Mystery Funny

Laughing, I reach for my pocket. I freeze. It isn’t there.

Okay, no biggy, it’s probably in my other pocket.

Back pocket.


I sling my backpack so it’s hanging off only my left shoulder and check inside the small pocket. The medium. And finally, the biggest one, rifling through all my textbooks and notes. Still nothing. I’m starting to get a little worried now. 

Ring Ring Ring

Lunch is over. 2 hours to find it before school is over and I have to go home. 


6th hour is over. I’m out of time. I just have to focus. I know it was there this morning. My hands are itching. I’m so used to holding it. Gah! I have to find it. No way will my parents agree to get me a new one. 

I feel so lost. So disconnected. 

I’m so caught up in my thoughts that I realize I’ve taken a wrong turn and instead of reaching the Bakery, which is where I’m supposed to be by now, I’m nearing the playground by the daycare. 

What am I supposed to do now? I don’t have a phone, and I have no clue which way my house is. I really think  I should have thought this through more. I mean should I really have just walked home without it? I could’ve used the school phone, called mom or something. No way those ladies in the daycare will ever let me use their phones. They all hate me because of that one time I walked in there in the rain. 

Okay, I cannot just stand here. It’s going to get dark soon. I need a plan.

Maybe I should just go ask the daycare ladies.

It’s my only option.

Deep breath. Okay. Here goes nothing.

“Hi, um, is there any way I could use the front desk phone?” I ask once I'm inside, trying to sound as innocent as possible and keep the panic inside of me. The lady at the desk looks up from her paperwork, a  sneer on her face. 

“You look about 15 or so, don’t you have a phone of your own? Or are you so irresponsible that the battery is dead? Better yet, have you lost it?” Ouch, that was a little harsh.

“Umm” what am I supposed to say to that? The lady has now returned to her work, assuming that after her mean reply, I’ll just give up and leave. But this is my only hope, I have to keep trying.

“Look, I don’t know where my phone is and I took a wrong turn on my way home and I really need to call my parents. Can I or can I not use the phone at the desk?” I ask in one breath, this time innocence far from my voice. She raises her eyebrows at me.

“Why should I believe you?” she asks me, her eyebrows still raised. I stifle the urge to roll my eyes. Is she going to give me a direct answer or not?

“Look, if you’re not going to let me use the phone, do you know anywhere I can contact my parents? Like a public phone booth or something like that?” I’m growing impatient and I start to fidget with my hair. She looks at me, obviously enjoying my discomfort. Come on, this lady works at a daycare, isn’t she supposed to like kids?

“You may use the phone. Go ahead. Dial 8 before the area code.” she says, keeping her eyes on her work as she speaks. I practically run to the side of the desk with the phone.

I dial in my mom’s number. Thank god I know it by heart, or else I’d have literally no hope right now. It’s only after 3 tries of me angrily dialing my mom’s number that I remember to dial 8 before the area code. 

It’s ringing.

Still ringing.

Pick up mom, pick up, pick up!

“Hello? Who is this?” my mom's voice is heard through the phone.

“Mom? Hi! It’s me, Keli, um-”

“Sweetie! Where are you?!?!?!?! Your father and I have been worried sick! It’s already 4:20. Where have you been!? Why are you so late?!?!”my mom shrieks at the phone, her voice edgy with worry and panic. 4:20? I’ve been here for longer than an hour?!Wow…

“Yeah, I know mom...It-It’s a long story. I’m really sorry. Could you come pick me up? I’m at the daycare by Roman’s Pizzeria” Her sigh is audible through the phone. 

“I don’t have the car right now. Why don’t you try your father’s phone. If he can’t go, then call me back, okay?” she says, her voice calming down.

“Okay mom. I love you.”

“Love you too”

“I’m really sorry I made you worried mom”

“Look, honey, it’s fine, I know it’s probably not your fault, but when you come home late, as parents your father and I assume the worst.”

“I know….Okay, I’ll call you back if Dad is busy. Bye!”



Time to call dad. This time, I remember to dial 8 before the area code. It rings for a minute before he picks up.

“Hello, this is Mr. Kuwait on the line, highly decorated attorney and lawyer, how can I help you?”

“Um-Hi dad, it’s me Keli”

“Keli?!?!?Your mom told me you’re still not home! Are you okay!?”

“Yeah dad, I’m fine. Is there any way you could come pick me up? I’m at the daycare by Roman’s”

“Yeah, I’m on my way”

“Thanks dad, I love you.”

“I love you too.”



Finally. Now I just have to wait. Thankfully, it’s sunny outside, so I don’t have to stay in the daycare and have that lady glare at me any more. About 5 minutes later, my dad arrives in his white sedan. I climb in the front seat.

“Hi honey! How are you!” my dad says. Wow, he definitely recovered from worry quickly. 

“I’m good dad, how are you?”

“Good. I have a surprise for you!” A surprise. Oh no, this cannot be good. The last time he gave me a surprise was when he decided to paint my whole room pink.

“What is it dad?” I ask, trying to keep the worry from my voice.

“I fixed the cracked screen on your phone!” he says pulling out my beautiful, precious, now non-cracked iphone 11. 

“Dad! Oh my god, thank you so much!!!!! Wait a minute….Did you take it this morning?” I ask.

“Yea….I found it on charge in your room. Why?”

“Dad! I was so worried! I thought I lost it!”

“Oh, well you don’t have to worry about that now, do you!” I can’t believe it! All this time, I thought it was lost, or stolen, and my Dad had it! This sure was a crazy day...

The End

April 17, 2020 23:58

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I actually read this earlier, but I read it again (gotta stay true to all-your-older-stories concept!) and now I’m commenting. Nice work! This story was so very relatable—I don’t have a phone, but I’m fairly sure every person on Earth has experience with being super-scared they lost something. Also, I love how you made this relatable x2–not only was it a common feeling, but an everyday object! When I read the prompt, I thought of something like a fancy antique or an expensive family heirloom. You turned this prompt classic with the c...


Amany Sayed
23:04 Aug 07, 2020

Thank youuuuuuu sooooooo muchhh! Yeah, the idea kind of came to me last minute, cause I was like why does it have to be somethings o important? My phone is important...


Haha yeah!


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Sarah Freeman
22:17 Aug 06, 2020

This is so sweet and fun. I loved it! Keli is realistic and relatable, too. I know I’ve felt the pressure when I didn’t know where my phone was. Nice job Amany!


Amany Sayed
23:39 Aug 06, 2020

Yep, me too... Thanks!


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14:35 Jul 01, 2020

Short and sweet; great job, Wish! I just got my first phone and I'm glad that I haven't lost it yet! I'm looking forward to your new stories! Keep writing and stay safe! :) -Brooke


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Sam T.
11:27 Apr 28, 2020

Simple story, well written. I enjoyed reading, keep up the good work :)


Amany Sayed
13:32 Apr 28, 2020

Thanks so much!


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Stephanie M.
17:21 Apr 25, 2020

Nice story Amany S! Oof, I've had stuff like this happen to me a lot! Heh, I like that she decided to ask for help rather than just feeling sory for herself. Keep it up!


Amany Sayed
18:06 Apr 25, 2020



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20:06 Aug 13, 2020

Nice story!! I've had the same experience when one of my rings got lost... Turns out my dad had it too...


Amany Sayed
21:16 Aug 13, 2020

Haha, glad you found it!


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