John Saras submitted to The Reedsy National Creative Writing Scholarship


As a young boy, Frankie dreamed of spending the end of the world with his best friend and longtime crush, Stephanie. They’d planned for zombie apocalypses, alien attacks, and World War III, even furnishing a fort for themselves in the woods behind Frankie’s house. When the actual apocalypse touches down in the form of a humanity-altering, violence-inducing infection, nineteen-year-old Frankie is not upset that the world itself is ending, but that Steph no longer wants to spend her last days with him as planned. Alternating between memories of their childhood and scenes from the apocalyptic present, Frankie’s high expectations for the end of the world with Steph are contrasted with the realities of surviving the apocalypse without her.


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About John

UC Riverside

John Saras likes to think he never left his five-square-mile New England hometown – despite four years of studying film and psychology at the University of Miami and another four years working in Hollywood that say otherwise. He is now an MFA student in UC Riverside’s creative writing program, studying both screenwriting and fiction. An avid fan of horror and fantasy, he gravitates toward the works of Stephen King and Patrick Rothfuss. In 2017, he sold the option rights to one of his horror screenplays, and he is currently completing several other feature-length scripts and two novels. You can find him on Twitter, @johnnywithlove.

His entry, Ruined, was selected as a finalist for the 2019 Spring Semester prize: