Blood Omens

Jamie Walker submitted to The Reedsy National Creative Writing Scholarship


Blood Omens is a multiple, first-person narrative that centers around 16-year-old Alice Greaves and her last year alive. After being declared terminal, Alice wants to spend the last year of her life living as much as she can while completing her so-called “Fuck-It” list. A self-professed gamer, Alice decides to venture out one fateful, Friday night to get a fake ID after making a deal with an online friend in her gaming guild for one. What should have been a short errand quickly turns into something else when Alice unwittingly stumbles into the shadow-filled fringes of our society and the ancient, secret race of immortal creatures that inhabit it.


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About Jamie

University of California, Los Angeles

Working towards her goal of becoming a published author, Jamie is currently completing a bachelors degree in English with a Creative Writing Concentration at the University of California, Los Angeles. While Jamie loves a good urban fantasy, she’s also drawn to other genres such as adventure and horror, and memoirs. Some of Jamie’s favorite authors include Frank McCourt, Kim Harrison, and Chuck Palahniuk.

Her entry, Blood Omens, was selected as a finalist for the 2018 Spring Semester prize: