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Prompt  You thought that he was dead but you find him on the street alive and smiling at you.

                             THE ABSURD RESURRECTION

 I know I have to do it.

I know pretty well that William Brown the unstoppable tycoon in the e-marketing field for retail goods deserves no happy life. He has to meet his end.

It all began just 3 years ago.

I am Gregory Stevenson, better known as the ” Devil of marketing” in sale of retail goods. My brand

STEPUP almost knocked the ten million mark of regular customers with 90% satisfaction levels of

promptness and quality of retail goods.

I am not a man of compromises and this attitude lead me to achieve accolades for the past one decade.

Yes! It all began just three years ago.

William Browne, a non-entity, unknown even to his neighbours,. Entered the market with a new

brand name” We serve”.

It is a start- up company based on public funding and Venture finance. In our circle of established

business companies we call them ” biters but no chewers”. They normally enter the market with

a bang but with escalating interest costs and volatile demand curves, cannot survive in the market

for long.

But William Browne made a difference.

He touched an area hitherto untouched or ignored.

He supplied to the slums in every town and he allowed them to pay after 45 days of delivery.

Thus,he  almost shook the basement of my business.

Yes! I know that he has to be eliminated.

It requires meticulous planning. An assassination leaving no concrete evidence for the cops to

nab the criminal.

I called Antonio.

Antonio is a professional killer engaged by the elite circle of business tycoons and political bosses

to eliminate the people who are hurdles for their progress and career.

 “ Good afternoon Gregory” Antonio entered my chamber and shook my hand.

“ Oh! Fine! It’s you! Great! Welcome! Well! Have a cup of coffee!”

 Antonio smiled.

He sipped the coffee slowly. I waited for his completing the act. Nearly after five minutes, Antonio kept the cup on the teapoy. He stared deeply into my eyes and said “tell me”.

I have explained him every thing . He nodded and said “ Ok! that can be done for one million dollars!”

“It doesn’t matter. Take it for granted that the money is yours. It needs a meticulous planning.

I want that no evidence or lead to be left at any place and at any point of time. The plan should take

care of three aspects. 1) place of crime 2) execution of crime 3) disposal of the corpse.

For point number one, the place should not be his residence or office or a public place. The place

should not have any CCTV coverage. 

For point number two, the execution should not be done with

any lethal weapon.

 For point number three, the corpse should be disposed off into the deep waters

Of a sea.”

Antonio laughed. ”very good Gregory! I think we can swap our professions! You seem to plan

well to avoid all misgivings.”

William Browne goes to his farm house every Saturday. He stays there till morning of every Monday.

He returns after finishing his breakfast at the farm house on Mondays.

He is a diabetic and takes Insulin every night before going to bed. The insulin is administered

by a nurse arranged by a professional agency. The details of the nurse will be sent by an SMS 

to William Browne every day, one hour before the arrival of the nurse.

We ascertained that there is no CCTV camera in the farm house.

The two servants and the gardener leave the farmhouse by six in the evening. As William Browne

prefers loneliness in his leisure, he avoids company of all kinds.

 Simon, the executive responsible for sending SMS messages will send details of Antonio as the nurse as to administer insulin in the night of ensuing Sunday.

We checked our plan twice.

 I added one more aspect. Antonio will fix a button type camera on 

his shirt and I will be watching his activities live in my cell phone.

We have decided not to have personal meetings or cell phone conversations up to 3 months

from the date of execution of our plan.

Sunday! It was 8.30 in the night.

I was sitting at my home in my reading room. My wife Emily was busy in the kitchen washing

The dishes and arranging the kitchen.

My two sons Samson and Johnson aged 12 and 10 years were busy in their video games.

I started watching the cell phone.

Antonio walked into the farm house. As per our plan before administering insulin, he will

dip the tip of the syringe in solution of cyanide . By administering cyanide along with insulin, within a span

Of 5 minutes, William Browne will die even without understanding what is the cause for his


Antonio wished William Browne.

William Browne walked into his bedroom. He lied on his bed.

Antonio walked into his bedroom with the syringe in his right hand.

“Oh God! Gregory! Come here! See our son Samson!” Emily yelled and I hurried to the hall leaving

the cell phone on the table.

Samson was lying on the floor holding his stomach in his hands and I could understand that he

Is suffering from acute stomach-ache.

I immediately called the ambulance and reached the hospital within 15 minutes.. Samson developed

appendicitis and the doctors decided that his appendix has to be removed immediately by performing a surgery within the next four hours.

I had to console Emily and Johnson. I was busy going hither and thither, talking to doctors and following the stretcher that took samson to the Operation theatre.

Next day morning Samson was declared normal and was discharged from hospital on the next day.

Suddenly I remembered Antonio and William Browne.

I took the cell phone and found that no further recording was available after I left the cell phone on

the table.

As per our plan B, I saw that Antonio has sent an SMS with a message “Done” at 10 p.m on Sunday.

I felt very happy. Samson is well and William Browne is no more.!!

Happiness and mirth percolated through my limbs and nerves.

It will take at least one week for the world to know that William Browne has disappeared ,all of a sudden, and is not traceable.

After a noisy hue and cry by the visual and print media and unsuccessful investigation by the 

police department, William Browne will be erased from the layers of memory of the public.

Probably after six months, in a swift move, STEPUP,, my organisation will take over the major

share holdings of We Serve, thus hammering the last nail on the business of William Browne.

I parked my car near a restaurant to have some snacks and tea. It was an evening and the

street was almost clear excepting a few commuters.

“ Hello Gregory! Great to see you! How is life?”

It was William Browne! William Browne in all flesh and blood!

“ Er…..William……?”

William smiled. ” Yes! William Browne alive! Gregory! In all crimes, there will be two plans

Plan A and Plan B. But destiny creates another plan, that is Plan C. On that night the

Son of a dirty bitch, the criminal you sent, Antonio, did everything well.

 But he missed one point.

He does not know the method of administration of insulin prescribed for me is” subcutaneous”. 

He was searching for my vein. As I am aware that I am prone to attacks by enemies and my

life is also at risk, I immediately pounced upon him. I overpowered him and bound him with

a rope. After coming to know about the entire plan of yours from him, I decided to join the game.

I prepared the Plan C.

I administered the insulin to Antonio with the cyanide tipped syringe.

He died within 15 minutes.

As per your plan I took his corpse to the seashore where the boat you have set was waiting.

I uttered the code word to the driver of the boat, which I got from Antonio.

I travelled in the boat and threw the corpse of Antonio into the depths of the sea.

, I sent an SMS to you from the cell phone of Antonio with a message

“Done” in conformity to your plan.

Bye the Bye, the button type Camera that Antonio was having, fell down when I tied him.”

I stood speechless.

Yes! It is a resurrection!

Resurrection of William Browne!

An Absurd resurrection!



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