to know what the problem is. Getting in there, he dicovered that his wife is in labour. He quickly concluded that the unusaul appearance of that day sun is not for fancy. He immediately took her to maternity ward in the hospital that was a stone throw to their commmunity.

Our doctors as well as nurses deserve special gift annually for their diction of word when it comes to talking to their patients. In the hospital, Chika unknowingly was walking to and fro like a pendulum bulb swinged by a group of students in laboratory performing their practicals. He was clouded with great expectation. Suddenly, he was approached by a medical doctor with an out stretched hand acompanied by the sentence “congratulation sir, God is wonderfull”. Neglecting the compliment, he immediately asked the doctor “ how Is my wife?”. The doctor replied by saying “ she is very fine. Infact, she has just been delivered of a bouncing baby boy”. He immediately said "thank you doc. where are they? Can I see them ? I hope they are very healthy?" The doctor not knowing the one to answer first, celebratly led him to where his wife and new baby is . But on reaching there, what he saw suddenly changed the look that was on his face. The joy that overwelmed him before was no where to be found. A child with a skin colour defferent from his and that of his wife was before him. He managed to convey them back home. 

Immediately they got home, he left wihout letting anybody know where he is going. The wife being ingnorant of what is happening, happingly informed her mother-in-law and her own mother which said she will come as early as possibly the next day. She also informed the general manager of her working place which said that he will come the evening of the next day also. In few minutes time after she has finished making her calls, she discovered that her husband is not at home. She dailed his phone but no one responded. After several trials, she then decided to let the lying dog be. Late in the night in that very day, Chika came back and moved straight to his room without talking to anybody. The wife being aware of his presence immediately went and welcomed him. After their compliments, silence took over the scene which was broken by Chikas wife. She said “ horny, where have you been since?” but was replied by “ why have you been cheating on me since we got married?”. She said "what do you mean by that" but was replied by “who is the father to that child that is there?’’. After this two responses Chika's wife understood that his husband absence before was not for recreational activity only. She left the podium to meet her baby which was already crying. Chika picked his telephone and called his mother, mother-in-law , father-in-law including his beloved grand mother informing them that his wife has been cheating on him but the grand mother responeded differently from other by asking him series of question of which he left some unanswered.

Early morning the following day, Chika's mother–in-law arrived as she said. After seing the new baby, she then called her daughter and asked her some questions based on what her son-in-law told her. Her daughter told her that it is a false accusation. In the evening at the same day, the general manager also visited as he said. A couple of minutes after the general manager was welcomed, Chika entered the room where he is sitting. His wife introduced her guest to him which have already passed his hand for exchange of pleasantries. Chika seeing the skin colour kept silent without accepting the man's gesture. He called for his mother-in-law which was in the kitchen preparing dinner for the family. When she came, Chika hastly said “ have you not known the truth now. This albino here is your daughters general manager and I'm sure he is the one that is responsible for that thing over there. The mother-in-law without second thought asked the man to leave the house. The general manager tried speaking but was kept short by the an unfriendly and well positioned slap that Chika passed to his face. He immediately finds his way back to where he came from. 

Bad news travels with the speed of light. I wonder how its speed do get to that extent. Five minutes after the general manager left, Chika's wife received a call from her father which started and ended with “ I trusted you. You are a disgraze to my family.” respectively. After the call from her father, her brothers, sisters and other relation both within and outside the country started calling her displaying their disappointment and distrust in her. After those calls, Chikas wife felt like not being part of this world again. Before three hours, she has already defecated three times. Her body shape changed. Joy in her face before was eroded. See her at that, no body will tell you that she is having any problem because confusion, bitterness and pains was written over her. Five hours later, she called all that have called her earlier trying to convince them but non gave her listening ear. All her beautiful and well organised words was irritating and like water poured on a stone to anybody she speaks to. There was no confortable place for her. She was thinking that everything is against her both living and non-living. Her bad state was exercerbated when her father called back telling her not to ever come to his home again for any reason and her husband told her that he is going to obtain divorce letter for her sign.

No matter how people might trample on the truth surely it must surface when its time comes. Early the next day, Chika went to law court to obtain a divorce letter. When he reached there, he was asked the reason he want a divorce letter. After explaining to the lawyer that probed for an explanation, he was told to go to hospital for DNA test that the problem might come from. He agreed and went to hospital and took the test but the result didn’t impress him. He decided to visit another hospital to confirm if the result he was holding is actually correct. Before going, he looked at his wrist watch to know if he should go or take it over to the next day. After checking, he discovered that the day has gone down. He then headed home. On his reaching home, he saw his grand mother which came without informing him. He dropped his bag greated her and was still discussing with her when his little daughter picked his bag that he kept on the floor. The daughter childishly emptied the content of the bag on the floor and quickly picked a paper that falls lastly. She was still with it when her mother came in. she collected it and was reading it when her husband forcefully snached it out of her hand. The grand mother told him to explain to tell her the content of the paper that made him to act in such a cruel, unfriendly and undisciplined manner. He told her of what is written on the paper and also made known to everyone in the room of his tommorrow intention. The grand mother laughed at him briefly before bringing every confusion into clarity. She told him that her husband's grand father is an albino and that the new baby is so because of that. At that moment, Chika remembering the way he has treated his wife so far became speechless. He couldn’t apologise to his wife him alone but called his mother-in-law which have not gone back, to assist him in asking his wife for forgiveness. The mother-in-law also remembering her own side fell on her knees asking for forgiveness. Chikas grand mother seeeing what is happening joined the que. They all begged her till when she went to her husband and gave him an unforgettable kiss. Every issues was resolved and the family came back to life again

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