Era of Zodiac

Phoebe Angaye submitted to The Reedsy National Creative Writing Scholarship


The zodiacs are a group of 13 people who can travel back in time. Sana Hashimoto is the 13th zodiac and has the job of guiding the zodiacs. A faction of the zodiacs called the Nanashi that believe they can change the past for a better future. This worries the rest of the zodiacs because it is unknown what will happen if the current timeline is changed. Thus begins the fight to control time, and Sana's journey to stop the Nanashi before it’s too late. There's just one more problem: her father is the Nanashi leader.


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About Phoebe

Austin College

A sophomore at Austin College, Phoebe is an economics major and a creative writing minor. A Nigerian-American who was born and raised in the US, she has won a Silver Key from the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards Competition and has been published in Sprout, Canvas, and The Sleepy Aquarium. Phoebe is a lover of various genres and generally just loves a good story.

Her entry, Era of Zodiac, was selected as a finalist for the 2017 Fall Semester prize: