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          Even though it is raining profusely it will not stop me from taking a drive before my temper gets out of hand.

I am one whom is more of an observer, listening in most cases instead of speaking forth with my opinion and/or advice. I have listened to humanity who, with confidence, speaks what they believe is wisdom, but indeed is foolishness or hypocrisy. This is from one who doesn’t look at himself as a philosopher, so there is much pondering before I speak forth or write down my opinion. Not always right, but it seems like morals are in decline in these latter days so it has become easier to decipher others’ speech, and finding their faults. The lack of teaching has brought forth ignorance, whom speak forth from their asses instead of their mouths. Greed of wealth and material shatters common sense, where one day they are one way in their thinking, but next day the complete opposite. If feathers in the sky symbolized societies minds, it would be like being in a snowstorm. Hard to travel as your vision is hampered by countless feathers that are in constant motion, swishing back and forth.

          “You are going for a drive when family is here?” my mother asked me just moments ago as I headed toward the front door. “You only see them once or twice a year.”

          “Shouldn’t the family experience a time of civility when together?” I asked, turning to her. “I prefer pleasant memories of my family members. Today is not one of those days.”

          “You never know if this will be the last time seeing them.”

          “The reason I need to take a drive so I can think of better times,” I told her. “Besides, I won’t be gone long. Enough, that either everyone will be more relaxed, and talking about past fun moments or they will be gone.”

          “Try to be back before any of them leave.”

          “I will see how long it takes for me to compose myself.”

          I gave my mother one of my lop-sided grins and went out the front door to my vehicle.

          Soon, I was on the road, deciding it’s best to go out into the countryside where there are fewer people instead of the city with countless souls moving about.

          I try on so many occasions to have faith in people, but it seems to become more and more difficult. It becomes more and more understandable why many turn to animals or material things.

          I haven’t given up hope.

          It is the reason I have spoken forth more often than in the past. Why I have studied more to be informed instead of listening or reading from ones who think their view is the right one.

          “Like some of my family members,” I muttered as I turned onto Norfolk Road. A road that went for miles on a straight path with a few houses on the left and right.

          Sometimes, I wished people would stay on a straight path. Instead, everyone must go off onto a branch that might hold them or crack. To the ground they go to be grievously wounded or their life comes to an end. I would be a hypocrite if I criticized people for going off the straight and narrow path to paradise.

          “You will not start babbling about all of that religious dogma,” I could hear my uncle Jim say. A staunch atheist who hated God.

          Until recently, I flipped-flopped about paradise. Like so many today, there is no time to believe in a faery tale. Outdated teachings that brought grief in the past if you bothered to check out history. Nowadays, we all want to do it on our own. 

          “We can see how that is going,” I said as I slowed down just in case the deer jumped out onto the road.

          For God and humanity in its current state, I think of a small child and their guardian nearby. Child is trying to build a fort with Legos. The child is having a hard time, so the guardian tries to step in, but the child, instead of accepting their help, throws a tantrum, and tells the guardian to leave. Past guardians have failed the child. Even hurt the child. Now, the one who truly wants to help is pushed away. Even blamed for why everything is such a disaster. The guardian leaves the room but is never far away. The guardian will always be there to help the child. Some will eventually ask for help, but the stubborn will always refuse, and life will be a constant conflict as they try to be god themselves or turn to lesser guardians for help.

          I have explained my analogy to some with mixed results. The ones who resemble closer to the child brush me off. Especially the ones much older than me. The ones with vast knowledge and wisdom being talked down to by someone half their age. By their reaction, I must have touched a sore spot.

          But for this drive, I did not leave because of bickering about religion. Instead, it was the other forbidden subject; politics.

          “My party is in the right,” one says.

          “No. My party is,” the other says.

          “You pay one of them enough and they will be right for both sides,” I commented one time.

          I received a dumbfounded look.

          Tonight, it was the usual chat about how this party is out to help people more than the other. Examples are put forth, and the other refutes them.

          My head started pounding more and more as I listened to this back and forth of voices rising. I was close to speaking out, but this time I took a drive.

          “It doesn’t matter that it is raining for I am in a mood for such weather,” I said. “Probably the tears of angels as they watch humanity split further and further apart.”

          I need to be one who brings forth unity. Not running away from this crisis. Upon such thinking I decide to cut my drive short and head back home.

          “I will always pray for unity,” I thought. “There is always a chance. Always.”

September 20, 2021 02:47

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Nice story. As someone who has worked as a freelance political journalist, I can relate to the frustration your character feels. Our country's dialogue has gotten so out of hand, everyone just talks past each other. Would love for you to check out my newest story and leave some feedback. I haven't posted on here in months and need some help to get back into it. Thanks!


Corey Melin
03:17 Sep 23, 2021

Thank you for the comments. I will give your story a read


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Cooper Armstrong
02:21 Sep 27, 2021

Hi Corey, You give some great content and Ive read stories from your followers and they also give good content. I was hoping that maybe you could read a couple of my stories and let me know which one is your fav and what I could do to make my writing better. I understand if you’re busy and don’t have time for it but if you were ti I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again for your great stories. -Cooper A


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Annalisa D.
20:44 Sep 21, 2021

I enjoyed reading your story and could definitely relate to moments, as I think a lot of people probably can these days. I like the bit of hope at the end too. I did notice what I think is a small typo. " Greed of wealth and materiel shatters common sense" I think it's supposed to be material. Just a quick edit. I think this is a good, thoughtprovoking story.


Corey Melin
04:01 Sep 22, 2021

Thank you for the comments!


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06:29 Sep 20, 2021

Hi Corey, here are a few thoughts on this piece... Even though it is raining profusely, I knew I must take a drive before my temper got out of hand. This is a good opening line but it changes tense part way through. Maybe decide if you want past or present and then fix it accordingly. I have listened to (a) man who, with confidence, speaks what they believe is wisdom, but indeed (is) foolishness or hypocrisy. There might be a couple of words missing, see brackets. The more I read of the story the more I wondered if the errors were inten...


Corey Melin
19:54 Sep 20, 2021

I greatly appreciate the advice and will make the changes. Always been terrible with tenses. Tried to make it evident when it’s the present and past but not good enough. Thank you!


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