The Heir of Koninia

Joy Ferguson submitted to The Reedsy National Creative Writing Scholarship


Sheltae Oesria Teminre is the favorite servant of Corladon's Duchess, her mysterious past ignored by a community that adores her. But when the Heir of Koninia, the Princess Maya, singles her out as the One Hero prophesied to defeat the Enemy of Koninia, Sheltae must confront her origins in the Enemy's camp, and learn to make peace with the many different identities she's created to keep herself and her sisters safe. Aided by the strange Captain of the King's Guard Marcov Zierin, Sheltae uncovers who she was meant to be while discovering what it is she might become in order to defeat her oldest and most personal foe.


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About Joy

Westmont College

From Santa Rosa, California, Joy is a senior double major in English and Political Science, hoping to become a political speechwriter if this whole novel thing doesn't work out. She's a huge fan of science fiction and fantasy, but also has a soft spot for the classics she was raised on.

Her entry, The Heir of Koninia, was selected as a finalist for the 2017 Fall Semester prize: