When night made me Knight

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I am unable to forget that night when we tried to became a knight but the opponent was invisible.It was a cold December night, very cold and dark night me and vicky (my maternal uncle) were scrolling the pen in the note book and were enough excited for a night study first time in the lifetime, it was also an adventure for us.

The blankets were covering us like skin and we were feeling like a tortoise as it hide himself into his hard hat.The place was the big house of my Maternal Grandpa and it has around 14 rooms and 4 floors the mid portion is covered with a huge steel net till top floor. We can see the sky in stripes from the net.The sunlight can not reach the Ground floor so dense it is. One can not guess it's giant structure from it's entrance but as we enter inside it is like exploring a hidden ancient structure. The room in which we were living,it was at 16 meter from the entrance. Left to it is a second entry to the another section of home which opens to two rooms,one kitchen a porch and staircase to the upper floor.There is one more room opposite to our room which is routed through an open area of 15x15 feet.

It was around 11.45 PM which was scary enough in the winter of December month specially in the region where we were living. You can guess the bitter cold from the fact that I could not take the bath till 34 days(laughingly true).

We had already heard many stories about haunted attic above a shop adjacent to our house that some sound of anklet was came from that attic like a lady is moving in that attic and sometimes it was dancing. We actually heard something was moving at the roof and it was continued for a long time. Both of us could heard that but we didn't give it much importance and continued with our books. After all we were motivated to study hard that night(laughing moment,no).

Suddenly around 12.30 am we heard some noise that a person had ran towards us and stood outside the door.The door was locked from inside. We got frightened ,it was a scary moment and never felt that before. It was feeling like we were in a horror movie but without script. We were looking at each other and searching for reaction to the situation in the eyes of each other.But for few minutes we were numb.

But anyhow we recovered ourselves in next few minutes and took out the arms which were steel pipe with tap as plumbing material was kept there and a iron rod. We were discussed the plan that one person would open the door and second one will hit hard at the person.Our bad luck was that the light bulb was fused and it was dark outside thus we could not guess that how many of them were there.

It was a mixed feeling of courage and fear, we were feeling like a warrior that time. Bravery doesn't mean the brave persons don't fear but they overcome the fear,fight against it and then win the battle and then they are called brave. So we were full of both the feelings.

Vicky slowly opened the latch without making any sound and I was ready to attack as soon as he opened the door I attacked outside,and here the story got a twist that there was no one outside and all the entrance were locked ,only darkness was moving there and that was the moment when we were literally trembling with fear. Without wasting a single second we immediately got inside the room,locked the door and packed us inside the quilt and didn't came out till morning.

It was the night full of adventure, horror, thrill but whenever we remember it goosebumps never show their laziness at that moment.

September 21, 2019 09:18

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