This is a story about a person named Mrs. Hem and her husband Mr. Hem who used to live with their 2 children in a village named Clinton . The people of Clinton are very superstitious and ardent believer of hallucination and they are guided in all these stuffs by the village pastor. Mrs hem is no exception among them , even she is above them in all these things.

The couple used to earn their livelihood by selling dairy products and milk obtained from their 3 cows. The couple aspires to own a barn along with 15- 20 cows. And for that they are continuously saving money from months. Now, they have enough money to buy one more cow so they decided to buy a cow from the barn situated 10 miles from their house.

Mrs. Hem being staunt follower of the pastor went to him to ask if she could buy cow tomorrow . The pastor replied " yes , you can buy the cow tomorrow but be careful that 10 black cats should not cross your path otherwise some misfortune would occur."

Mrs hem being confident that she would be able to reach her destiny without crossing of cats went home without any tension.

Next Day the couple went on foot towards the barn. They only reached half a mile away near a fish shop , suddenly a black cat holding fish in her mouth came running from the shop amd crossed their path. The couple took no care of this and resumed their journey.

Then after 1 mile more , a dog chasing a black cat crosses their path accidentally. The couple thought for a while but took no headache of it and casually walked away.

While walking they entered into a quarrel about the colour of the cow and 1 black cat along with her 3 black kittens crosses their path . The couple only came to know about this when it was too late . Now 6 cats have crossed their path .Mrs . Hem panicked but mr. hem consoled her by saying ' no more cats will come , don't worry.'

Now for some miles everything was going well until a accident took place between two motorcycles and the person holding a cage sitting at the back of one of the motorcycle fell. When he felled, the cage also felled and opened. Three black cats ran hastily out of the cage and crosses their path one by one , only to make their fear worse.

Both got goosebumps and now the 1 mile gap was looking 100 miles for them. Only one more black cat was left now. Every step was feeling heavy for them. Gradually they reached their destiny. When they were about to enter the barn, a black cat jump from the terrace of neighbour and crosses their path.

Mrs. Hem being terrified decided to abandon the idea of buying a cow and went home. Mr hem had to comply with his dominating wife. While they were on the way back, they saw a huge cloud of smoke in the sky and people rushing and gossiping . After enquiring about what happen, they came to know that the barn caught fire .

Mrs hem was disheartened as she believes that her misfortune has caught the barn and that the owner of the barn has became the victim of her misfortune.

When they reached home, they saw a new cow standing near their cow. They went near the cow and saw the belt of that barn and understood that it has ran away from barn due to fire . The couple decided to return the cow next day.

Next day they again went to the barn to give back the cow. But the barnowner told that he has little to feed even for his own family so he could not feed the cow. All of his cows ran away and the remaining he sold away at very low prices. If she wanted she could keep the cow as it was found to her in her house. Mrs. Hem gladly accepted the cow.

This is how the misfortune turns to be fortunate for Mrs. Hem.

October 30, 2019 21:51

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