Sue Kim submitted to The Reedsy National Creative Writing Scholarship


Dimodae grows up in Seattle, Washington, but as a teenager moves to Seoul, Korea where he must navigate a surreal and violent education system. As he struggles to make sense of the different worlds he inhabits, Dimodae experiences the sudden and horrific loss of his newly found best friend. A bildungsroman that takes place in three continents—America, Asia and Europe, Dimodae, upon graduating from high school, becomes a university student in London where he is haunted by his past and confronted with a question that many of us ask: Who am I, and where am I going?


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About Sue

University of Rhode Island

Sue Kim was born in Seoul, Korea, and grew up a global nomad. She double majored in International Studies and English Literature at Ewha University, then received her MFA at the University of Southern California. She has worked as a translator for the Literature Translation Institute of Korea for many years, and also as a freelance journalist. Currently, she is at the University of Rhode Island pursuing a PhD in Creative Writing and English Literature. Sue loves to encounter a good story in any shape or form, but most recently has been immersed in Rachel Cusk's Outline trilogy and in the TV series This is Us.

Her entry, Dimodae, was selected as a finalist for the 2019 Spring Semester prize: