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I arrived early at the restaurant, hoping to keep up my nerve. Telling my best friend about what I saw her man doing last week was not going to go well. It's gonna break her heart, and she'll be pissed off. She'll lash out and become feisty to the point that she'll leave and have to find Richard. Racking my brain with how to tell her and bring up the subject, I ordered a gin and soda to calm my nerves. Something we always do with one another is tell the truth, and we appreciate one another for it, but, in this instance, I dunno, maybe not so much.


I raised my eyebrow in concern and had a doubting Thomas face on that Kelly caught; she said, “why, what do you know?” 

“I saw Richard with another woman last week in Windsor on Saturday. He didn't see me, but both Luigi and I saw him. He held her hand and kissed her, smiling as they entered the movie theatre. I tried to call you, but it went to your voicemail. Then I called Richard, but he didn’t answer.

I felt sick not being able to get a hold of you and tell you, but I am telling you now. Sorry. I surmised that you and Richard were not getting along great from the last time we talked - you were doing your thing, and he was doing his thing separately. That didn’t sound good, but I saw him with someone else, and I wondered if you knew." 

“You wondered if I knew? What? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Do you think I would be ok with that shit going on in my house, right under my nose? And you’re sure it was Richard. Did you see him for sure? Describe the woman he was with. What did she look like? Is she a little petite bitch. With long hair and a big honker for a nose? What does she look like? Tell me, tell me, what did she look like?”

“She was about my height and my build.” I declared. 

“Oh, so she is a skinny little bitch then, eh?” she said with a tone to her voice.

“Did she have glasses?” she asked.

“Kel, are you thinking of someone in particular? Your questions are getting pretty specific.”

“I have one picture here on my phone of all of the employees who work where Richard works; just tell me if you recognize anyone in the picture. Will ya?”

I studied the picture and didn’t want to recognize anyone for Kelly’s shake. But no, not going to happen. I realized the woman I saw with Richard looked like one of the girls standing in the front row.

I pointed to her and said, “that’s her! That's that one I saw him with; he was making a fuss over her.”

“I can’t believe this! After all these years, you probably just love ripping us apart. Since you’ve had two failed marriages, you have to wreck my living arrangement, too, if that doesn’t beat all. Why doncha just mind your own business, huh? Gotta come round and ruin my life.” 

“Hey, what are you talking about here? I told you because you are my best friend and I thought you should know. Then just forget I told you and let it go.”

“Nah, no, you just always wanted to see us fail. I recognized that you had changed for the worse when you returned from out west. Now I see your true colours. I wasted all this time as your best friend for nothing. You aren’t worth it – you know that; you just aren’t; after all these years, I see that now.”

“Well, I've never heard anyone say that to me! I’ll be going now. I heard you loud and clear! Goodbye!” 

“What do you mean? I am not done talking to you yet. Where do you think you’re going?”

“Look Kel, before this gets ugly, I was wondering if maybe you should take a walk and collect your thoughts. You’re not yourself right now. You are saying some crazy and hurtful things. Why are you attacking me? I didn’t do anything to you. I came to you to tell you because I love you and don't want you to get further hurt down the road. That’s all.”

“See, I don’t believe you. Because you could have told me over the phone, and I could have confronted Richard. Why did you have to see me and tell me this information? Because you wanted to know, I'm suffering and unhappy?"

“No never! Kelly! How can you believe something like that from your longest and best-running friend of all your friends?” 

“You stopped being that when you chose your current husband over Richard and me and dropped us like lead balloons. Now you expect you're doing me a big favour by telling me this scandalous information at best, and for what? To see me cry or get angry? I got news for you. I’m not giving you the satisfaction. Bitch!”

"I wish you wouldn't call me that Kel! I wanted to help you out; that was a big blunder on my part. Don’t worry; it won’t happen again."

“Yeah, sure - wanted to help me out my ass. - I doubt anyone wants to be a friend to you. Why don’t you ask someone else who is your friend? Oh yeah, you don’t have any friends. Just me, and I’m not even one anymore. So fuck you!” 

“Ok, I’m going now. Sorry to bother you. I paid the bill already, so your lunch was on me. See you around sometime then. Bye!

I felt like daggers were being sent through my backside as I left. She didn’t try to stop me or make amends; she just sat there and watched me go. 

As I drove away, confusion and lots of raw emotion overwhelmed me. Once I arrived home, I took out my phone and deleted all contacts with Kelly; I didn't want anything more to do with her. 

Our friendship ended because I tried to tell her about her cheating husband. Our company together was not as strong as I thought it was.

Kelly left the restaurant to stop by Richard's place of work. There she saw Richard talking with the girl. Kelly lunged at the girl, but Richard grabbed her. Kelly gave him a tongue lashing too.

When she was leaving, she said, "don't bother coming home either; you wanted a skinny bitch. Now you can have her - Oh yeah, here's a gift for you."

He opened the gift bag to find used daffy duck boxers. She never thought a man who wore duck underpants could be taken seriously. She was so wrong.


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