Treehouse Afternoon

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“Help!” screamed Mrs.Pie, “I think someone stole my green emerald!” 

Mrs. Pie is known around the neighborhood for her photographic memory, delicious pies, round and short body shape, her super nice personality, and the big green emerald necklace her husband gave to her on her last anniversary. The last anniversary. Her husband passed away due to heart attacks a few years ago. She never complained about anything, She liked to live a humble life, so her becoming frantic was big news for everyone. Jerry looked at Jackson. Jackson looked at Jerry. Silence. Then, Jerry broke the silence. It was too quiet for him. “Mrs.Pie never screams, she has a great memory, so………” Jerry’s eyes got wide. “Quick! To the treehouse!” The twins ran to their treehouse, which according to them was called, “The Watson Twins Hedquarters”. Spelt like the how it sounded, the twins misspelled the word headquarters. Back in the treehouse, the Watsons made a plan. “Let’s ask Mrs.Pie about where the emerald was last seen,” started Jackson, “Then investigate the area!” finished Jerry. The pair of twins meeted hands, and yelled, “I’m sure we can solve this case in no time!” Then each climbed down the rope ladder for the old neighbor interview, Jerry going first. 

Jackson knocked on the door and called, “Mrs.Pie? It’s us, Jackson and Jerry.” An old round lady with black rimmed glasses opened the door, “Jackson, my dear, and Jerry! So wonderful of you to come, now tell me, why are you here?” “We heard you crying about your lost green emerald, so we wanted to ask you some questions, if you don’t mind,” replied a twin. Mrs. Pie smiled, “Come on in! I have some pie baking in the oven, would you like some?” “Sure! I’d do anything to have a slice!” Jerry said, licking his lips. 

Jerry took out a notebook, “where was the necklace last seen?” he asked. “I remember putting it on the kitchen counter a few days ago, I didn’t want to get it dirty.” replied the old woman, thinking it through. “When did you notice the emerald missing?” “The next day, I think it  was July 6, but I’m not really sure. It’s been missing for a few days now.” After a few more minutes of old-woman Q and A, the oven dinged. Jerry smiled, “Yes! At last, the taste-bud-winning pie!” He ran into the kitchen, peeking inside of the oven to look at the snack. He quickly ran back, sat down again, and noticed he was a bit wrong. “It’s okay,” said Mrs. Pie, smiling, “my pies have this effect on people.” She took out the pastry, and the twins mouths started to water. They could almost taste the treat, melting in their mouth the moment they send it in. Mrs. Pie sliced a piece of pie, a big one for Jerry. She smiled and cut about the same size for Jackson. The Watsons wolfed down the pie, asking for more. That afternoon, they walked home with full stomachs, feeling happy about everything. Climbing up the ladder was not easy. They had to haul themselves up in order to get inside of their treehouse. “Okay, we have the answers to the most important questions, though we still need answers to some of the smaller questions.” The two wanted to find the emerald and get a taste of pie so bad, they decided to go back tomorrow and try to get possible fingerprints of the thief, if there was a thief. They drew an escape plan, in case the person that stole the necklace was still in the house. While they were in the treehouse, the two made a book.

Two superheroes save the day! 

It was just a normal day when, “Help! I lost my green emerald!” Screamed Mrs. Pie. Jackson and Jerry looked at each other and ripped their shirts down the chest, revealing a patch of manly hair and abbs. They ran to the house, trying to find the emerald. The heroes looked and looked, flipping over every table, and turning every drawer upside-down. “Look! I found it!” screamed Jackson.

Back to reality!

Jerry’s face was flushed with anger. “You can’t make the book all starring you!” he screamed, “It’s not like you’re the better looking!” Jackson sighed, “Fine, I’ll change it. 

                            Two superheroes save the day! Cont.

“Look! We found the emerald!” said the Watson twins, handing the emerald back to Mrs. Pie. She smiled, “I have some pie cooking in the oven, and a million dollars in the car, mind if I go get it?” 

“I hope we find the necklace tomorrow,” said Jackson. Just then, their sister called, “Scumbags, if you aren’t doing anything important, which I highly doubt, Mom has dinner on the table!” “Well, you’re wrong, as always!” screamed Jerry, “We’re busy using up all of your makeup and reading through your texts, you’re SO dead!” Their sister quickly ran to their treehouse, “Don’t you dare tell mom, or your future is nowhere in sight.” With that, she stormed back into the house. The twins had tried to keep a straight face, but now, they were doubled over laughing. It was a great afternoon in the tree house, probably one of the best.

The next day, the twins looked in and out of Mrs. Pie’s house, hoping to find the priceless jewelry. Finally, the boys found the jewel. They carried it to Mrs. Pie, who was busy weeding her garden. “Where did you two sweet boys find it?” “Mrs. Pie, I believe your photographic memory is starting to wear off, the necklace was in the garden, just a few feet away from here.” “Well, I know one thing for sure! I have some baked goods in the oven, mind if I go get it?” “Never!” The three spent the rest of the morning eating pie and telling stories. Which they all agreed Mrs. Pies was the best at. To Mrs. Pie, this was the best morning ever. Even if it wasn’t perfect.

July 17, 2020 20:52

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20:47 Jul 23, 2020

Thank you for reminding me! I will go to your stories as well!


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Jazz Minnelli
13:50 Jul 23, 2020

Amazing plot! I loved how everything flowed so well. However, I do think that you should also pay attention to the paragraphing. Great work! I'd love to know what you think about my stories as well, thanks! :)


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