Crime Sad Suspense

It was a rainy evening. Rain drops were pouring heavily on the earth. Harsh was travelling to his home. He was sitting near the window watching the rain. He was returning to his home after five years.

The rain reminds him of Reema.

He recalls how he used to dance in the rain with Reema.

'Hey, Harsh. It's raining outside. I am going to dance in the rain. Would you like to accompany me?' ,asked a voice knocking on the door.

Harsh opened the door and saw Reema there.

He looked at her furiously, held her hand and took her somewhere.

Reema was confused of Harsh's behaviour and was scared of him too.

Harsh took her to their apartment's terrace.

'Come, Let's dance, Reema.' ,said Harsh in a joyful voice as he started dancing in the rain.

Reema smiled with joy and started dancing with Harsh.

Suddenly, Harsh heard a voice.

'Excuse me, Sir. Please be ready with your luggage. We will be reaching the destination shortly.' ,said that person.

Harsh nodded as he wiped his tears rolling over his cheeks.

After a while,

Harsh got down from the train and started walking.

He saw a mall there. He remembered how he bought fashionable clothes and few other stuffs for Reema.

'Harsh, Buy me these clothes. I like them. Please.' ,asked Reema in a very sweet voice making a cute face.

Harsh denied her request at first but after seeing her cute little face, he smiled looking at her cute face and agreed to buy her the clothes.

'Thank you so much, Harsh.' ,said Harsh as she hugged him.

After sometime,

'Harsh' ,called Reema.

Harsh didn't reply.

'Haaarsshhhhhh !' ,called Reema.

'What yaar, Reema? You can't see, I am purchasing a watch.' ,said Harsh in a rude voice.

Reema looked at Harsh with a sad face. Harsh didn't pay much attention to her.

After purchasing the watch,

'Come, Reema. Let's leave.' , said Harsh. He noticed Reema sitting sadly on a bench.

Then, he realized he scolded her for pestering him.

'Sorry, Reema. I didn't mean it.' , apologized Harsh with a sad face.

Reema wasn't convinced yet.

'Yaar, Reema. Sorry. Please forgive me, Please Reema Madam.' ,said Harsh with a cute face.

Reema started laughing and said, 'Ok. Ok. I have forgiven you.'

'Thank you. By the way, why were you calling me again and again during that time ?' ,enquired Harsh.

Reema pointed her finger towards a shop and said,' I wanted that one. That's why, I was calling you' , said Reema.

Harsh looked towards the shop. Teddy bears were being sold there.

'Ohhhhh. Ok. Even though, you're an adult your love for Teddy bears is same, Reema.' ,said Harsh.

Reema smiled at him.

'Anyways, come with me. I will get you one.' ,said Harsh.

'Thank you so much.' ,said Reema as she entered into the shop.

Present day,

Harsh reached his apartment and entered into his house.

He saw his father sitting there on the couch.

'Dad' ,called Harsh in a low voice.

Harsh's Dad looked at him.

'Harshhhh.' ,said his dad and hugged him tightly.

'How are you, Dad? ',asked Harsh.

'I am fine.' ,replied Dad.

'Come, Sit here.' ,said Dad.

Harsh sat on the couch and asked, 'Where is Mom?'

Harsh's Dad looked at him and started weeping.

'What happened ,Dad? ',asked Harsh.

'After Reema left, everything was completely shattered. You mother is no more, Harsh.' ,said dad crying.

Harsh started crying knowing that his mother is no more.

'After knowing that her children's lives were ruined, she was not able to endure the pain. She was completely broken.' ,said Dad.

'Reema, Reema, I can't forget her. I was not in my senses on that day, Dad.' ,cried Harsh.

'Whatever, son. If you would have been in your senses on that day, maybe today our Reema and your mother would have been with us.' ,said Dad.

Harsh recalls that painful day which brought darkness into his life.

'Harsh Bro, Please try to understand. I want money as soon as possible.' ,said Kunal.

'No, bro. I am not going to lend you my money this time. You don't return my money at all.' ,said Harsh.

They were consuming alcohol.

Door bell rang.

Harsh opened the door and was shocked to see Reema there.

'Reee, Reema, You you...said you will be returing home...tomorrow. Now, what..... happened ?' ,asked Harsh.

'Wait, Are you drunk? Let me in. Who's there inside?' ,asked Reema.

Reema entered the house and saw Kunal too consuming alcohol.

'What is this, Harsh? ' ,asked Reema.

'I can explain it, Reema.' ,said Harsh.

'Hey, Harsh. I want the money now. Go and get me some money.' ,said Kunal.

Reema felt disgusted to see harsh's behaviour.

Reema headed towards her room and locked herself there.

After few minutes, she heard some noise.

She opened her door and saw Kunal and Harsh fighting.

Both of them were not in their senses.

She tried to stop their fight as Harsh had a knife in his hand.

Being drunk, Harsh didn't realize whom he was stabbing and accidently stabbed Reema.

He didn't realize what he had done.

Reema was bleeding and was calling Harsh for help. But, he was not in his senses to respond to her calls.

'I will miss you, Brother.' ,said Reema.

Yes, Harsh was Reema's brother.

Those were her last words.

Harsh was sentenced to five years of jail for killing Reema.

Present Day,

Harsh cries seeing Reema's photo. He kisses Reema's photo and hugs it.

Dad hands over a cup of coffee to Harsh. Harsh finishes the coffee and apologizes to Dad.

'You shouldn't apologize, son. You did nothing wrong. I should apologize to you first. I am sorry , son. I have nobody left with me now. Reema and my wife left me all alone in this world.' ,said Dad.

'I will be with you, dad. Don't worry.' ,said Harsh.

When harsh was consoling his dad, someone stabbed him.

Harsh wanted to know the person who stabbed him.

He was shocked to know the person who stabbed him was his DAD.

'Why, Dad?' ,asked Harsh weeping in pain.

'Why? Why? Why did you kill my daughter? Tell me. I loved her a lot. Did you know how much she loved you ? You killed her and now shedding crocodile tears for her. You took Reema away from me. You also snatched away the love of my life, my wife from me. She died after knowing that her son killed her daughter for no reason. She was completely broken. After her death, I decided to kill the person responsible for both my daughter and my wife's death which was none other than you, Harsh. That's why I stabbed you. Do you feel the pain? This is how my Reema would have felt when you stabbed her for no reason.' ,said Dad.

'It wasn't my mistake, Dad. I'm Sorry. Hug me for the last time, Dad Please' ,said Harsh.

Dad didn't pay attention to his words.

Harsh cried in pain and died eventually.

Dad cried looking at his son's condition. He kissed his wife's and daughter's photo.

'I have no reason to live now.' ,said Dad as he hanged himself to death.

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